Sunday, November 30, 2008

Iraq Shell Oil Contract on the Rocks

Reuter's reports on the Shell contact problems.

A spokesman for the Oil Ministry, Asim Jihad, said the committee had no legal basis to challenge the deal, which Shell says gives exclusive rights to the joint venture to all natural gas collected as a by-product of oil production in Basra fields.

"Shell will be the sole company entitled to deal or process gas in southern Iraq," the statement said. "We call this a monopoly on Iraqi gas ... Shell will seize everything."

It added that if Oil Minister Hussain Shahristani does not respond to their complaint, "we will resort to the constitution and adopt procedures ... to safeguard Iraqi resources".

Bush has been quoted this holiday weekend as saying that he "liberated Iraq". Bush says this even as he holds Iraq oil money hostage in an attempt to intimidate Iraqis into unfair oil contracts. This time-limited act of extortion is sure to fail as Americans are in no mood for a second civil war in Iraq nor do we have the resources for a second surge of US forces in Iraq either.

Robert Baer, a former CIA Officer has written a new book in which he makes the following admissions.

Baer sides with those who advocate negotiation rather than confrontation with Iran. He seems to believe that a long-term deal with Iran is possible. In exchange for good behavior, he suggests, the United States should give Iran security guarantees, establish joint patrols in the Persian Gulf, grant Iran a security role in Iraq and Afghanistan, and remove the rationale for Iranian meddling by settling the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

And this striking comment.

"----- On almost every page of his book, he bombards the reader with the verbal equivalent of shock and awe. "Iraq is lost. Iran won it," he writes. "Iran's empire is already half built; we can't stop it now short of starting World War III."

This is how Bush lost the war in Iraq, because he "liberated Iraqis" on a complete and total falsehood of democracy as it wasn't actually about liberation but oil control, and thus, it shows how incredibly stupid the Bush Administration's gamble has been. This gamble that has thrown everything into Iran's ball court because of this colossal lied about war. Perchance Bush stupidly thought a democratic Iraq would gratefully hand-over control of all it’s oil resources, showing thus, the Bush Administration enormous stupidity and incompetence. Who knows, maybe God made Bush do it?

Joseph Stiglitz, the Nobel-winning economist has this to say about the Bush Administration.

Q. Who was at fault for the crisis? Who was asleep at the switch? Were the indicators already visible in the 1997-98 financial crises? Could more monitoring have averted the problem? Are derivatives markets still viable?

A. This is a man-made crisis. It didn’t have to happen. It was the result of macro-economic policies in the United States – in particular, a tax cut for the rich which did not stimulate
the economy – combined with the Iraqi war, which led to soaring oil prices. These put the burden of keeping the economy going on monetary policy. The Federal Reserve responded in a shortsighted way: it provided ample credit with low interest rates. Combined with lax regulations, it was an explosive mixture – and it exploded.

In a nutshell - its all the Bush Administration's fault, completely the Bush Administration's fault for the loss of everything, including oil resources in the Mideast. A bunch of corrupt, utterly stupid guys got into office, destroyed the US economy and lost control of all the Mideast oil. I wonder if the realization of what happened has truly hit the halls of ExxonMobil and BP's corporate global agenda vision department? The fact that big oil is totally screwed this Thanksgiving weekend - thanks to Bush for having truly liberating Iraq, losing control of the entire Mideast oil resource. We are well on our bloody way to a renewable energy future, and those Big 3 automakers should plan on bankruptcy a few years from now if they can't find away around fossil fuel powered vehicles. Nobody is going to give them a bailout forever.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Saudi Arabia wants oil prices at $75 a barrel

From CNN:

CAIRO, Egypt (AP) -- Saudi Arabia said Saturday that it hoped to raise oil prices to $75 a barrel, but indicated that no measures would probably be taken until an OPEC meeting next month in Algeria.

Saudi Oil Minister Ali Naimi said that OPEC will "do what needs to be done" to shore up falling oil prices when the cartel meets next month in Algeria, even as his king told a Kuwaiti newspaper that $75 a barrel was a fair price for oil.

It should be interesting to note that when Bush took office, the Saudi's were happy with $ 22 a barrel and reported that fact to the news. It was Bush that wanted to see the oil price really bloom, and thus create a fake oil crisis. Bush and the GOP have brought the nation to the doorstep of economic ruin with deregulation and oil price gouging so I very much doubt that $ 75 a barrel for crude right now would help the US economy, rather than further damaging the financial system.

The UK's Telegraph is reporting that Russia may join OPEC.

Other new sources of oil include the Canadian tar sands in Alberta. This oil also costs significantly more to turn into crude than traditional sources – maybe as much as $75-$80 a barrel. This is because the tar sands are extremely viscous. They do not flow like normal oil, so they have to be strip-mined or injected with steam. This uses significantly more energy and water.

So, with the oil price now at $54, many producers will be feeling severe pain – especially when they have become accustomed to receiving massive piles of petrodollars throughout the oil price spike.

According to research by Deutsche Bank, Venezuela needs to see oil at $95 a barrel to balance its current account. Saudi Arabia needs oil at $55. The falling oil price is also crippling the Russian economy, so much so that the country may even start co-operating with OPEC in a formal basis.

Russia may end up using the Euro too, as a basis of funding for whatever new alliance they make with Mideast oil price fixing endeavors. And of course, wherever price fixing is found, there is now a growing piracy problem too.

"Reporting from Beirut and Nairobi, Kenya -- In their most brazen raid yet, suspected Somali pirates operating deep in open waters have seized an oil tanker as long as an aircraft carrier, the U.S. military in the Middle East----"

"---- The Liberian-flagged Sirius Star, one in a class of ships that stretch longer than three football fields and can carry 2 million barrels of oil, is also the largest vessel yet to be attacked by pirates, said Navy Lt. Nathan Christensen of the U.S. 5th Fleet."

It all seems to come down to one of two events that will happen during Barack Obama's term in office, either gasoline price gouging will continue, causing the US to fall deeper into depression or we'll go back to buying cheap Mideast oil like we did during the Clinton Administration. Personally, I think that depression maybe the only key to moving the nation away from fossil fuel dependence for good, as adversity is often the mother of invention. And, as we've already seen, Obama talks big about his plans however he has shown a striking enablity to actually stand up to corporations. There is no middle ground in this area, as Barack will either do it or he will not do it. Obama is a gifted speaker, although I'm afraid that Obama has no fortitude to actually accomplish anything he promises to do. The FISA Bill was all anyone needed to see, to understand that Obama, like Bush, will give corporations whatever they want, and then lie to the American people about what he is doing.

Bush is On Vacation Again

If terrorist want to be successful at whatever they do, they merely need to wait till Bush has no inclination to deal with the problem at hand, like when he goes on holiday at Camp David. On this Turkey-day weekend, Bush would NEVER dream of getting off his lazy, worthless ass, push his chair away from the table, as we all know, Junior is far too busy eating turkey (and drinking himself under the table, I'm sure) to bother to care enough to reacting to what is happening in Mumbai, India as the death toll grows to 143 on day three of Bush's lame excuses for all his horrible last eight years in office.

It's like Hurricane Katrina and 9/11 all over again, as little Bushie never quits doing nothing, in his nothing-doing kind of way of being Preznut for the last eight years.

As the terror attacks in Mumbai stretch into a third day, Indian army troops and police have launched several raids at two hotels and a Jewish center in the heart of the city to root out the militants and free hostages. So far, the wave of attacks has left at least 140 people dead and more than 300 injured. Raymond Thibodeaux has this report from Mumbai.

Police at the Trident-Oberoi Hotel say at least 93 hostages have been freed so far. Many of them have been loaded onto waiting buses and driven to an undisclosed location. No one knows for sure how many guests and how many gunmen remain in the building.

Impeachment was OFF THE TABLE and people, including many Americans, have to die during Bush's do nothing holiday time. So I wonder if this fact ever haunts Ms. "Know your Power" Nancy Pelosi at night too, knowing that all of Bush's sins are Ms. Pelosi's sins as well, and seeing as how doing nothing is as much a key component of her style of leadership too?

Maybe Barack Obama should say something now, should do something? I mean, knowing full well that little Bushie won't do anything at all and Obama did say he would go after bin Ladin if he had actionable intelligence? Or is it just not our President-elects place to stop the killing either, ringing in the holidays in exactly the same way Bushie does it, year in, year out? We have actionable intelligence - the terrorist are in Mumbai, India and they're killing Americans right NOW.

UPDATE: The Mumbai terrorist siege ends, as it seems there were only 3 terrorist to be killed in the end.

Indian forces kill last gunmen in Mumbai

MUMBAI, India (AP) — A 60-hour terror rampage that killed at least 195 people across India's financial capital ended Saturday when commandos killed the last three gunmen inside a luxury hotel while it was engulfed in flames.

Authorities searched for any remaining captives hiding in their rooms and began to shift their focus to who was behind the attacks, which killed 18 foreigners including six Americans.

It's great that India brought this terrorist act to a close, but they certainly could used help from US specialist, so too bad Bush was on vacation, and we know that Bush wouldn't anything anyway if it had been an average working weekday.

Bush Waddles Out of Office

Everyone agrees, we can't get that turkey out of office soon enough.

Update: As if on cue this news comes out from the Swamp today.

Listen to what Bush had to say of his legacy:

"How do you want to be remembered,'' sister Doro asked the president, "and what are you most proud of?

"I would like to be a person remembered as a person who, first and foremost, did not sell his soul in order to accommodate the political process. I came to Washington with a set of values, and I'm leaving with the same set of values. And I darn sure wasn't going to sacrifice those values; that I was a president that had to make tough choices and was willing to make them. I surrounded myself with good people. I carefully considered the advice of smart, capable people and made tough decisions.

NO energy taskforce meeting, no unbid contracts, no lied about war, no torture, no wiretapping, or any politicizing of the DoJ and the rest of those sex and favor trading Departments of D.C., under Bushie’s sleazy time in office. Nope, visibly psychopathic liar, little Bushie didn’t sell his soul, except of course, we all know that the exact opposite is true. Bush has been a soulless man for quite sometime now, so strange isn't it how he would utter the words "selling his soul" because that is exactly what he did, not having any values, Bushie didn't surround himself with good people and Bush never listen to anyone except for his GOP campaign contributors.

Broder Likes Stupid Presidents

Broder spills the beans and clues all of us half-way intelligent people into what we have long suspected about conservative pundits and the heartland constituency of the Republican Party. Voters of Republicans politicans only come in two flavors, corrupt, rich crooks who don't mind lying one bit to the general public, or, very stupid blue-collar Americans living in the heartland where the "no child left behind" act is particularly straped for cash, thus they love stupid people for Presidents. Broder, being half-way intelligent (if not by much), knows beyond a shadow of a doubt, we're in so much trouble here in the US, that it's not a good time for another stupid President.

Lyndon Johnson and Ronald Reagan certainly not intellectuals, but they understood the power of the presidency and they knew how to impose their agendas on their political partners and rivals.

By contrast, Jimmy Carter was a whiz at policy analysis and Bill Clinton grasped the connections among issues almost intuitively. Yet neither of them left the White House with a record of great achievements.

Carter said he would never lie to the American people and he never did lie to US citizens, but as we all know, honesty isn't well respected in the halls of Washington D.C. With Bill Clinton there is absolutely no way that Broder can say President Clinton had no record of achievements, when the only thing that really kept Clinton from being one of the most honor Presidents in recent history was his Marc Rich pardon at the end of last term in office. That said, I think David Broder and David Brooks are the quite the pair. Anymore, one would has to be a truly ugly person to even want to consider them self a member of the Republican Party, because if there were any decency in the Republican Party that exist today, than Republicans would have impeached Bush and Cheney themselves without waiting to see if Democrats would act.

Iraq’s Referendum & Big Oil's Worse Nightmare

After the Bushies lied about WMD in Iraq, the next big lie was fighting for democracy in Iraq, and hence we have Big Oil's big dead and smelly Albatross that hangs around the HUGE lie over the manufactured war in Iraq.

Iraq has decided to put oil control to a national referendum in the form of "further US occupation" - be it okay or not okay? We already know how overwhelming that vote will be, right? God knows big oil ain't going to like that kind of vote, THUS, we see the problem with lied about wars. If it's democracy in Iraq, then the King of all Preznut Liars, Mr. Bushie can't say much about it, now than can he?

Iraq's parliament will vote soon on a proposed pact with the US that would free the country of foreign occupation within three years. The vote itself is a sign of Iraq's slow progress toward peace, unity, and, most of all, democracy – a rare sight in the Middle East. If ratified, the pact will ease one more burden for the incoming Obama presidency.

Poor little Bushie and his Godfather Dick Cheney, but alas, Halliburton sure got to make a hell of a killing off taxpayer money for a little while during this lied about war in Iraq. Surely too, I don't know why there are not more than a few corporations out there that haven't
wanted to take it out of George and trickie Dickie's hide, but then, GOP contributions are always a gamble, aren't they? Maybe ExxonMobil and BP understood that fact before all the big contributions and that glitzy hyped up energy task force meeting stuff, right? Anyway, those guys all had a hell of ride the last 8 years that the Bushies have been in office, lying about peak oil, - ain't that right?

Peter Nicholas's OPINION at the LATIMES

Sometimes, I just want to scream into the void, particularly if I hear one more word about those "massive entitlement programs covering Social Security and healthcare."

This from the LATimes in the political section BUT NOT the opinion pages where this horrible, nasty little article truly belongs:

But for Obama and Orszag to achieve any substantial savings, they will need to squarely confront the whopping chunk of the budget that got little attention in the news conference: massive entitlement programs covering Social Security and healthcare.

And this paragraph too.

Yet for Obama to contain costs in a period of swelling deficits, he'll need to make his review as expansive as possible, experts said. That means targeting not just scattershot discretionary programs, but the entitlement spending that accounts for about 54% of the $3-trillion federal budget. Curbing the cost of popular entitlements like Social Security is a risky political step. And Obama made no specific mention of Social Security or other such programs at his news conference.

This article is NOT news but rather, it's merely Peter Nicholas's down right dumb opinion that is being push like it's news instead of the completely slanted opinion of a right-wing op-ed columnist. Nicholas really can't even make this shit look like news, so off he goes in an obtuse opinion only crapshoot, being thus, another mega example of how our printed news media is corrupted beyond measure, being utterly controlled by the corporate ownership, who now decides what the news is since the news itself isn't news anymore less it's driven by corporate favortism.

So speaking of massive entitlement programs, why is there NO mention about how mega oil corporations changed whatever price they wanted too for the last eight f**king years, being as volatile in the market place as they wanted to be, driving Mervyns’s Department Stores out of business and causing many Circuit City Stores to have to liquidate half their retail outlets, simply because consumers were paying SO MUCH of their disposable income at the pump and on their utility bills, that there simply was no money for anything else?

Mr. fake journalist Nicholas fails to mention Bush’s massive entitlement programs to all his unbid corporate contractor friends in Iraq, not to mention a trillion dollar lied about war.

No mention of billions of tax dollars being used to bail out the big three automakers that never have to be innovative, and turn a profit, thanks to corporate welfare and therefore have become utterly dependent on taxpayer bailouts, as well as big name banks that gambled huge sums of money on deregulated, risky loans that need the same "protectionism" that Bush lies about so much.

The real "massive entitlement programs" are the corporations in American, whereby huge corporations are being saved by the GOP's corporate only world, but NOT the social security and health care benefits of the little people. Mr. Peter Nicholas and the LATimes wants the sick and elder American citizens to do without, having the gall to peddle their utterly corrupt opinion like it's news instead of the ugly, right-wing corrupt agenda that it really is.

Whatever is left of the GOP, having no netroots of their own, is pure corporate funded interest. There is no representation of the people by today's GOP, as it has become merely a corporate own sponsorship party that makes up any lies it feels necessary for whatever corporate interest wants, and thus, whatever lies the GOP makes up about massive entitlement programs is in the pure interest of shiftng the money out people's pockets into massive entitlement programs of corporations.

If there were any real decency left at the LATimes, any journlistic standards at all, Mr. Peter Nicholas would be so history right now.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Plop Plop Fizz Fizz

Iraq needs to take two protectionism pills and call Dr. Bushie in the morning.

According to Dr. Bushie:

“One of the enduring lessons of the Great Depression is that global protectionism is a path to global economic ruin,”

BUT still, Iraq is not interested in signing any Western Oil Contracts even if Hillary visits the Mideast Mullahs, because at least they have a viable commodity to which they see no reason to share unjustifiably with Dr, Bushie and his good buds, and certainly, I can imagine, not even for nurse Hillary Clinton's emergency triage big oil resuscitation team.

Meanwhile, back in the US, taxpayers are having to swallow the biggest protectionism horse pill of all time. We have the Big Three automakers protectionism ruin to bailout because the Big 3 are heavily invested in fossil fuel use but have no fuel to run their wayward technologies, their very oil friendly archaic designs? So, for some archaic reason, Repugs everywhere are rejoicing in the Hillary Clinton's pick for Secretary of State, treating her as the last, best hope for Western Oil Contract futures.

GOP warrior and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich proclaimed her a "very formidable" choice, and Senate Republicans predicted nothing but love for Clinton when her name is submitted for approval.

And then we have "Know your Power" Nancy Pelosi, who doesn't want the hold the Big 3 Automakers accountable, at least not any more accountable than impeachment is OFF the table for Priznut Bushie, and so NO viability or restructuring really need apply, simply the appearance of restructuring and viability only, it's merely an image thing, the appearance of, but nothing else kind of taxpayer money handout. Pelosi is such a losser on so many levels.

Pelosi: 'Not helping the auto industry is not an option'

Want to bet that GM still won't sale any vehicles after the bailout because American citizens can see the fake band aid being applied to the panic mode of the here and now, and such meaningless schemes says volumes about how Obama pretends to help but doesn't really do anything beyond cheap talk minus any substantive do, limited himself to corporate control of everything, absent real honest kinds of viability. It's business as usually, it's not going to work, it's simply not going to work, as it certainly didn't work under Bushies corporate first, unaccountability either. With that all said and done, we can NOT move around big oil without a major depression in this country. Perhaps we need to destroy the US economy in order to save it from big oil tyranny, I don't really know, but something like that seems to be headed down the old fossil fuel pipeline, like it or not?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Harry Reid Has it RIGHT for a Change.

Washington (AP) Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says it's now up to the Bush administration to come up with a solution for the fast-failing U.S. auto industry. He's scrapped plans for a vote on a $25-billion bailout package.

Whatever would Big Oil do if the big 3 went bankrupt? American is far to technically advanced too go back a the horse and buggy era - and don't we all know it. Nope, that wouldn't happen at all, would it? We would have a depression, yes, but what emerge wouldn't use gasoline at all and would be develop from so many small corners of the US in private garages across the nation that big oil couldn't do anything about it? It would bring an end to big oil and fossil fuel dependence as we know it? Incidentally, wouldn't that also save the planet?

So you know, there is no way in HELL Bush would NOT bailout the big 3, because without them, big oil would go bankrupt for good and it would be the death of fossil fuel.

And that Sci-Fi movie, Mad Max really was nothing but pulp fiction.

Obama Planning On Staying In Iraq

Obama's honeymoon with press and US citizens might come to an end before the new Prez elect even takes his already broken oath of office. LATimes is reporting on Obama strange new love affair with pro-Iraq war hawks.

The activists are uneasy not only about signs that both Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) and Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates could be in the Obama Cabinet, but at reports suggesting that several other short-list candidates for top security posts backed the decision to go to war.

Why is Obama tapping Hillary for Secretary of State? Is Obama planning on keep us in the war in Iraq?

Martin said that his group was concerned about Gates and Clinton as well as Rahm Emanuel, Obama's choice for White House chief of staff. He also said his group was trying to mobilize its grass-roots supporters with e-mail alerts, but recognized that it must approach the subject delicately because of public euphoria over Obama's historic victory.

Whether or not the netroots wants to admit it or not, the FISA Bill flip-flop really did nearly cost Obama the election, and eventually Obama even started to beg McCain not too make fun of his "celebrty status" as all signs pointed the fact that Obama was lossing the election. Newsweek showed at one time, that Obama had a 15 point lead over McCain until Obama broke his oath of office over the of support the FISA wiretapping bill. After the FISA campaign lie, Obama would have lost the election and the only thing that reversed his lossing trend was that the Bush Administration suddenly needed an emergency bailout bill for which McCain was at a loss to deal with having been left of the Bush's loop. Now once again, it is looking like Obama lied about getting out of Iraq, the way he lied about the FISA Bill.

Kevin Martin, executive director of the group Peace Action, need not worry too much about the "public euphoria" once Americans realize they been had again by the second president that sees nothing wrong with mega lying to get elected.

Clinton, who was Obama's chief opponent during the Democratic presidential primaries, appears to be the top candidate for secretary of State in his administration. Speculation about Clinton has dismayed some liberal activists but has cheered some conservatives such as former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and editor William Kristol of the Weekly Standard.

I bet even James Baker the III, himself wants Hillary for Secretary of State as there are significant reasons why the right-wings folks like Kristol and Kissinger are cheering Sen. Hillary for the job, because just like the Bushies, the Clintons have become big oil advocates too, which means that Obama doesn't seem to mind big oil control over Americans either. That is the type of euphoria that can pop like a housing bubble with the same disastrous results, as it will make a lot of Americans very, very angery. So once again, Obama is going to make the mistake of not caring what a majority of Americans think, just like how that FISA Bill neverly cost Obama the election. Obama doesn't think there is anything wrong with lying.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Lieberman and Netroots

Yes, Lieberman was a jackass and an idiot and everyone knows it.


The Netroots wants to enter a new phase, the phase of irrelevancy. So please get a grip for Christ sakes.

The best way to rid the party of Lieberman is to generate the kind of "faceless" revenue Obama got in his last month of Presidential Campaigning in order to rid the US Senate of Lieberman in his next election. I mean, can anything stand before ActBlue and a horde of really angry Netroots Dems? Of course not. It should be a given that Lieberman is shown the door in his next election, right? But until them, will the netroots please chill out, take a deep breath and focus on more important issues?

Monday, November 17, 2008

Chevrolet Volt: The Car That Was Supposed to Fail

GM is marketing for failure! First they produce a car nobody really wants, the Chevy Volt, than, they call it a failure after the vehicle fails to sell - like we all knew it would fail right from the very beginning, than go right back to fossil fuel favoritism, right back into the pocket of big oil. GM's magical pump jack kiss act done to show the oil gods complete devotion.

This is the number one reason NOT to bail-out GM. The company intentional had NO vision for it's future or for the future of it's employees. GM's money problems have nothing to do with labor unions but everything to do with pushing intentionally bad ideas that squandered company money in order to keep big oil happy. This is a dead end myopic form of slavery.

That said, here we see that George F. Will writes this bullshit column as if on cue, blaming the Chevy Volt on the Labor Unions of all things.

Some opponents of bankruptcy say: GM must not be allowed to fail before it perfects batteries for its electric-powered Volt, which supposedly is a key to the company's resurrection. This vehicle was concocted to serve GM's prolonged attempt to ingratiate itself with the few hundred environmentally obsessed automotive engineers in Congress. They have already voted tax credits of up to $7,500 for purchasers of such cars — bribes that reveal doubts about consumer enthusiasm for them at a price that would reflect cost.

Congress could help the Detroit Three by allowing them, when meeting CAFE (corporate average fuel economy) standards imposed by Congress, to count fuel-efficient cars they import from their overseas factories. Congressional Democrats oppose that because those imports are not made by members of the United Auto Workers. Those Democrats, their rhetoric notwithstanding, really care most about the union. "Saving the planet" comes second and last comes the health of the auto companies.

Some opponents of bankruptcy stress that it might terminate health care coverage enjoyed by UAW retirees who are too young for Medicare. Think about that. If people want to retire before 65, or 35 for that matter, that is their business. But there is no public interest in protecting the luxury of retirement in the prime of life just because in palmy days a private contract between a union and a corporation established it as an entitlement for all seasons.

There was no market for a plug-in car and GM knew that fact even before Volt was nothing more than a scribbled concept drawn on piece of paper. The Chevy Volt has nothing to do with labor unions, but everything to do with GM's mis-management. The Volt was an intentional fielded bad idea that was utterly intended to fail from the start so that Big Oil could claim, "see, nobody wants a plug in car". So, Americans need a new Automaker, one that doesn't cater to big oil's desires to keep consumers dependent on fossil fuel for ever. It is intentional on GM's part to never find their way around Exxon/Mobil or BP, so that in it's self, is reason enough to let GM liquidate and go out of buisiness. And this is reason enought for taxpayers to refuse to bail-out this automaker. GM didn't have any vision on purpose and really nobody should doubt that fact, nobody.

Josh Marshall's George Will idea.

Hey, I know, lets make it to where GM doesn't have to care about employees health care, never mind that employees didn't drive GM into the ground, no, of course not, that was management's doing. AND God knows, GM's CEO will NEVER have to go without medical insurance, nope, only the stupid peeons need to do that.

Josh Marshall is either completely obtruse or he never really was a liberal but more like a TNR employee, peddling a flip-side of Repug nastiness whenever and whenever he can. I'm not like Josh, I give a damn about people, where as Josh only gives a damn about the Dem Party, but not really about people. Josh Marshall and his website are not about news and Josh is not now nor ever has he been a journalist but rather, an armchair pundit for the Dem Party. Josh Marshall is merely the flip-side of Glenn Reynolds. Josh's website exist only for party conformity and when Obama's voted for that FISA Bill, it never phased Josh in the least. Josh wants to allow GM to act like Wal-mart - fine, if that is where GM is right now, why not just let the GM file bankruptcy?

Change You Can’t Possibly Believe In

It’s a continuation of Marc Rich American. As we can see with Hillary’s Secretary of State coronation along with the very noticeable giddiness of the Republicans for her coronation, it is obvious that Obama is very warm hearted toward the West Texas Mafia aficionados as Obama welcomes big oil right back into the Whitehouse. No change here folks. It shows us what a fraud Al Gore is, really, I mean, Party over global warming - Al Gore would never put science before lies????

So shut the hell up Al Gore, I don't want to hear any more of your BS about global warming anymore, Gore is a welcome in the new Whitehouse as cold bucket of spit. At this point, I seriously doubt Al Gore really cares about global warming anyway. Al Gore's spill is just a hot button issue for stupid liberals the way flag burning is hot button issue for stupid conservatives. This is why there never was going to be any future for Howard Dean in the Democratic Party anyway. Howard Dean should have gone with the people and NOT with the Party, as the Party is what doesn't matter.

It's going to be the nasty FISA Bill lie over and over and over again with this new incoming administration. Obama will saying one thing and do another time and again, just like how Bush said he was a "uniter and not a divider". What a crap shoot! Under this flag of corporate control, we should just let GM go now, we're all headed for hell anyway, we can't save this ship and I don't even want to try and put a patch on the ugliness of the incoming Whitehouse and it's all corporate first agenda.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

T. Boone Pickens - Putting the US Back into the Pocket of Fossil Fuel

T. Boone Pickens says that trucks will only operate on natural gas, diesel or gasoline but that simply isn't true. T. Boone was on Meet the Press and very noticeable, no other opinion was allowed (so thanks to Tom "broken" Brokaw for all the nothing in journalism standards that jerk continues to do for US citizens) - the forced opinion that it's fossil fuel or nothing else BULLSHIT.

We simply need a combustible source like SALT WATER with a technology that releases oxygen and hydrogen like this video shows - that is all we need to run a combustible engine, and if heavy trains can run on steam engines, (yes, powered by coal burning but still steam powered,) than, why can't we engineer commercial trucks to be powered by other technology? Pickens simply wants to force people into continued fossil fuel dependency. The surcharges from fossil fuel cost, the unpredictable, volatile, unstable cost from price fixing/price gouging by the big oil companies made profit margins impossible for anyone but big oil corporations - so we need either very cheap or even free energy in order to spur real economic growth in this country.

Right before the senior Bush was to lose office, gasoline hit the 1986 all time low of 0.65 cents a gallon - and it was THAT cheap commodity that spurred the amazing economic growth that gave the Clinton Administration his economy boom. Right after 9/11 gasoline fell to $ 1.00 a gallon, once again, American markets showed signs of fast pace growth that saved our economy right after the 9/11 attacks. If we want to jump start the economy, than we need either very inexpensive fuel or FREE energy. Our only path out of the coming depression will be to bury fossil fuel forever. Clinton didn't really promote the economy in the way inexpensive fuel did it for him. SO BEFORE we sign any loans to the big 3 automakers, it's time to force a move-away from big oil tyranny, indeed it is long past time to leave fossil fuel in the ground instead of in our air.

BTW, George F. Will says that the plug in car wasn't marketable and I certainly didn't want a plug in car either so Mr. Will has a point here. George Will said that our government had to offer a rebate program to try and entice consumers to even purchase this undesirable vehicle. GM doesn't care, doesn't seem to be even trying to anticipate the market and still shows no signs of wanting to anticipate the market today, even as GM is on the brink of it's own bankruptcy. Nobody wanted the plug-in Volt, so why was GM trying to promote such a loser idea, spending funds on such a dog of vehicle? Was it because big oil wanted a failed plug-in program to point too, and GM wanted to comply even if they lost money? I mean WTF is going on? There has never been a better time in our history to move away from fossil fuel that right now. If we don't move ahead now, we all fall into depression, a deep and ugly depression and there is no reason to move GM out of bankruptcy status if there is no type of restructuring based on eventual liberation from fossil fuel control.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bush & Big Oil Don't Want Energy Independence

Bush backs federal aid for Big 3 without fuel strings

He wants Congress to allow carmakers to use $25B in energy funds to shore up finances, Dems push access to $700B bailout

David Shepardson / Detroit News Washington Bureau

President Bush wants Congress to move quickly to grant Detroit's Big Three automakers access to a $25 billion federal loan program by not requiring that the money be used to upgrade factories to build more fuel-efficient vehicles

Let me say this loud and clear, "NO F**king way" should we give the auto industry a loan without need for improvements - so how about NO LOAN AT ALL if that is the way it's going to be. NO LOAN. NO improvements means continued government assistance for the Big three automakers, who don't ever need to show a profit. For every time Bush talks about energy independence from the Mideast, for everything Bush talks about renewable energy, you know that Bush is nothing but a big, fat liar. This is bullshit, no way, no way, now way in HELL should we giving automakers a loan under that circumstance. They don't want to improve, than they just need to go out of buisness.

UPDATE: It is now being reported that the Big 3 Automakers don't want accountable for the business loans they receive, and both you and I know how easy it is from them to file bankruptcy, and they have filed bankruptcy many times over the last few years. This from Bloomberg. com.

Earlier today, Ron Gettelfinger, head of the United Auto Workers, said General Motors Corp., Ford Motor Co. and Chrysler LLC need U.S. financial assistance before President-elect Barack Obama takes office on Jan. 20.

Nancy Pelosi is telling US Automakers this:

Nov. 15 (Bloomberg) -- House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said U.S. automobile manufacturers need to restructure "to ensure their long-term economic viability.''

Of course "restructure" is a bit of a loaded term, so does that mean re-tool or NOT?

Hey, maybe restructuring means to fire everyone at the top for change and replace them all with people who will turn a dime within one year, or leave with NO severance package. That would work wouldn't it?

Hillary is all Smiles

At this point in time, is there any doubt that Hillary Clinton will be extremely pissed-off again if Obama doesn't give her the Secretary of State position?

Under the Bush Administration as well as the Clinton Administration, we live in a republic type of government rather than a democracy. A government were the few decide for the many. During the Bush Administration, the Clinton's HELP Bush lied to every single American citizen in the US, as the Clinton's routinely sided with Bush in making decisions that merely benefited the few, mostly themselves and their corporate campaign buddies which, has been devoid of any human decency at all. So is there any wonder why AEI President Norm Ornstein is pushing for Hillary Secretary of State? Iraq is a war over oil resources, therefore, we don't need to be there in that country guarding the right of a few to make immense wealth at the cost of the many. We are not in Iraq for WMD, and not even for democracy for Iraqis because Bush wants control of Iraq's oil resources, something MOST Iraqis don't want to be forced into giving up for the benefit of rich American corporations. Fighting in Iraq is a fight not for a renewable energy future but for a fossil fuel future and for the wealth of a select few Americans.

Hillary for Secretary of State is not a move ahead, it's move backwards, right into line with Bush Administration.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Here We Go folks, Forever In Iraq

Obama says Hillary will be tapped for Secretary of State, which of course means that WE WILL NEVER LEAVE IRAQ if those Western oil contract get signed, because we'll need a military base to guard our economic interest.

There should be no doubt that Bill Clinton is dying to re-negotiate those oil contracts where the Bushies failed to get the contracts. You know, the Bushies ALL GREEDY and nothing else un-bid contract BS Band, which tried to play but failed too find the tune. There is NO doubt too that Iraq is eager to sign contracts with the US, as we do indeed have a oil dependency in this country and Iraq would like nothing better than to further that dependency, same as the Saudis want us always to be dependent on them.

Thus I suppose there will be no need for GM to re-tool for greater oil independence from the Mideast - we won't need re-newable energy if the Clinton's can get Iraq to comply. It was no secret that Bill Clinton was always in lockstep with the Bushies, meanwhile, men who dream of a future with NO fossil fuel dependence are being outright murdered, the kind of murders that happen not just with Bush/Cheney but also with Obama and Clinton's blessings too.

Obama's DLC leanings will indeed lead this nation into ruin. It's not Bush - it's Bush lite and it's uglier than sin and I don't think that in end it will fly, we cannot stay in Iraq. Get ready for a depression people, because we can all see the sin in what Obama is doing with Clinton as Secretary of State. He lied about leaving Iraq. Obama lied just like he did with that FISA Bill thus, will continue to LIE.

We will not leave Iraq - that is Obama's lie, that is lie, that is a LIE that the entire world can see.

UPDATE: From Glenn Greenwald's column.

A Washington Post article today on the need to restore confidence in the Justice Department quotes former high-level Clinton DOJ official Robert Litt urging the new Obama administration to avoid any investigations or prosecutions of Bush lawbreaking.

Of course not, any investigation of the Bush Administration would lead to an investigation of Bill Clinton's Administration too. Just exactly what evidence did Sandy Berger destroy during the investigation by the 9/11 Commission? The Bush Administration was not the only Administration that lied about WMD and pushed for pre-emptive war in Iraq. So, that said, all eyes are on who Obama picks as his Secretary of State. The Clinton's are very clearly involved in everything the Bush Administration did as far as all the lies concerning 9/11 and the lied about Iraq war thereafter.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Obama doesn't like Howard Dean

Obama ONLY won the election due only to the economic downturn even when he had so much more money that McCain.

Obama is beginning to show every sign of being every bit as nasty as the Bushies were, so we maybe in for more corrupt, unethical government. Rahm Emanual is just another Karl Rove that Obama wants in the Whitehouse in order to run the same politicizing game from the presidential office, same as the last administration did. Rahm Emanual is a jerk. If there wasn't room for an honest guy like Howard Dean, that doesn't say anything good about Obama and his DLC Cohorts.

The fact that Obama LIED about FISA and now we see that jerk has no room for an honest guy like Howard Dean, so I'm betting it's going to get worse, with even more unethical appointments. I'm getting mad and it looks like we've been played by the Obama gang and he hasn't even taken office yet

And with Larry Summers, I have to wonder how many more stupid political appointments Obama will make that are supposed to be about change, but are stacking up to look exactly like the same corrupt Bush apparatus?

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger

From the LATimes: Schwarzenegger urges GOP to move beyond ideology

Reporting from Sacramento -- In the wake of crushing defeats for Republicans in last week's national elections, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said Sunday that his party should regroup by moving away from some of its core conservative principles and embracing spending on programs that Americans want.

"I think the important thing for the Republican Party is now to also look at other issues that are very important for this country and not to get stuck in ideology," the governor said in an interview broadcast on CNN. "Let's go and talk about healthcare reform. Let's go and . . . fund programs if they're necessary programs and not get stuck just on the fiscal responsibility."

Gosh, because we all know that Bush was the President of "fiscal responsibility" - right! Even as Bush gave away lots of unbid contracts to businesses that gave tons of money to the GOP. Arnie should just pull a Chris Buckley, make like a tree and leave the GOP. But wait, isn't Obama in the "girlie-boy" party? Poor Arnie, he is so confused about the Republican Party and the gross criminality for which it stands - it's not the party of fiscal responsiblity, it's the party of radical incitement, criminal behavior and taxpayer looting.

I have no problem letting the GOP stay that way and letting the GOP stay out of power. The Repug Party has gotten so ugly, so nasty, reducing it to a third party status should be "no problem-o", so perhaps Arnie should stop trying to find common ground for the party of organized criminal behavior.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sunday Talk: Will Obama Stay Longer in Iraq?

Obama said he would get the US out of Iraq in 18 months, so he better not have lied about that campaign promise in the way he did with that FISA Bill. On CNN John Podesta seems to say as much, that Obama will hava a organized withdrawal from Iraq.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Reid to Stevens: No felon in Senate

From The Swamp

This is from a press release issued by Stevens' office:

Senator Daniel K. Inouye (D-Hawaii), a 42-year veteran of the Senate and a revered Democrat in Congress, today told Alaskans that Senator Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) will retain his Senate seat while the legal process moves forward. Senator Inouye also echoed the sentiment of legal scholars across the United States saying that Senator Stevens will be vindicated through an appeal.

"As the Senate has done in every other instance in its long 220-year history, I am absolutely confident that Ted Stevens will be sworn into the Senate while he appeals this unjust verdict," said Senator Inouye. "I am certain that this decision in Washington, D.C., will be overturned on appeal."

I don't no about that, as any appeals court is likely to look down right crooked after Ted's shocking evidence of all the gifts that magically appeared due to his favoritism of companies catering to big oil control and associations. Ted shows why Big Oil is such a grievance in world control. Alaskan’s voted their livelihood, but not what was best for our planet or for future of democracy.

I don’t think we want the permafrost melting, because than it may not matter what happens to any of our jobs if we destroy the planet's ozone. If that happens, than what future would we have, what future would our children have? We'll have a lot bigger problems than merely maintaining oilfield related money. That is where we’re at right now, a crossroads so important and life threatening, than unfortunately we may fall into the biggest depression of all time. This is the best reason for Stevens to do jail time, in the name of planet survival. Alaska will need to pick someone else with that particular problem in mind, like it or not. It is time to put big oil out of business for good, and it is long over due to put those dangerous people out of business and control.
We can't afford to talk about economy security devoid of long term global impact on human survival.

UPDATE: From Talking Points Memo, "But Nate Silver is saying that the pattern of uncounted early and absentee votes in Alaska could well end up pushing Mark Begich past Ted Stevens. "

AND this from the Washington Post:

Pollster Del Ali of the Maryland firm Research 2000, which tracked the House and Senate races in Alaska, said he was "not happy" how the races -- and dead wrong polling numbers -- turned out. Research 2000 had reported in the days before the election that Democratic challenger Mark Begich, an Anchorage attorney, was leading the 84-year-old Stevens by 22 percentage points (Daily Kos apparently paid for the polls).

AND this from Anchorage Daily News:

Anchorage pollster Ivan Moore, who usually works with Democrats, said Friday that "something smells fishy," though he said it was premature to suggest that the conduct of the election itself was suspect.


Colin Powell's Tears

From the Judith Warner's column in today's NYT, "Tears to Remember"

Colin Powell did not dance for joy over Obama’s victory; he wept.

“Look what we did. Look what we did,” he said, puffy-faced, red-eyed, fighting back more tears on CNN. “He’s won. It’s over.”

Was Colin Powell crying over the end of racism or something a lot darker and uglier in today's corrupt political party world? I'm bet it was the later, “He’s won. It’s over.” What is over? Is it the long dark criminal night of an utterly corrupt party and it's unholy and entirely self-serving control? It wasn't that a black man won, it was that a white, gloating monster known to the world as the neo-cons lost control over their self-serving political agenda.

Friday, November 7, 2008


Going Forward

It's going to be very interesting to see how the press adjusts to the new reality that Republicans don't matter.


SOMEHOW, I don't think the WaPo has gotten the memo yet.
Let's all make sure da (stupid) WaPo is reminded daily in spades. Nobody cares about Bush, McCain or what might have been if the Repugs had done this or did that. WHO CARES!

Lets make sure the Repugs lose even more seats in 2010.

It's Friday Cat Blogging And What a Show

If you haven't seen Maime, than you MUST check out this video.

What's truly surprising is how many creations there are on YouTube videos for animals that take on politics for their owners. Here is Buckles the Cat, and you've got to see this video too. It shows how bad some liberal voters (myself included) saw Obama's cave on the FISA Bill, how grievous it was for many of us.

So you should visit the creative folks on YouTube for many other animals that get involved in politics, because it's really amazing how creative folks can be. It isn't simply cats, but dogs and everything else you can imagine.

Entitlement Programs for GM

Somebody needs to play a violin for General Motors - so sad, too bad.

GM CEO's get everything for having done absolutely nothing and for not having any vision for the future of GM, and thus, must have been over-paid. It's been nothing but a timeless hostage situation for American taxpayers whenever GM doesn't make the grade, over an over again, we see it, these CEO's expecting hard working Americans to bail them out. So Please NO MORE CORPORATE WELFARE for do nothings. Obama has certainly said as much too when he asked why American Automakers lag behind foreign technology? Indeed, why are American automakers so indifferent to new technology, never developing it on their own?

Why is it that only foreign automakers come up with fuel-cell technology and even water powered cars but American Automakers never have any initiative in the area of new science? GM doesn't have any new direction and only recently wanted to produce a plug-in car so that Americans could be shock by their electric bill as opposed to their gasoline bill - some change, just another money down the drain idea from GM. GM doesn't want to make a profit on it's own but instead use taxpayer money every time the company is about to go belly up. HEY, why not screw over big oil for once? Why not produce vehicles that consumers want for a change that LETS them pocket money that they can spend helping middle income retail business? Why not put the screws to Big Oil in the way Big Oil puts the screws to everyone else? WHY NOT PRODUCE a car that runs on WATER?

Time to tell GM, either you make it or liquidate it pal, sink or swim, if indeed, GM can remember even how to swim in the business world. I'm tired of this shit every five or ten years. If Mervyns can go out of business, if Circuit City has to down size than WTF is wrong with letting GM learning to do it too? A lot of Americans are living in tents but here we have GM wanting another bailout. I say NO F-ing way.

Today’s Woeful WaPo Op-Ed Pages

The WaPo is making good on it's intend to produce Repug friendly slant as today''s news and editorials pages are completely pro-Bush and pro-Repug. Why not just call it the AEI newspaper. That is how selective the WaPo's target market has become since firing the last editor.

Michael Gerson writes in his column, Sense of Decency

I've seen George W. Bush show far more generosity than he's received

Yeah, Bush's generously didn't bother to take his August 6th, 2001 intelligence briefing seriously, so it was that over 3000 Americans died as a result of Bush's "I'm on vacation, don't bother me" policy. Bush generously gave big oil a lied about war in Iraq, whereby Bush couldn't even tell Ms. Cindy Sheehan's that the noble cause her son, Casey had to died for was so generous little Bushie could help big oil so that big oil could generously fill Bush and McCain's campaign coffers with contributions, gifts and favors.

Bush is a criminal who generously wiretapped illegally, as well as tortured even innocent Mideasterners, and God knows who else, plus junior had 30 counts of felonies pending against him that the Dems dismissed.

The WaPo is going to get very ugly, even more ugly than it is now seeing as how they started out telling us how wonderful Preznit Bushie has been as the biggest spending, lying Preznut ever. At 22% in the polls most Americans don't see it that way at all, but WaPo isn't interested in what most Americans think, nope, only what bullshit they can peddle in lockstep with FOXnews.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Who Actually Picked Palin?

TMP says they couldn't have known - but of course they (the GOP campaign contributors) did know who picked McCain's VP.

John McCain is too far gone in his mentality down the road of senile old goatdom to know whom he needed for VP, so can we stop blaming McCain already-okay?

HOWEVER, McCain's campaign contributors knew exactly what old Johnny on the spot needed, the senile old, didn't they? Big Oil’s two-cents worth is the only reason Sarah ANWR Palin made the VP pick. Palin was to make up for McCain's lack of oil loyalism so the campaign money would flow. Palin was worth a big hurrah at Nieman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue for her loyal support of corporate only big oil needs – don’t we all know it. I know why Palin didn't like McCain, because the bitter, forgetful old dodder could remember anything, not even when "Joe the Plummer- was supposed to show up at at certain campaigns.

Sarah Palin was Big Oil's drill, baby, drill cheerleader.

And as for old McCain, well, McCain simply wanted to rest his senile old butt in the oval office chair and retire for the next four years. As we all noticed, McCain didn't bother to produce any new plans for office.

Glenn Greenwald and the Netroot Misplaced Reverence for the Clintons

Even as we see that Ted Stevens was given brand new furniture for his house from favortism, Glenn conveniently forgets that the Clintons got a house full of brand new furniture too, plus lots of donated money for Clinton’s law library, but exactly WHERE did Clinton get these favors from? FROM one Marc Rich and his wife, an extraordinary oilman who needed a legal pardon for not paying his taxes, in fact Rich was a 10 most wanted man on the national FBI list, but Clintons didn't see a problem with this political buy off, a favor to themselves as they left office.

Glenn is such a partisan in this regard.

Obama was NOT palling around with Ayers in the way the Clintons were palled around with Bushie Senior the entrie last eight years, or, how Bill Clinton lied just like Bush did about WMD in Iraq and pushed pre-emptive war in Iraq too. In fact, I would absolutely say that John Kerry lost the election due to the influence of the oil friendly Clintons, who told Kerry to support the war AFTER Kerry was against the war in Iraq that won him the Dem nomination . It took the wind out of John Kerry’s happy political sails in 2004 as Repugs attacked him for flip-flopping. Kerry didn’t know how to stand up to the nasty Clintons.

Frankly, I'm not sure Obama knows how to be any different then the Clintons with his DLC inclinations? BUT we will all find out soon enough if Obama is any different than the Clintons. After selling out on FISA Bill, how much more is Obama going to back peddle on all his campaign promises or lies?

These things are not equal. They're not even comparable. But in her desperation to establish false equivalencies -- the central article of faith in the modern journalist's religion -- Dowd argues that Clinton dirtied the White House by having oral sex and liking hot tubs and, likewise, George Bush also dirtied it by destroying the Constitution, torturing people, invading and destroying another country based on false pretenses and spying on American citizens (and, just by the way, Bush and Cheney weren't "making torture and domestic spying legal"; they were doing those things in violation of the law).

There is a very BIG reason why nobody wanted Hillary for President but Glenn is so partisan in this regard that I'm sure he will never know why people didn't want Hillary for President. It was all because she had NO intention of getting out of Iraq, not anymore than Bush/McCain would ever have gotten us out of Iraq, so incidentally, this is where Barack Obama better NOT fuck up too. Obama had a 15 point lead once upon a time, over McCain before his fateful corporate only decision to back the FISA Bill and how the same behind the scenes bill started subtracted numbers from Obama's polls. Obama would have lost the election except for the recent crash of our financial system and the bailout. Obama owes his election to hype, nothing more, as independents were about to send Obama back to the Dems, thus telling Dems to try again, see if they can actually find someone honest because Barack Obama isn't it, not after that nasty FISA bill lie that Obama didn't have single problem with, and of course, when Obama takes his new oath of office, it still be a lie, because Obama already broke his oath of office. It should be a very awful moment, in which we all see Barack Obama LIE to everyone including congress.

Here we see the netroots acting like Glenn Reynolds and we know that it's already getting ugly when we see that Dems, who hated Bush for doing the same things Clinton wanted to do, thus pretending like the Clinton's are innocent, because they are not and its WHY nobody wanted Hillary, or at least enough Americans didn't want her in Whitehouse.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Death to Big Oil

We don't need BP or ExxonMobil or any Western oil contractor. We need new techology so lets move into the future and leave fossil fuel in the ground.

Good-bye Big Oil, Bush, Cheney and Bill/Hillary Clinton, cause it is time to move out of Big Oil government into freedom.

Congrads Obama!

Good-Bye Repugs

Open Letter to Howard Dean:

Let us make a Democratic Majority 4-Ever. Move in, educate and disseminate and put the truth into reality as we dispense with ugly Repug BS 4-ever.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Glenn Greenwald's Predictions

My prediction is that Obama will win - anything else will be the beginning of civil war in the US.

McCain can't win without a Bush v. Gore redux AND no Obama supporter would tolerate anything less not even for one minute with polls showing Obama over the 5 point lead. There is a method to Obama telling everyone to get out an vote and early votes show strong Obama support. No stealing an election. Any other outcome will be seen as overthrow of democracy, an outright act of theft, like the post evidence that we all know occurred during Bush V. Gore and what Florida did to African American voters.