Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Texas wants to “Secede" from the US

But...but...but... does ExxonMobil know about this? Does British Petroleum know about this? What about T. Boon Pickens, does he know about it? Does Texas think it's Saudi Arabia now?

The major oil companies would have to give up control of Wall Street and the US congress and we all know that that ain't never, ever going to happen, not in a million f*** years. But wait, let us think about Texas seceding for a moment, okay. If Obama allows the US to own GM, why then make another oil powered car, ever? I mean really, if one could find a way to turn saltwater, for instance. into a combustible, well would not that make oil obsolete and over-night roo, wouldn't it?

This guy found a way to separate particles and ignite saltwater compounds, and of course, saltwater is the most abundant resource in the world. Si kets umagine a world without oil dictatorship, - no more war for oil ever again. Imagine what freedom fells like without slavery to the gas pump and the profit eating, rabid price fixing done by oil companies.

So now we can see that under Rush Limbaugh's flags of stupid hatred in Texas, Texas would surely secede into just another Mexico, really. I mean it's a right to work state, because in Texas you have the right to work for nothing at all, particular if oil should go belly up, so that like all those masses of poor that make up the Banana Republic of Mexico, Texans could work like dogs with no rights whatsoever and like it or not, I guess Texans could join a drug cartel and sell drugs or work for nothing. Whatever Texans - but please, oh please don't ask ExxonMobil about seceding from the US, because they aren't with Texans on that issue or even on the same page as I can guarantee all by my lonesome ro Texans that Big Oil would freak out, and that isan unfortunate matter of fact.

Texans, please. please try not to get stupid on us here.