Saturday, January 31, 2009

Broder sez: "Obama wants to be Reagan?"


The Ronald Reagan I remember would NEVER dream of bailing anyone out and would never have created a stimulus bill no matter how bad ecomonic times got.

So, Broder sure bought into the kool-aid, didn't he?

Nothing was more central to his victory last fall than his claim that he could break the partisan gridlock in Washington. He wants to be like Ronald Reagan, steering his first economic measures through a Democratic House in 1981, not Bill Clinton, passing his first budget in 1993 without a single Republican vote.

The first way leads to long-term success; the second foretells the early loss of control.

Gosh darn, it always the sex thing with the Repugs and their armchair pundits as oppose to the criminal acts of wiretapping, torture, those un-bid contacts and all the HUGE lies about an oil war in Iraq that the Broderetts of our media world are utterly indifferent too. If Bill Clinton hadn't pardon Marc Rich, Bill Clinton's mug would most likely be on the face of American currency today, that is how much Americans really valued Clinton, that he actually serve American rather that himself, unlike the way Republican politicans do it everytime they get into office. So minus the sex thing, I'm sure Obama would love to have a Clinton like legacy, even as I know such a thought would really chap Broder's hide?

The only thing Repugs want in that stimulus bill is a great big tax cut give-away to their corporate pay masters, a big tax break in exchange for big campaign money, otherwise Repugs might go out of business, go extinct as it were.

It must be unbearable to Broder that all those "foul-mouth" lefty bloggers became the huge "faceless donors" behind the Obama campaign fund, making it hard for corporate controlled Repugs to compete, especially in a slow economy. Thus is the reason for the latest Repug isolationist temper tantrum, because Repugs might go extinct if they don't get corporate funding, so they band together to try to enforce their corporate greed policies. It is a desperate survival act, the GOP is that close to demise, really. This is why Obama made the "mistake" of pointing to Rush Limbaugh as the head of the Republican Party, (a card trick, really) and as long as Obama doesn't cave to tax-cuts for the wealthy, and plays his political cards just right, Dems might not have to worry about Repugs at all by 2010, especially if the economy doesn't pick up, and with Repugs whinning and fighting the Stimulus Bill, the economy probably won't pick-up. A lesson on how to starve the GOP 101.

Now it's looking more and more like a Sarah Palin far-right radical third party type future for Repugs. I'm just wondering how well funded Sarah Palin's Neiman Marcus war chest will be in 2012? AND, I have to wonder too, what takes on the future of the GOP Mr. Broder will write about once he figures out that Barack Obama doesn't want to be the second coming of Ronald Reagan at all? I'm sure it'll read just like the funny papers, I can't wait because I could really use a good laugh, especially after what the Bush Administration did to this country, all whilst Broder harped on about those foul-mouth lefty bloggers.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Is Steele too White to be Black?

Steele becomes first African-American RNC chairman

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Michael Steele, a former Maryland lieutenant governor, was elected chairman of the Republican National Committee on Friday

The GOP wanted to asked the public if Obama was indeed too "White too be Black" so I'm just asking "is Steele too white to be black" working for the GOP in a rather questionable capacity? In the RNC, symbolism is everything from lapel pins to bibles so I wonder if they pick Steele exclusively by race to go up against Obama. the GOP seems to want Steele to attack Obama while avoiding being called a racist. It's the kind of appearence I'm think the GOP fears most from the left. Okay fine, but then we should ask, is Steele simply the GOP's pit-bull dog asking his boss man how to go about trashing Obama, I mean it does look rather like that is their whole intention?

How does the GOP deal with uppity Negroes 101, Jeebus, these guys, they never change, do they? The shame of it all. I wonder if Rush Limbaugh will deal with this new RNC guy like he did with his short lived ESPN career, cause you know, the GOP does stupid, ugly things all the time?

Well, Somebody Has Good News

Big Oil had a RECORD breaking year.

Friday, January 30, 2009

HOUSTON - Exxon Mobil Corp. on Friday reported a profit of $45.2 billion for 2008, breaking its own record for a U.S. company, even as its fourth-quarter earnings fell 33 percent from a year ago.

The previous record for annual profit was $40.6 billion, which the world's largest publicly traded oil company set in 2007.

The difference between Clinton's Administration and Obama's is that when Clinton took office, Western oil companies had fallen into business oblivion and the nation was receiving all it's energy needs from foreign countries for a fair price. This happened to be the reason why the nation prospered under Clinton's term in office. Domestic oil companies were not the global threat that they are now, even as Western oil companies had tried domination in the 70's. We, Americans can’t have a recovery with big oil dominating the entire economy and thus, calling all the shots, because than, nobody else can make a profit except for oil companies.

Already, haven't we seen what happens when banks get into the same big oil like-minded act of price gouging with those adjustable rate mortgages that are exactly like adjustable rate oil prices, volatile and destructive in exactly the same way? It is time to stop talking about "our economic security" and start talking about liberation, liberation from big oil's economic servitude, that which is slavery by any other name. It is time to scheme in order to supplant our bloody dictator, big oil. Personally, I would like to see a vehicle that never, ever has to stop at another ExxonMobil gas station again, and really, shouldn't we all want one of those. We had Bush's ugly supply side, his and the GOP's cap less price gouging that, in the end, broke the banks, broke the nation, so now isn't it time for demand, the demand of new paradigms, an economy without big oil in the equation anywhere at all? Sure it is, sure it is.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Rachel Maddow and Carl Bernstein

None of the netroot blogs of note have made any comments about this awful interview between Rachel Maddow and Carl Bernstein so I thought I'd say a few words myself. Like for instance, what I think is most notable about Bernstein comments is his requirement that this whistleblower, the former NSA agent Russell Tice, (not a hidden questionable whistleblower like Deep Throat, mind you,) is somehow not to be taken seriously or is basically uninformed about what he is saying or finally that congress was spineless - didn't do it's job, so therefore whatever Mr. Tice's claims should simply be dismissed outright because that isn't a reporters job to do what congress failed to do. Rachel Maddow is no journalist really, so she failed utterly to asked the right questions with this interview. Carl Bernstein is also holding his fellow journalist to a far higher standard then he held himself during the Watergate stories of Ricard Nixon's Presidency.

Russell Tice's report states thus:

Former National Security Agency analyst Russell Tice, who helped expose the NSA's warrantless wiretapping in December 2005, has now come forward with even more startling allegations. Tice told MSNBC's Keith Olbermann on Wednesday that the programs that spied on Americans were not only much broader than previously acknowledged but specifically targeted journalists.

Now, I would think that any reasonable journalist might be truly alarmed by the claims coming from Mr. Tice, so Mr. Bernstein's indifference is quite shocking, really. If indeed today's journalist are at all interested in protecting their sources as well as themselves in the profession, why then wouldn't they demand to know the truth from the Bush Administration? But oh no, can't have that, unlike Bernstein did with his source, when Deep Throat started talking about the Watergate story way back when journalist used to do their jobs and wanted to find the truth by demanding that the President answer questions, nope, none of type of journalsim now a days. I'm fairly sure that Mr. Tice must be Dana Priest's source for her wiretapping story, so when are we going to throw Dana overboard for not vetting Russell Tice thoroughly the way Bernstein explains it on the Rachel Maddow Show, and before Maddow can jump to any conclusions about the reliability of Russell Tice’s claims?

If congress didn't do it's job, as Bernsteins iterates here in this video, it is only because today's journalist don't do theirs. Anymore don't we need a lawyer like Patrick Fitzgerald to throw a few journalists in jail to get at the facts that today's press members feel no responsibility whatsoever to find. Congress doesn't have a spine because our press members don't have one either, and thus fail to back up any investigation of the Bush Administration that congress might undertake if a press existed that kept the public informed about the truth, which we clearly do not have any longer.

People, the wiretapping story can't get much uglier than it is right now. And, sadly there does not seem to be a single journalist out there that cares enough about the safety of his/her source or his/her own safety to be bothered with Mr. Russell Tice’s alarming news.

I'm also wonder why it is that ever since the Russell Tice came forward with his claims, Salon columnist and Constitutional Lawyer, Glenn Greenwald has not written a word about Tice's admission either? What gives, what gives???

Dahlia Lithwick's Latest Slate Article

Dahlia Lithwick's Slate article starts out thus:

Javaid Iqbal is a former cable installer and Pakistani citizen who was swept up along with more than 700 Muslim and Arab men in the massive post-9/11 terrorism dragnet. Not one of them was ever charged with terrorism-related crimes. Some of those deemed, like Iqbal, to be of "high interest" were detained under a "hold until cleared" policy at a high-security facility in Brooklyn. Iqbal claims that during 150 days of detention based solely on his religion and national origin, he was subject to solitary confinement, repeated cavity searches, denied medical care, and brutally beaten. He pleaded guilty to immigration charges (unrelated to terrorism) and was sent back to Pakistan in 2003. He then sued 34 current and former government officials, right up the chain of command from the prison staff to John Ashcroft and Robert Mueller.

The defense is that John Ashcroft and Robert Muller are to "busy" to stand trail and it's a dismal read of the poison of partisanship that exist in today's US Supreme Court. There is no doubt, at least not to my mind, that if Aschoft or Mueller were associated with the Democrat Party rather than the Republican one, than US citizens would see those same, so-called conservative ideologist whom park their collective partisan butts in our nation's highest court, suddenly employ their strict constructionism legal standards to the current legal case that Dahlia is reporting here in her latest Slate column. It isn't Democrats that are above the law, it's only Republicans that have that right.

John Aschoft once talked about those "phantoms of lost liberty", but with Cheney's resent admission of torture (and waterboarding IS torture according to past legal cases), and the very real act of the Bush Administration and telecom's wiretapping along with the recent FISA Court's claim that oversight of Bush's wiretapping was not necessary, than lost liberty is not "phantoms" at all, but as real as the buckshot from Dick Cheney's gun that struck 78-year-old Harry Whittington in the face on Feb 13, 2006.

Today's Republican Party is a corrupt sickness so vast that I wonder how it is than anyone can ever vote Republican again if they value liberty. We can all see how evil and deadly the malignancy of unlawful acts are when protected by highly noticeable partisanship practiced among so-called conservative Justices, whom never see anything wrong with illegal acts so long as these crimes are committed by people belonging to the Republican Party. How is it that anyone can really deny that the Republican Party is not a mob controlled party anymore? It cannot be anything else that can explain why it is that Republicans are held unaccountable at all times.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bone Head

Okay! Fine!

Congressman Boehner represents the 8th District in Ohio, but clearly Boehner's district doesn't want any stimulus money, after all it is debt, so I say, FINE. We should leave Boehner's distinct out of the stimulus funding plan, it is as simply as that, after all, its what the people of the 8th District in Ohio want, right? Boehner won't mind, I'm so sure, since Ohio is doing so great these days anyway (not). Boehner wants to have his cake and eat it too, I say let em, as it should be interesting to see if his voters want to eat the no-stimulus cake as well. Somehow, since it's Ohio that we are talking about here, I bet Boehner's constituency would be none to happy about being left out of the stimulus package deal, but HELL, what do I know as I don't live in Ohio. If Rep. Boehner is really representing his district, than Boehner should agree NOT to partake of ANY of the stimulus money, right?

Tricks of the Trade

Republicans are plying their usual tricks of the trade, hard at work, using the same old, tired old tricks, but it works so well on cowardly Democrats.

Obama promised bipartisanship and he is not working with Republicans, but as we can see, it's because there is no way in hell Republicans are EVER going to work with Obama, not even just a little bit.

In a gesture of bipartisanship, Obama on Monday urged Democrats to delete money from the bill for family planning funds for the low-income.

The House bill includes about $825 billion in tax cuts and spending. Republicans say much of the spending is wasteful and will not stimulate the economy.

It'll be a short four years for Barack Obama, as he just can seem to run far enough away from the scary GOP, so our new cowardly Preznut is going to have a Tom Daschle like ending. And, what about poor ole Joe Biden!

Biden doesn't want to make any misstatements because our timid Preznut Obama doesn't want FOX News to unleash all out evil upon him, so, as we can see, it's going to be a long, skate on thin ice, do nothing four years. Just another Jimmy Carter era really. That's too bad, but this is why Howard Dean needed to campaign as an independent, because, frankly, I'm tired of cowardly, do nothing Democrats who know only how to bow to criminal Republicans no matter how much money those "faceless" American citizens gave to buy back their freedom. It's going to be a disappointing four years. Americans need more choices than to choose between being a member of the criminal, double talk Party, the GOP, or the cowardly, bow to the criminal, doubt talk Party, the Democrats.

We're getting nowhere fast here, everything is still corrupt, from the banking industries' blatant misuse of taxpayer money to questions about real acts of torture that will go unanswered even after all of Obama's big talk about laws and whatnot. Obama isn't willing to do a damn thing about any misuse of office or moneys, except, to bow deeply to the will of the minority party. Yeah, some change that is. Obama has shown the GOP than he bows deeply in his vast fear of the them, so Republicans will, no doubt, play Obama like a violin from here on out. It's going to be ugly four years watching Obama bow every time the going gets tough. Americans need a leader right now, not another one of Bush's "yes man" on the job for Bush's third term in office.

Monday, January 26, 2009

William Kristol: Does Obama have a Spine?

Bill Kristol is asking an important question. Kristol wants to know if Obama has a spine. Obama said that "nobody is above the law', but if that were true, than why is Obama trying to hide Bush and Cheney's act of torture in a commission?

Can Obama reshape liberalism to be, as it was under F.D.R., a fighting faith, unapologetically patriotic and strong in the defense of liberty?

Obama has no more of a spine than Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have one, and the truth is that Obama barely won the election, as Obama was in the act of full scale begging from McCain not to be to rough on him before Bush came out and announced that the US banks were insolvent, thus giving Obama a boost at the end of an election cycle. It is the ONLY reason Obama is President now. Obama is a coward by every stand in today's liberal coward book. Liberty doesn't beat in his veins, only fear and self serving political survival tricks. The Democrats have no warhorses like they did long ago, merely fear and double talk much like George W. Bush himself used, only Bush used lies unapologetically to commit crimes, Obama lies out of fear of the criminal right. Fear is not now, nor ever has it been a remedy for past criminal behavior. Thus it is business as usual in Washington today. Nothing has changed and nothing will change.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Obama's Oath Of Office

Gosh, whatever Obama does, makes sure the oath of office is repeated twice for effect, but that oath is meaningless. Ever since Obama decided there isn't anything wrong with wiretapping with his FISA Bill vote, and that covering up felony acts by the Bush Administration and the big name telecoms was okay, that oath has always been meaningless.

Obama doesn't consider that oath anymore important than little Bushie consider the oath significant. So save your breath Chief Justice Roberts because that oath is as meaningless to our highest government officials today as it was to Bush when he gave it and we all know that.

UPDATE: (as if on cue) Whistleblower: NSA spied on everyone, targeted journalists

And Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid DIDN'T CARE, THEY DIDN"T CARE! Barack and the Democratic leaders didn't even want to investigate what it was Bush was actually doing! Barack talked about keeping American's safe, but, now we know that Barack Obama had NO clue what Bush was doing, and THAT Barack didn't even CARE, he didn't even care.

It's just business as usual in Washington DC, folks, if, in fact Obama can lie, than why not just do it, right? Obama isn't ANY different that Bush was, all question of color aside, please tell me, where is the content of character here? What is different from George W. Bush? Bush was wiretapping reporters, and NOW Obama is wiretapping US journalist AS WELL. Barack Obama was purchased and bought by AT&T and Verizon and now we see that Barack Obama didn't mind it one bit.

Obama is every bit as crooked as Bush and Cheney were crooked men.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bush's American Mausoleum

The WaPo:

Bush, who has said he will likely pen a memoir and eventually hit the lecture circuit, has talked glowingly about his hopes for the policy center, and insists that his vision for it extends far beyond his own presidency. "This is not going to be a 'George Bush Is a Wonderful Person Center,' or 'The Center for Republican Party Campaign Tactics,' " Bush said during one of his last media interviews as president. "It's going to be a place of debate, thought, writing, lecturing."

Frankly, we all know that Bush already has a structure affixed permanently to his legacy for all time. A legacy of slothfulness that cause unnecessary death for not only 9/11 victims but thousands of victims to a lied about war in Iraq. The chairman of the panel probing the Sept. 11 attacks says they could have and should have been prevented, and he's pointing fingers at the Bush administration.

"This is a very, very important part of history and we've got to tell it right," said Thomas Kean.

"As you read the report, you're going to have a pretty clear idea what wasn't done and what should have been done," he said. "This was not something that had to happen."

Those are the words that will live in infamy for all time. The undeniable fact that Bush simply sat on his ass and waited for 9/11 to happen, afterwards, Bush tried to blame 9/11 on Saddam, because after all, it was an opportunity to get control of vast resources of oil, and with that, Bush killed thousands of Iraqis in his shock and awe war of total anarchy perpetrated indifferently against Iraqis, and still to this day, Bush's gross negligence causes death and dispair for both Iraqis and Americans.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Horse Blogging

In Fort Riley, Kansas, the US Army still maintains a Calvary Division but alas the mounted riders function only as color guards for parades, which in their most recent exercise, will be for President-elect, Barack Obama's inauguration parade.

Friday Cat Blogging

It's another Sparta Video.

One must admit that Cory Williams has a unique rapport with his cat, and also that Sparta is one in a million – a sort of personality plus kind of kitty.

The Bush Years

The devil wears a smirk.

Dubya did everything in his power to destroy the US and he pretty much succeeded in completely criminalizing the entire US Government from the top to bottom. Dubya brought the US to her knees morally, financially and socially.

Duby has no regrets. Nope, not a single regret! Only the people of the US will have any regrets from the Bush Administration, and we will, all of us, continue to have regrets forever more. As this nation did not root out the crimes of this administration, we can not than move beyond the corruption of it. It is a malignant cancer that will infest this nation will beyond the Bush years.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Biden in Baghdad

Hey look Ma, no shoes flying toward my face!

And this from the WaPo's Walter Pincus:

A $722 million contract to rebuild Iraq's oil and gas production facilities was marked by multiple changes, cost overruns, failure to meet schedules and lack of oversight, according to a new inspector general's report.

Oh, you don't say Mr. Pincus? A lack of oversight! Who have known that the Bush Administration has such gross lack of oversight going on.

And notice too, that Sen. Lindsey Graham was not present in this video of Joe Biden's visit in Iraq, as apparently, Lindsey had to stay in the "Ho Hum” Humvee simply because Iraqi journalist were all wearing their “shoes”. I’m sure Biden gave Lindsey some coloring books with different types of pump jacks branded with various Western oil contractor names and a pack of crayolas in black gold and money green.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Why Isn't This Man in JAIL?

Why would Obama even think that we, as a nation can move beyond Cheney's admission of torture as if nothing happened from this lastest CNN testament give by Dick Cheney on Sunday's Late Edition? AND, Cheney's waterboarding doesn't cover this administration's act of extraordinary rendition which happened to more than merely three persons. Since Obama is saying "no one is above the law" how do we account for what Dick Cheney is saying here, if indeed, Cheney is not "above the law"? Doesn't this make Barack Obama not only a liar but a co-conspirator, as Obama is intending on aiding and abetting the criminal act of helping the Bush Administration to hide their use of torture.

It's just business as usual, because the Bush Administration lied, it did in fact torture people and now Barack Obama is lying too, same as he did with the FISA Bill. It gets worse from here on out as one lie leads to another. Obama talks big for someone who is intending on doing nothing.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Bush and Cheney's Latest Legacy Tours

Richard Clarke on Bush's legacy.

There wasn't a second 9/11? That's obviously true, but it misses the point. First, we must remember that Al Qaeda terrorists are patient, deliberate planners who often wait years between strikes. Second, there was the first 9/11 - and it happened on Bush's watch. Without rehashing the entire 9/11 Commission Report, the historical record is pretty clear by now that Bush did virtually nothing about the repeated warnings to him that those cataclysmic attacks were coming. Unfortunately, I can personally attest to that as well.

Bush saved American lives? Tell that to the families of the 4,200 U.S. military personnel who have perished in the needless war in Iraq. While they served heroically and deserve the great thanks of the American people, the tragic truth is that they were engaged in a war we should not have been fighting and which was sold to the Congress, the media and American people with exaggerated and even false claims.

There will never be legal closure on the many crimes committed during the Bush Administration, and thus, the Obama's Administration is going to be plagued by the fact that Obama appears to rather liked all of Bush criminal policies, and thus, entirely plans on the continued use of the Bush Administrations many lies and deceitful strategies. It's beginning to look like business as usual.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

DLC Democrats


WASHINGTON -- President-elect Barack Obama named Tim Kaine to succeed Howard Dean as chairman of the Democratic National Committee, calling the Virginia governor a man who shares his "pragmatic, progressive" philosophy.

Jeebus, why not just appoint Al From and get it over with? Obama is not "change you can believe in" at all, as Obama is merely the same, corrupt, flip side of the Republican Party. Obama is lossing me here and others too, as change is coming from Obama, it isn't coming at all, not with this his latest crap and I'm no Dem myself, so it isn't about "reaching across any partisan aisles - that as always is BIGGEST lie. Can we not see why Obama lied about the FISA Bill and will continue to LIE to the American people, because corporations come first, you know it, the telecoms did, and big oil will too, because Obama is a DLC Dem - or a criminal politican by any other name, same as Bush and Cheney, and thus, Obama will lie to the average American, just like the Bushies did and he is going to use all of Bushies cheezy lines to do it too, don't you just know it.

THIS is why Howard Dean should have left the Democratic Party in his dust, it wasn't NEVER his Party, not than and NOT now. This is because DLC Dems are exactly same as AEI Repugs, and are therefore, not any more honest that the Bushies in all their criminal dealings. It's the party of corporate will - fuck the American people by telling every convenient lie available.

THIS is why Obama trashed, because Big Oil comes first and Obama honors the corporate criminal doctrine in order to honor his DLC pledge of allegiance.

Oh yes, and THIS is why Republicans love Hillary SO MUCH - she is the last, best hope for Western oil contractors, in case Americans haven't guess this yet, it's why Obama is going to keep troops in Iraq after all.

So it happened that the White House (and most of the press corps) passed over in public silence a key paragraph in the recently concluded U.S.-Iraqi agreement on the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq.

Article 26, section 3 of that agreement reads as follows: "Consistent with a letter from the President of the United States to be sent to the Prime Minister of Iraq, the United States remains committed to assist Iraq in connection with its request that the U.N. Security Council extend the protections and other arrangements established in Resolution 1483 (2003) and Resolution 1546 (2003) for petroleum, petroleum products, and natural gas originating in Iraq, proceeds and obligations from the sale thereof, and the Development Fund for Iraq."

On Dec. 7, 2008, barely a week after the Iraqi Parliament approved the withdrawal agreement, Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki wrote the U.N. Security Council requesting the mentioned extension; and on Dec. 22, in the news trough before Christmas, the Security Council granted it. But what does the extension really mean?

It means on the surface that Iraq will enjoy only partial control over its key national asset for another year, but it means as well that no one really knows who will end up with prime access to the world's second- or third-largest oil reserves.

Hillary has one year to save those Western oil contracts and Obama won't get the help of the UN or NATO anymore than big time liar, George W. Bush did because Obama will continue the very same lies about Iraqi democracy that Dubya did. Perhaps Obama is a moderate form of organized, syndicated criminal behavior but he is STILL very much a CRIMINAL who fully intends to act in a criminal capacity – we are still looking at mob control in the Office of President of US. Nothing changed except the label.

This all makes me wonder if Illinois Governor Blagojevich isn't actually being railroaded? I mean WHY can't Barack Obama's Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel (aka, Karl Rove the II) be subject to a subpoena in the pending impeachment of Gov. Blagojevich? Is Patrick Fitzgerald REALLY a non-partisan attorney because I'm really beginning to wonder about Fitz and how that lawyer wouldn't dream of sparimg Ms. Judith Miller as a witness but somehow doesn't want a peep out of Emanuel to ruin his investigation? It seems that even the legal scholar Johnathan Turley is wonder why the Dems don't seat Roland Burris? Must be because Burris isn't a DLC Democrat like what Obama really wanted in his stead? I mean, seeing as how much Obama couldn't wait to be rid of Howard Dean, perhaps poor old Gov. Blago just isn't corrupt enough for the DLC Dems, so Obama got Fitz to play a little game of entrapment. Something fishy is sure hell going on with that crap.

Something tells me, Gov. Blago isn't going anywhere and Obama is about to be as passonately HATED as George W. Bushie ever was, all the historic la la la about being the first color Preznut aside, Martin Luther King did say something about content of character after all. It seems Gov. Blago is alot more like Dr. Stephen Hatfield than he is like the poor, late Dr. Ivins. Gov. Blago isn't going to quietly commit suicide for Obama and the thugish DLC gang. I guess Gov. Blago's just doesn't share Obama's "pragmatic, progressive" DLC philosophy and that is probably Gov. Blago ONLY crime.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Harry Reid

The Democratic Party continually insist on weak, meek non-leadership and thus David Gregory on Meet the Press had a good old lynching party with the aging majority leader last Sunday.

If the Democratic Party truly wants to accomplish ANY of Obama's campaign goals and policies, than the Democratic Party needs to elect a stronger leader than Harry Reid. The Dems need to pick a majority leader who has better communcations skills, who is more outspoken with a more determined type of character, like Chris Dodd for instance. Harry Reid only knows how to stammer about and defer to the will of Republicans time and again, even when his own party is in control of the Senate. Reid has been utterly incapable of demonstrating any substantial backbone, which will be absolutely necessary to accomplish any of Obama’s new policies in the short window of opportunity that Obama might get at the beginning of his new term in office.

Harry Reid certainly knows how to turn tail and run everytime the going gets tough. So frankly, Obama is going to be an ineffectual 44th President if the Democrats fail to find some way to ask Reid to step aside. Senator Reid has far too many limitions as his Meet the Press appearance so clearly demonstrated. Reid weakness is going to cost Barack Obama his ability to get things done and thus Obama's legacy might well end in just four short years. I don't know why Dems love weak leaders, who consistently demostrate poor commucations skills and genuine lack of backbone as both Harry Reid and Tom Daschle have flagrantly exhibited during their terms as majority leaders. Such cowardice has truly cost the Party some sever losses in the past, not only for themselves but for the people of this nation as well.

This from the WaPo.

"Oh, great question," Reid said with relief, his voice hoarse and face flushed, presumably from the fever he'd been running all week.

This was supposed to be a year of triumphs for Reid. Bolstered by the addition of at least seven Democrats to his caucus and an incoming Democratic president, Reid enjoys a stronger hand than any Senate leader in almost 30 years.

Yes, Reid enjoys a stronger hand than any Senate leader in almost 30 years, but even with that all power, Reid will never be up to task at hand. If the Obama Administration insist on standing on principle, and that, for whatever reason, the Dems simply can't bring themselves to replace Sen. Harry Reid, nothing worthwhile will ever be accomplished during Obama's entire time in office. The nation may want change but Harry Reid is always going to be too timid and lethargic to push for that change, as Reid has NEVER stood his ground since becoming majority leader, so this isn't something that Reid is going to start doing now, either. One of the Democrats biggest problems right now is a real and desperate need for strong communcation skills and finding someone with the determination to get things done.

I have wonder why Obama wanted Howard Dean to leave the DNC (strong leadership) but still want Harry Reid around (weak leadership). Is it because Obama is all talk and no do and intends to be NO DO during his entire time in office? Why did Obama get rid of Howard Dean and yet show no interested in finding decent leadership for the US Senate before his term? This truly begs the question of if Obama's "change" is nothing more than a spin doctored meme designed to buy votes and nothing else? So far Barack seems like he is only interested in as big a fig leaf to the public as the Bush Administration used with all the hyped up talkd of WMD, mushroom clouds and aluminum tubes to promote a lied about war in Iraq.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Foxification of Countdown with Keith Olbermann

Why is Repug leaning, trash talking Chris Cillizza being aloud to spew his opinion on MSNBC Countdown with Keith Olbermann? Cillizza is trash talking the legal process of the recount, stating that Al Franken’s lawyer is an "ace". So I guess this implies that Norm Coleman's lawyer must have been poor legal representation, right? I wonder if Coleman's attorney finds Cillizza insinuations offensive because Coleman’s lawyer apparently was incompetent legal counsel next to Al Franken's "ace" of a lawyer?

Now, I realize that Keith Olbermann is nothing more than another hype program, a sort-of flip side of FOX News and therefore not real news per say, but this crapshoot from partisan extraordinaire, Chris Cillizza is being substituted for news and does so in such a destructive manner that it really crosses the line. The question that needs to be asked is why would Norm Coleman go out and hire himself an incompetent lawyer? The fact that Cillizza feels that Franken hired an "ace" lawyer while Coleman didn't hire a qualified lawyer is simply opinionated, partisan rubbish. I'm sure Coleman's lawyer would find Cillizza's words insulting not only to himself but the firm who hires him. What is Chris Cillizza hoping the Minnesota Supreme Court will do? We know the Court wouldn't rule that Norm Coleman had an incompetent lawyer and therefore Franken can't win the recount? It is clear that Mr. Cillizza has no faith in the US legal system, BUT don't we all KNOW that that arm-chair pundit, Mr. Cillizza is merely making things up like "ace" lawyer and even when Cillizza is implying that there is always the "uncouth legal business of lawyers" simply because the court failed to rule in Republican favor - because then, at least with Republicans and their pundits, all the fault is either those "activist judges" and now it's an unfair “ace” lawyer advantage that is representing Democrats who use “underhanded” tactics in the legal process. I'm sick of garbage talk being substituted for news that has no bearing whatsoever on reality. American no longer gets real news on television anymore because it's all coming out of our nationalized mob owned news organizations. Cillizza is NOT a journalist. Cillizza is a Republican spin doctor parading about as journalist.

Monday, January 5, 2009

The FOXification of the WaPo

The WaPo is making good on slanting the news for it's mob owned corporate proprietors.

Although Franken trailed Coleman on election night, the Democrat -- thanks in part to the ace work of election lawyer Marc Elias -- has gained steadily ever since. A hand recount of the nearly 3 million ballots cast turned the race into a dead heat, and the recent counting of 933 wrongly rejected absentee ballots (don't ask) yielded a 225-vote edge for Franken heading into today's meeting of the state Canvassing Board, in which a winner -- presumably Franken -- will be named.

So, why won't Franken be a senator later today? Because of pending legal challenges that the incumbent's campaign thinks can sway the outcome -- the most important of which, dealing with the inclusion of 654 allegedly wrongly rejected absentee ballots (from largely pro-Coleman territory), will be decided by the Minnesota Supreme Court.

Now we can see an example of what Republican slant does to the news. Chris Cillizza and Paul Kane slant the news to suggest that Franken's lawyer is "underhanded" and that poor Coleman's didn't have an equally confident attorney. And what about that addied (don't ask) to suggest unorthodox counting of absentee ballots? This is what Americans must deal with in a world where the national press is owned by the mob, the same mob behind all of Bush and Cheney's criminal activities. The WaPo is doing something no honorable, professional newspaper should be doing - slanting the news in favor of one political party over another, intended on making Democrats look sleazy, underhanded and corrupt, but certainly after Bush's criminal reign in office - the exact opposite is true. The WaPo is a mob owned newspaper and slanting the news to make veiled insinuations (don't ask) whereby Chris and Paul hint that underhanded tactics were used BUT don't see it as their journalist responsiblity to tell readers exactly WHAT underhanded tactics were used, and therefore are simply lying about stanard legal applications that apply in the Minnesota laws regarding ballot counting.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Cheney Blew It In Iraq


"We are close to achieving most of our objectives. We have a significant reduction in the overall level of violence," said Cheney, who leaves office on Jan. 20.

Yes, Dick Cheney was successful at making it almost impossible for Western oil contractors to ever really do business in Iraq in any significant manner. So this claim that Cheney achieved his objectives other than to help Halliburton really fudge the books at massive American taxpayer expense, is simply utter bullshit.

UPDATE: Speaking of "pay-to-play" allegations, why hasn't the FBI been involved in any of those truly criminal acts committed in Bush and Cheney's pay-to-play unbid contracts in Iraq? Huh!

That's the Ticket Baby

Jeb Bush for PresidentBlockquote

FOXNews - The first President Bush said he would like to see his other son, Jeb, become president one day, but if now's not the time he'd be an "outstanding" senator.

Yeah, and let Sarah Palin run as his VP in 2012 as well because that's got to be the ticket that will jumpstart the GOP come back, I'm so sure.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Wall Street Journal

WSJ is so DUMB and this column today is an example of exactly how Rupert Murdock thinks 100% of the time and I'm sure the members of the AEI are, no doubt, applauding this crap but regular heartland American citizens, I wonder, are they?

Mr. Blagojevich appointed Mr. Burris to represent Illinois on Tuesday, ahead of the official start of the 111th Congress next week. This was certainly an act of brash defiance given that nearly everyone had warned the Governor not to do so after he was heard on tape contemplating the sale of the seat for personal gain. But under Illinois law, Mr. Blagojevich had every legal right to do so.


Blagojevich had EVER legal right to sell the senate seat for personal gain????

Okay! Cause you know that under the Bush administration, all lobbyist were required to fire any known party members from "the left" (i.e. Democrats) and than HIRE only Republican people for all those cushy, crony positions inside lobbyist firms, if these same lobbyist wanted Republicans to even consider their corrupt money vested request. The GOP believes that if Bush does something illegal, it's totally okay because he is president and thus allowed to do any criminal act he wants as a matter of being in the Republican Party, and NOW too, if the GOP does something illegal, it's okay as well because they're the Party of "above the law" politics too. Whatever is good for lame duck Bushie, is good for the GOP as well. Gov. Blagojevich wasn't doing anything that Republican Governors haven't done at every opportunity for personal gain and benefit and there is nothing wrong with it, and Repugs call it LEGAL when they do it.

The neo-cons are a seriously corrupt bunch of assholes and they bend over backwards to show it on daily basis, be on FOX News (faux news) or the WSJ. THIS is why the GOP is completely dependent on corrupt corporate funding even if it doesn't quite keep up with those "legions of faceless small donors" which are known of as the faceless American people to Repugs everywhere. Such acts of democrat camaraderie might put the special interest corporate controlled Republicans out-of-business as well as all their so-called government service which is only for the exclusive purpose of personal gain.

Yeah, just keep writing columns like that WSJ and even the ignorant people in heartland and deep South American are going to start wondering just what it is that the GOP does for Americans citizens, I mean, other than looting taxpayer money for personal gain and for special interest campaign contributions to the non-conservative act of funding unbid contractors. Jeebus, the GOP knows no shame and seems utterly hell-bent on achieving third party status! God spend GOP, God spend on that endeavor!

Kinsley's Comment on Caroline Kennedy

Kinsley in today's WaPo.

" would be preposterous to claim that Caroline Kennedy could never get to be a senator except by appointment. In fact, it is precisely the fear that she would be a formidable candidate, likely to be elected again and again, that is driving Republicans to gin up a phony issue and bully New York Gov. David Patterson out of appointing her."

Republican are all about ginning up phony issues aren't they? Take for instance the word "communism" and the demonizing of the word "liberal" which is intended to rouse the ignorant American populace living mostly in those "red" states. The fact of matter is, there is no such thing as communism in a democracy.

Now, it didn't help that Caroline Kennedy went on stage looking like a star struck beauty queen, which is the very footage our corporate owned media loves to run over an over again in compliance with a corporate owned agenda. It should be Caroline's first lesson on public appearences and what the nations corporate owned media will take absolute advantage of every single time. The kind of lesson that Gov. Howard Dean learned far too late in his presidential bid. Having said that, it would be nice if we had more Senators like Russ Feingold and Edward Kennedy in US Senate because such liberal representatives tend to fight against corporate control of American which is something American desperately needs right now.

The Bush Administration was so vastly corrupt, such an organized, syndicated criminal apparatus that many Americans were truly shocked at what they were witnessing in the last eight years that caused many voters to leave the party. The Iraq war was a complete lie, a war over control of oil for Western oil companies exclusively, that NEVER had anything to do with WMD, democracy in Iraq or even terrorist in Iraq. The Republicans would like nothing better than to override the framers words of old and the neo-cons have nothing in common with the following words and most red state ignorant Republican voters don’t even understand the words anyway and have never contemplate what they actually mean to US citizens.

That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

It is one thing to talk about "spineless" Democrats but Democrats in congress were spineless in large part to due to our spineless press, TV news media and a pack of self-serving spineless, so-called journalist who wouldn't dream of backing up the truth with truth driven articles because of fear of their corporate owned bosses. So I believe it is time to break up these monolithic corporate entities in the US because they are destroying our democracy with lies, fear dissemination and gross misinformation to the American people through the buying of our govenment. The monolithic banks, the monotlithic oil companies, the monothlithic telecoms and monothlithic media should be downsized and re-regulated which of course, would put today's Republican Party out of business, but it is a corrupt apparatus that needs rebuilding anyway, having no moral or consertative etiquette to speak off within it's organization. The voter need not look any futher than Bush's unbid contractors to see what the Republican has become, a party that belongs body and soul to corruption of the worse kind, that has no interest in the rights of American citizens and every interest in destroying those rights.

Friday, January 2, 2009


The dirt bag GOP.

Palin Says New Parents Levi and Bristol 'Working Their Butts Off' FOXNews - Jan 1, 2009.

I mean, because gosh, only God knows that little Ms. "shop till she drops" (Conservative-NOT) Palin is just dumb enough ONLY for heartland American - you know, the values voters with no real values to speak of - those who don't appear to really have much value, at least not in an eduction, not even a a high school level one, and certainly not facts either, or in reading or realism of any kind. Just remember how they yelled in those video's of McCain supporters to "get a job" as if all those "faceless" Obama contributors didn't have job or something, yeah, right? You know who I'm talking about, those Netroot's people that don't exist for the GOP (for good reason, I might add - as the GOP is merely an "entitlement" program, don't we all know that and why they depend exclusively on special interest corporate money, wink, wink).

Ahhhh yes, the white trash of American Party. So gosh, I sure hope Ms. Palin runs for Preznut in 2012. Nobody should doubt the truly shocking tsunami wave that will occur in heartland dumbsvilla, USA as even that is a bit much to stomach. The Repug Party's lowest, dumbest depth EVER, as if they haven't had enough stupid by half yet, and so, they need some more.

This is why Christopher Buckley said "good-bye" to the GOP - but Georgie "Purgie" Will of the WaPo still loves him so GOP dumbass and is more than happy to hang out with Brooks and Broder. Smart, my ass. One has to be more stupid everyday to be a Repug.