Friday, September 12, 2008

Weird Science Saturday

It is kind of strange to say the least but according to ufology people, we are being visited, or at least, a few truly unlucky people are in contract with extraterrestrials supposedly, so herein starts the weird news of the day.

An Australian Actress (a sort of Shirley Maclaine of the outback, if you will,) that goes by the name of Blossom Goodchild is telling us that a UFO will be present over the Alabama skies for Three Whole Days starting on October the 14th, 2008, in order to make their unearthly presents known to all of humanity.

There is this "Disclosure Project" site where people, (like me) waste valuable time looking at on the Internet on slow, lackluster weekends whenever I think I can't stand another minute of politics as usual. Anyway, a columnist by the name of Stephane Wuttunee does an article on the supposed event though UFODigest.

Blossom Goodchild’s Predicted Mass UFO Sighting: Will it Force Disclosure to Occur?

You should go to the link above and read the whole thing as it is fairly entertaining in a charmed life of Woodstock fantasy or perhaps even bleak desperate prophecy.

There is also the inevitable credibility factor to consider. If Goodchild proves to be wrong with this information, it is obvious that whoever enjoyed reading her materials before will begin to shun and avoid her in the future (much like our beloved and elusive Bigfoot hunters from Georgia). So on a personal level, quite a bit is at stake for Goodchild. And she would know this.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, believing in UFOs hasn't stop Shirley Maclaine's career as she is still the high priced actress currently to portray fashion designer Coco Chanel on Lifetime cable network tonight. It looks like a good bet and better than waiting around for UFO's to save us from our dubious government candidates running for office.

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