Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bush's American Mausoleum

The WaPo:

Bush, who has said he will likely pen a memoir and eventually hit the lecture circuit, has talked glowingly about his hopes for the policy center, and insists that his vision for it extends far beyond his own presidency. "This is not going to be a 'George Bush Is a Wonderful Person Center,' or 'The Center for Republican Party Campaign Tactics,' " Bush said during one of his last media interviews as president. "It's going to be a place of debate, thought, writing, lecturing."

Frankly, we all know that Bush already has a structure affixed permanently to his legacy for all time. A legacy of slothfulness that cause unnecessary death for not only 9/11 victims but thousands of victims to a lied about war in Iraq. The chairman of the panel probing the Sept. 11 attacks says they could have and should have been prevented, and he's pointing fingers at the Bush administration.

"This is a very, very important part of history and we've got to tell it right," said Thomas Kean.

"As you read the report, you're going to have a pretty clear idea what wasn't done and what should have been done," he said. "This was not something that had to happen."

Those are the words that will live in infamy for all time. The undeniable fact that Bush simply sat on his ass and waited for 9/11 to happen, afterwards, Bush tried to blame 9/11 on Saddam, because after all, it was an opportunity to get control of vast resources of oil, and with that, Bush killed thousands of Iraqis in his shock and awe war of total anarchy perpetrated indifferently against Iraqis, and still to this day, Bush's gross negligence causes death and dispair for both Iraqis and Americans.

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