Saturday, August 30, 2008

David Brooks is in a BAD way

The really sad thing about Obama’s HUGE celebrity status is having a candidate with no status at all.

Brooks and the Republican Party have been robbed, the GOP is radioactive waste and nobody wants to listen to McCain’s desperate Bushified brain farts – so Brooks is crying and dripping snot all over the pages of the NYT.

As a child, I was abandoned by my parents and lived with a colony of ants. We didn’t have much in the way of material possession, but we did have each other and the ability to carry far more than our own body weights. When I was young, I was temporarily paralyzed in a horrible anteater accident, but I never gave up my dream: the dream of speaking at a national political convention so my speech could be talked over by Wolf Blitzer and a gang of pundits.
David is scraping the bottom of the crude oil barrel here and coming up with tormented greasy guck for column material, anything to throw at the Dems, anything at all no matter how farcical. Its sad watching Brookie's inconsolably deteriorate into utter lunacy, a grisly spectacle indeed, watching him dig around in the elephant manure. Maybe he will find a fat, juicy dung beetle for dinner. One can only hope.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Convention 2008 Cat

It's Friday Cat illustator blogging.

Today its "Convention Kitteh" complete with FISA Bill appreciation AT&T convention bag (mostly because I'm completely pissed-off with Obama's vote on the FISA Bill.)

I got the inspiration for “Convention Kitteh” after watching this YouTube video, in which somebody created a Cat Masterpiece Theater, where cats perform “Hamlet”. It’s interesting in a bizarre kind-of-way.

And if you've ever seen the YouTube video of Hey Little Sparta, Mean Kitty Song, well than the same guy created another video that is pretty darn funny. It's called Witch Doctor. Check it out.

Al Gore

Transcript: Al Gore

But here we all are in 2008, and I doubt anyone would argue now that election didn't matter. Take it from me, if it had ended differently, we would not be bogged down in Iraq; we would have pursued bin Laden until we captured him. We would not be facing a self-inflicted economic crisis; we would be fighting for middle-income families.We would not be showing contempt for the Constitution; we'd be protecting the rights of every American regardless of race, religion, disability, gender or sexual orientation.

Except of course for our wiretapping rights!

With that new FISA Bill that allowed AT&T, Verizon and a score of other telecoms to break US laws, I wonder what Al Gore is thinking here? Obama, Nancy Pelosi and even Harry Reid allowed the FISA vote that showed contempt for our US Constitution, thus causing these same government officials to have violate their oath of offices , so what Party does Al Gore belong too? Does Gore simply want to pretend that Democrats didn't help Bush violate US law with that FISA Bill? Even now Democrats are still helping Bush violate US Constitutional by doing nothing.

I don't believe that Al Gore would have ever violated US laws but Barack Obama is not Al Gore. Obama has already violated his oath of office when he told that patent lie about the FISA Bill, than proceeded to recieve big buck for his convention in exchange for helping telecom's break US Constitutional laws. Obama tells lies exactly the same way Bush tells lies.

Al Gore believes very strongly in renewable energy as opposed to Barack Obama, who believes in fictional "clean coal" and allowing new coastal oil drilling as well as whatever else will put money in the coffers of DLC Democrats. Obama/Biden are not really any different than Republican lite for President, and Republican has become a word synonymous with criminal. Barack Obama has already shown Americans that violating the US Constitutional law won't be a problem for him, not anymore that it was a problem for Bush. We see how the netroot bloggers are simply going to let Obama lie whenever he wishes to do so, in exactly the same way we saw radical conservatives let Bush violate his oath of office as well.

In order to prevent a government of the people, by the people, for the people from perishing, we needed a strong move for a third Party yesterday.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Netroot's Disease

It's all good, even when Dem Reps are telling you - "nobody cares about the US Constitution."

Matt Stroller, over at Open Left.

I interviewed Jerry Nadler, who told me that whether Obama prosecutes the crimes of this past administration is an early test case for what his administration will be like. I also asked him about Glenn Greenwald and what is missing from this convention, namely a focus on habeas, torture, etc. Nadler is terrific, and his best guess is that those issues don't move voters.

It all goes back to Sen. Chuck Schumer and his comment, "the Constitution doesn't poll very well."

Yeah, people don't really like living in a true democracy - so just give em a bunch of celebrity status government officicals who think NOTHING of breaking that silly oath of office.

I seems like when you hear it from Matt, voters are indifferent to wiretapping and the congressional oath of office that elected government official say upon taking office but don't practice once in office. I'm with Glenn Greenwald on the issue. THIS is why Obama isn't "change you can believe in", Obama isn't change at all. I hope the netroots are not expecting the independent voters to turn out for Obama.

Update: "Whatever else one might want to say about it -- and, as speech-giving goes, I think it was superb -- Obama's speech was, by far, the most sharply critical of both Bush and McCain and was extremely effective in those criticisms."

Obama gives wonderful speeches but the overall silence on our rule of law, it's like somehow our US Constitution is none of our business anymore. Nice fireworks too! Did AT&T and Verizon pay for those special effects?

Oh yes, we're going to invest in fossil fuel with "clean coal" as well and whatever else this DLC leader wants to encompass as Obama appears never to leave a corporate sponsor out of his loop as he uses the Whithouse as clearying house too. Everything is for sale exactly like it was under the Bush Administration.


Democrats shouldn't try to hard to play into McCain's terms of celebrity status.

Here's the whole rotten gang.

NOW that it's time for Barack Obama to speak - if I could give Barack any advise at all - take a tip from Kevin Drum's post about Bill Clinton. Obama better make a convincing speech that this election is in service to the American people, and not to himself.

Doesn’t matter what Europe thinks – it only matters what US citizens think since we are the only ones voting. Does Obama respect that point, I mean, with his ATT & Verizon boilerplate monograms everywhere?

New York Times writes this editorial, Clinton Soap Opera, R.I.P.

It was also a strikingly unegotistical speech. Mr. Clinton has been criticized for using this campaign to dwell on his own accomplishments as President. He did not lapse into self-congratulation or try to re-fight old battles. It was a speech about why the Republicans’ hold on the White House has to come to an end — and why Mr. Obama is the right man to take their place.

Bill Clinton didn’t win two election terms by focusing on himself. Clinton knew exactly how to throw the ball back into the other players court and take the heat off himself. Bill Clinton knew how NOT to make it about him. So all meme’s aside, this “egotistical” talk of Bill Clinton self love was something the GOP started. Obama should take note, as already pundits are saying that Obama campaign slogan of “Change You Can Believe In” is a dead cliché that has lost all it’s meaning. For all of Obama’s coolness and natural charisma – it isn’t about Obama, so if Obama can't convey that sentiment with his upcoming speech, this convention could be Obama last big hurrah.

Can Obama really make it about someone other then himself? Obama has a real problem with his own strikingly egotistical speeches that the GOP loves to pin on past President Bill Clinton, and now Obama. And I'm not so sure the GOP is wrong when it comes to Obama. It's been getting steadily harder to see the “us” in this equation of Obama for President.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mrs. Clinton

The Clinton saga is a soap opera unto itself, but with that said, I think this particular comment is somewhat wrongheaded coming from Ms. Allida Black of Virginia.

'She gave us our marching orders,' Black said. 'This is not about us.'

Really! Elections are supposed to be all about us and what we want, least we forget we live in a democracy. It is not what the politicians want or what the corporate lobbyists want, it's what we want. This is our biggest problem with politicians today. Our elected officicals don't care about the will of the American people.

Isn’t this why we got the bankruptcy bill voted into law, the class action bill and this new FISA Bill?

Of course it is!

Presidential elections are about us, as oppose to them. We need to remember that aspect about our government and stop treating politicians like celebrities with great fanfare. Anyway, here is Ms. Clinton conceding the election to Obama - all over again.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

In Karl Rove's World

Obama has much to worry about.
And its all thanks to the fact that Bush is a Divider, not a Uniter.

This is sad news indeed.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

McCain’s Many Fiefdoms

Josh Marshall has this response from Joe Biden:

Biden: "Your kitchen table is like mine, you sit there at night after you put the kids to bed and you talk about what you need. That's not a worry John McCain has to worry about. He'll have to figure out which of the seven kitchen tables to sit at."

And the best political cartoon this week comes from Ben Sargent. Check it out!

Another interesting political cartoon centering around McCain's many houses was created by political cartoonist Tony Auth which sums up Karl Rove world politics.

Once Again Frank Rich is the Go To Guy

Op-ed columnist Frank Rich writes:

AS the real campaign at last begins in Denver this week, this much is certain: It’s time for Barack Obama to dispatch “Change We Can Believe In” to a dignified death.
There is certain finality about the death of "Change We Can Believe In". As with the pick of consummate beltway insider Joe Biden as VP, Frank Rich finds himself down to delaring the awful truth, that McCain is the answer only to a stalemate or a stagnated blend of Bush policies, which is an especially valid point for voting for Obama/Biden.

Frank Rich, as always, is
a must read for the pulse of politics. That said nobody can miss the desperation and tone of the column, the dire need for this country to force a slight change, however slight, in the direction of our US politics. Rich drives his point home hard particularly with his very last paragraph. It may not be change anyone can believe it, but it is some kind of change nonetheless.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Steve Benen Response to the AP Chief.

Over at Washington Monthly the new blogger Steve Benen response to AP Bureau Chief Rips Obama Over VP Choice.
The latest piece from Ron Fournier, the AP's Washington bureau chief and the man responsible for directing the wire service's coverage of the presidential campaign, on Joe Biden joining the Democratic ticket, is drawing a fair amount of attention this morning. More importantly, McCain campaign staffers are pushing it fairly aggressively to other reporters, in large part because it mirrors the Republican line with minimal variation.

By choosing Biden, Fournier argues, Barack Obama is showing a "lack of confidence," and is siding with "the status quo."

To which Benen responds:
Biden may be an old pro and a DC insider, but he's anything but "the status quo."

If Biden is an old pro and DC insider - well I guess that would make Biden part of "the status quo" after all, wouldn't it? Fournier is also right when saying that picking an old dog like Biden does show a "lack of confidence" from Barack Obama. I guess McCain and Hillary got to Obama on the inexperience issue.

Vying for the Corporate Vote

Picking Senate Joe Biden as VP was simply done to appease corporate American. So this op-ed that Bob Herbert wrote today sounds rather desperate, a sort of desperation for the kind of politician that Obama clearly is not going to be. Talk populist opinion all you want too, it'll be nothing but meaningless diatribe.

Joe Biden wanted to be more like Republicans but I doubt he could get Jack Abramoff’s attention due to the fact that poor Joe Biden simply wore the wrong Party label, the very label that was out-of-power when Abramoff came peddling his wares. Sen. Biden isn’t about change but rather more of the same ugly corporate favoritism that VP Dick Cheney so zealously represented behind his mouthpiece, George W. Bush. This is why Sen. Joe Biden’s candidacy went absolutely nowhere when he ran for President. Biden is another DLC Democrat that shares no wish for change toward honest government that Americans are frantic for in Washington these days. And this is why nobody wanted the Clintons back in the Whitehouse either, due to their DLC corporate favoritism schemes. We've seen these
corporate favortism schemes in action recently with the FISA Bill and it’s loving devotion toward AT&T and Verizon. So with Joe Biden as Obama's new sidekick, Obama is guaranteed to apply the same loving DLC style to the nation's banks with a continuation of unregulated loans and escalating credit card interest rates.

This is all exactly the same approach Dick Cheney gives with heartfelt devotion to his many big oil buddies, so the only variance we have here is a different type of corporation - big banks instead of big oil. This is NOT change we can’t believe in but the same ole, same oil snake salesman simply bearing a different product that is plied with same kind of dishonest schemes.

Conservatives don’t have any control over their Party, so Republicans were as corrupt as they wanted to be irregardless of their voters immense disappointment in the utter lack of morality. It's why the Republican brand name has become so radioactive. Yet in the same awful way, the netroots, as partisan as they are, particularly in an election cycle, have the same awful problem with their own Party and the candidates now running for office. Liberals have no control over the party apparatus and isn't how is suppose to be. In fact, liberals are steadfastly refusing to impart control due to the massive fear that some how Barack Obama might lose if they don't simply allow him to lie unconditionally in the vain hope nobody will notice. It ends with the same desperate, directionless, defective illusion that a majority of voters won't see the obvious. Nancy Pelosi and Obama helped Bush and Dick Cheney hide 30 counts of felonies with a horrifying kind of glee, showed an utter contempt for their oath of office and a chilling indifference to America rule of law.

We all know this!

This is why it is sad to see Bob Herbert seeking to dress-up the disease status quo with cheap talk on populist issues void of what we know will be any real substance. I mean, how can there be any real substance if corporate American is the only constituency Obama has any interest in pleasing? Picking Joe Biden as VP is an unabashed corporate American reward? Herbert has succumbed to these petty liberal party woes. The “what else can we poor liberals do but wail into the night with our panicking lack of control over our elected officials and their lost ambitions to represent the will of the American people" - a creed of woe, indeed.

So now here we are, down to trashing Republicans with the same attack ads the GOP uses against Democrats. Obama is exhibiting the same Marc Rich style of help yourself politics that we had with the Clintons, that Bush happily continue in the tradition of, and now Obama greedily wants to rewards himself with, as he reaffirms by his corporate loyalty loving picking of Sen. Joe Biden for VP. The only thing we Americans get is promises that the same ugly corruption of the Bush administration will continue unabated.

Bob Herbert: "He’s got 10 weeks to show if he’s got the right stuff."

We already know that Obama doesn’t have the right stuff, so I guess we have 10 weeks to see if Obama can lie his way into the Office of the President of United States – in the same nasty way George W. Bush got there! Obama wants us to know that we can either pick McCain’s corrupt style or his own DLC Dem style of corruption, and if that's deal breaker for us, that's okay with him - he understands, so it hardly matters who we pick, right! Not much of a choice there, and it's precisely why Obama's poll numbers are identical to John McCain's polls numbers - because there isn't a dime's worth of difference in either or our dishonest candidates.

It's a toss-up folks, shall we flip a coin.

The Proposal to Lower-the-Drinking-Age

The WaPo has a letter to the editor written by Molly Chabalowski that makes good sense. I think she is absolutely right to make this statement:

Drinking alcohol is legal for adults in this country. At 18, our young people risk their lives in military service, vote for president and can be prosecuted as adults. Yet we do not trust them to buy a beer and drink it responsibly.
I don't think the we should lower the drinking age to 18 since most young adults are still in their last year of high school when they reach the age of 18 (and have been know to shown up drunk at school).

Instead, I think 18 is far to young to allow anyone to sign up for military service or be drafted so why not move that age for military service to 21? Of course, that still leaves the problem that 18 year-olds can be prosecuted as an adults, so maybe we should change the law for adult prosecution to age 21 too. I think we either have to let 18 year-olds drink or change the age of military service and the legal status for adulthood to the age of 21.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Exxon Cat Says Good-bye Big Oil

This is the BEST YouTube Ad of the Week.

Friday Tiger-Cat Bloggering gone wild.

The Exxon Tiger says "Too much price fixing for me, I'm out-of-here"!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

McCain Can't Remember How Many Houses He Owns?

I don't know why Obama just doesn't cut to the chase.

How about asking McCain for a psychological exam - I mean, I'm sorry but McCain appears to have Alzheimer’s disease and that is NO laughing matter.

Either McCain didn't wish to remember how many houses he owns or he actually can't remember. Which is it?

Is McCain just pretending to have Alzheimer????? If so, was McCain feigning Dementia, using his age as a reason not to tell the media/viewing public how many homes he has? If that is so, why is the press and media giving McCain a free pass on his pretend senile condition?

It looks to me, more and more like McCain has a serious memory problem since McCain can't remember where he is, what he is doing from moment to moment or what is actually going on in the world round him. We needs a president with all his faculties in a post 9/11 world. McCain isn't qualified to be Commander and Chief if McCain has Alzheimer's.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Is McCain Going to Call for a Military Draft?

This from BarbinMD at Daily Kos.

McCain Agrees That We Will Not Capture Bin Laden Without a Draft.

Why doesn't Obama run an Ad about the possibility that McCain will re-invoke the Military Draft?

Seeing as how Republicans try to frighten voters over Obama's leadership in a post 9/11 world - why not frighten voters over continued GOP corruption, corporate favoring and a continuation of the same Bush Administration lies, of course that would mean that Obama would have to clean-up those acts of corruption and lying.

Update: I also noticed that Kos, himself at Daily Kos mentions that people are getting fake text messages that Obama has picked Al Gore as his VP. Now Al Gore has already said he wasn't interested in being VP again, but gosh - Al Gore would be GREAT. That VP pick would certainly spark Obama's poll slumping numbers.

Obama Has A New Ad

Atrios posted Obama's new ad, where at least Obama takes on the criminal aspect of today's Republican Party. This ad still isn't as sharp or hard as it should be about all the hoopla going on with the Bush Administration and the GOP that's got so many Americans upset.

It is a start in the right direction but I'm wondering if Obama will actually clean-up Washington? After Obama voted for redoing FISA and his advisor, Sunstein's unethical like lawyer behavior on Olbermann's Count Down, does anyone know know for sure?

No more trashing MoveOn, or insinuating that Wes Clark was saying McCain was somehow unpatriotic nor telling supporters if they don't like your FISA vote- they can go somewhere else.

And to make matters worse, over at Talking Points Memo, Obama is apparently doing a Tom Daschle impression - which is to beg that Bush/McCain not to call him an obstructionist/unpatrotic. That is the surest way for a Democrat to become toast in a big hurry.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Josh Marshall likes Sen. Biden - I don't

Talking Points Memo:

On the other hand, wholly separate from the cosmetics and electioneering calculus, I think he'd be a good choice. On substance, maybe a really good choice.

Senator Biden is actually a bad choice because Biden puts credit card companies first and votes for unregualted bank loans and charges. It's like NYT columnist Bob Herbert said on the Bill Moyers journal on how Obama was too close to the money guys that get rich off of the American poor.

BOB HERBERT: Well, you know, it's easy to underestimate Barack Obama. And I've underestimated him — for a while. He put together a brilliant primary strategy. But, you know, I frankly wish he was taking a more populist tack on the economy, talking much more about jobs, talking much more about how recent policies that some of them are not so recent any more, have really harmed the interests, the economic interests of the middle class, and working people. And sort of hammered that home, so that you would get a response to guys like Gingrich coming on television and talking nonsense, and that sort of thing. But that, so far, has not been Obama's way. So I don't know whether we're going to see that or not.

Over at Open Left Blog, Matt Stoller shows how Obama poll numbers have been sliding ever since FISA and the NAFT reversal. So I guess the US Constitution does poll well, to bad Obama doesn't care and hasn't noticed.

Obama would be better off picking Hillary Clinton for VP or even Wes Clark but NOT Senator Joe Biden.

I know that Wes Clark talked about how being a POW doesn't qualify anyone for President but Obama over-reacted to that statement. Wes Clark showed backbone whereas Obama hasn't shown any sign of courage at all. If Obama picks Joe Biden than he's sunk. Such a pick for VP will absolutely flat-line Obama’s poll numbers because most Americans actually thought that ”Change You Can Believe In” was a statement about cleaning up Washington after Bush’s brash dishonesty and single minded corporate favoritism. Barack Obama does not appear to be a principled African American and unfortunately Americans suffered from the illusion that Obama was a principled man when he is not. In fact Obama is looking more and more like a hood from the bad side of Chicago and he now has a short window of opportunity straighten it up and fly right.

Update: Well it seems Glenn Greenwald isn't to too fond of Sen. Joe Biden either, for different reasons than I do.

As I remember, Sen. Biden once said that the evidence for war in Iraq read like the goat entrails. While at the same time, some Republicans like Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla) and Sen. John McCain, after viewing Cheney's personal secret evidence for war, said that the evidence for war with Iraq was insufficient. Democratic Senator Chris Dodd agreed.

The Wall Street Journalified WaPo

Sally Quinn does her very best Peggy Noonan impression. All in all a quite a nauseating and very retro Bush days replay, those Grand Ole inglorious - glory days to be replayed by McSame all over again.

Is there any doubt left that the opinion pages of the WaPo now look like the exact same satire you get from The Wall Street Journal opinion pages? It's a joke!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Did the Celebrity Ad Backfire?

Frank Rich is always right on the money as once again Mr. Rich proves he got a clear handle on the pulse of national politics. Mr. Rich’s column is another must read this Sunday.

The Candidate We Still Don’t Know.
McCain never called for Donald Rumsfeld to be fired and didn’t start criticizing the war plan until late August 2003 nearly four months after “Mission Accomplished.” By then the growing insurgency was undeniable. On the day Hurricane Katrina hit, McCainlaughed it up with the oblivious president at a birthday photo-op in Arizona. McCain didn’t get to New Orleans for another six months and didn’t sharply express public criticism of the Bush response to the calamity until this April, when he traveled to the Gulf Coast in desperate search of election-year pageantry surrounding him with black extras.

McCain long ago embraced the right’s agents of intolerance, even spending months courting the Rev. John Hagee, whose fringe views about Roman Catholics and the Holocaust were known to anyone who can use the Internet. (Once the McCain campaign discovered YouTube, it ditched Hagee.) On Monday McCain is scheduled to appear at an Atlanta fund-raiser being promoted by Ralph Reed who is not only the former aide de camp to one of the agents of intolerance McCain once vilified (Pat Robertson) but is also the former Abramoff acolyte showcased in McCain’s own Senate investigation of Indian casino lobbying.

I find that Mr. Rich makes one particularly revealing sentence about McCain age handicap:
Most Americans still don’t know it is precisely for this reason that the McCain campaign has now shut down the press’s previously unfettered access to the candidate on the Straight Talk Express.

McCain doesn't want press access, but makes an ad showing Obama's "celebrity" status which doesn't bode well knowing that McCain is fairly frighten of too much exposure. Remember that McCain only wanted town hall meetings as opposed to national debates? Obama knows why McCain can't handle celebrity status.

We all know why that is.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Money Man

HEY, who said celebrity status is a bad thing?

Was it McCain?
Rick Davis?
Or Karl Rove?

What is the opposite of NOT being a celebrity? A forgotten flash in the pan!
The LA Times blogger, Dan Morain says:
Obama expects to out-raise McCain in part by seeking more money from his army of now 2 million donors. McCain has 600,000 donors, his campaign says.
Even big oil’s flamboyant spending on the “old gray-haired guy” seems like nothing but a pittance now. Nobody can deny that running for president is a money game. The RNC along with McCain are about to be officially overtaken by Democratic money. I'm wondering too, if old Murdock will slant FOX News to the liberal side of things? I mean, isn't FOX News ratings in decline as Murdock endeavors to market the ghastly Republican brand? Wall Street may even sweeten it's Karl Rove like bitter tone? Celebrity status, you either have it or you don't.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Cat Blogging Friday


Here is this week's cat blogging illustration.

CNN interviewed saxophonist David Sanborn recently so if you like the sax, here is the video clip of Sanborn's interview over at CNN where he also plays his sax.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Tragic Death for Bill Gwatney

It was such a senseless death for the Arkansas Democratic Party chairman and such a sorrow that it happened at all. But with the way the country is so divided, thanks to the seeds of hatred sowed by Karl Rove, perhaps the Party leaders should seriously consider full-time security guards.

The LA Times reports:

The gunman who killed the chairman of the Arkansas Democratic Party Wednesday was a Target employee who hours earlier had quit the discount retailer and scrawled graffiti on its walls.

Timothy Dale Johnson, who was shot and killed by authorities after he entered the Arkansas Democratic Party headquarters in Little Rock and fatally wounded chairman Bill Gwatney, had quit his job at a Conway, Ark., Target that morning, the retailer confirmed.

Strange that a man in his prime, Timonty Johnson was not at the top of his financial game at age 50, rather than working at Target of all places. I guess Timothy was a true red blooded Karl Rove Republican. And I must say that it's strange that the media isn't mentioning anything about fanatical right-wing Republicans of the Karl Rove era? Surely ABC and FOX news wouldn't stop talking if this had been someone killing a Republican chairman instead of the other way around. No Edward R. Murrow's in todays news media to cover how Karl Rove is alot more like Joseph McCarthy than he's not. George Clooney's movie on Edward Murrow was indicative of what hate politics looks like - it looks just like Karl Rove.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What if Obama picks Evan Bayh as his VP?

If Obama picks Evan Bayh as his Vice President, than surely it will cause Obama's poll numbers to fall even farther.

Obama has already gone too far into Bush territory, first with that FISA vote and then with his adviser, the unethical looking attorney, Mr. Sunstein making his appearance on the Keith Olbermann show. Before Obama's FISA vote, Obama showed a 15 point lead over McCain. Obama is demonstrating real reluctance to speak of cleaning-up the corruption of the Bush administration, which I believe has trigger the latest waning of Obama's poll numbers. Voters seriously assumed that Obama would mend Washington after the many GOP indictments that we have all witnessed during Bush's last term of office but I get the impression that Obama is truly indifferent to Bush’s many illegal activities, despite Barack's Harvard US Constitution expertise. Obama hasn't EVEN mentioned his position on Bush's torture policies.

I think it is a very big mistake to believe Americans approve of Bush's torture policies, anymore that Americans approve of Bush's illegal wiretapping or Bush having cooked the evidence for war in Iraq. We can only hope Obama shows a little more common sense than to choose Byah as his VP, however, Obama hasn't exactly been batting a very good average in the "think" department. And, obviously, Obama is already deficient in his ethics responsibilities as well.

Dead Bigfoot found in Georgia

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

The search for Bigfoot, the mythical half-man/half-gorilla beast also known as Sasquatch, may have ended in Georgia.

Or it could just be a hoax that has landed a Clayton County
cop in hot water with his boss.

According to a press release issued by "Searching For Bigfoot," a California-based Web site, two men have not only found the corpse of a 7-foot-7, 500-plus pound man-monkey, but they've also
found a tribe of his brethren living at an undisclosed location in the North Georgia mountains.

The men are to appear at a press conference in California with "DNA evidence and photo evidence" on Friday.

And here is the FOX News video.

I don't know if this is a real dead bigfoot or not, but I guess we'll know on Friday.

Update: The bigfoot body was a hoax. A myth fabricated by a couple of redneck hicks in backwoods Georgia. I'm sure those two are card carrying members of the Republican Party.

The New York Times ran this Reuters report:

Results from tests on genetic material from alleged remains of Bigfoot, made public at a news conference in Palo Alto held after the claimed discovery swept the Internet, failed to prove the existence of the mythical half-ape and half-human creature. The story was fueled by a photograph of a hairy heap, bearing a close resemblance to a shaggy full-body gorilla costume, stuffed into a container resembling a refrigerator. One of the two samples of DNA said to prove the existence of the Bigfoot came from a human and the other was 96 percent from an opossum, said Curt Nelson, a scientist at the University of Minnesota who performed the analysis.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

McSame Wants to Win in Iraq

McSame doesn't want to leave all that oil and wouldn't mind staying in Iraq indefinitely. That's why I think this week's political cartoon should reflect what isn't very funny, because it's so horribly true.

McSame still eschews the word "timetable".

"Both candidates in this election pledge to end this war and bring our troops home. The great difference is that I intend to win it first," the Republican senator from Arizona told the national convention of Disabled American Veterans.

But there is a wee bit of a problem.

McCain can't be sure veterans will fall in behind him.

And that's not good news for Republicans.

Whatever Karl Rove Says - Think of the Exact Opposite

Karl Rove on Face The Nation.

(CBS) Republican strategist Karl Rove said on Face The Nation Sunday that he expects presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama to choose a running mate based on political calculations, not the person's readiness for the job.
"I think he's going to make an intensely political choice, not a governing choice," Rove said. "He's going to view this through the prism of a candidate, not through the prism of president; that is to say, he's going to pick somebody that he thinks will on the margin help him in a state like Indiana or Missouri or Virginia. He's not going to be thinking big and broad about the responsibilities of president."
So IF McCain picks Joe Lieberman - what does that say about McCain and his VP pick???

That McCain has a very short list indeed of available possibilities for VP on his short-short list? Yeah Lieberman, that's the ticket baby. That will put McCain in a spider-hole of denial for sure.

AND if the "old white-haired guy" croaks, than we get Lieberman for Preznit!

Yes, now we know why Karl Rove opened his big stupid mouth - don't we.

Bush’s Kangaroo Court

The best political cartoon of the week goes to cartoonist, Mr. Mike Luckovich who sums up Bush’s tribunals pretty darn well for this week. It is a very funny illustration that absolutely captures the whole stupidity of the trial of Osama's driver, Salim Hamdan.

It also happens that George Clooney wants to do a movie on the real story of Hamdan's tribunal. This is great news since Clooney has accomplish some superb work in the past with many news worthy documentaries. Anymore, I suppose we need these documentaries since our unresponsive media/press consistently fails to deliver the news with any meanful significance these days.

You can read of George Clooney plans to film the story of Bin Laden's driver in the Observer section of The Guardian.

Update: New York Times had a good news analysis, War Crimes System Is Still on Trial in yesterdays edition of the newspaper.

It was quintessential Guantánamo, where things are rarely what they seem. The Pentagon’s spokesmen, for example, repeat like a mantra that the detention camp delivers “safe and humane” care. But military investigators have documented a history that includes treatment of one detainee who was isolated, deprived of sleep and forced to perform dog tricks.

Another military mantra is that the tribunal is open and transparent. But no one can go to this remote naval station to attend the sessions without military orders. At the tribunal itself, where many seats are empty, journalists are accompanied at all times by military escorts, who stand guard even outside the latrine.

Apparently there are some events that journalist are not supposed to see in Guantanamo!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Illustrator Cat Blogging

Because I don't have a real cat yet.

Not much this week but something to add to Friday Cat Blogging. I'll have time to do a much better cat illustration next week.

I'll make a cool jazz cat playing the sax by the light of the moon.

Until then, Happy Cat Blogging Friday.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Such a Talented Dude

Today I happened upon a talented graphic artist after wandered around on the Internet for a bit. This site showcases my extreme weakness in graphic art talent because this guy, Mr. Dave Lowe is a GREAT artist and he does some very fancy para-normal critters at his Para Abnormal Comics website. I like his latest cartoon with the funny dragon and the unicorns and I think you might like his cartoons as well if you want to check out his site.

If only I had half the talent - oh the money I could make and the places I could go. Oh well, another day, another thin dime. I guess I better not ditch my day job just yet?

Monday, August 4, 2008

An Age Old Problem

Or an Old Age Problem?

Last week the national political cartoon consensus was center around McCain’s attempt to recast Obama as a mindless diva. McCain's campaign strategist, Rick Davis produced a TV ad showcasing Obama as a Hollywood celebrity rather than as a presidential figure. What we saw last week was classic Karl Rove's projectionist campaign tricks that Rick Davis has eagerly employed right out of Rove's old political playbook.

Since I believe that McCain is somewhat envious of Obama’s youthful energy and natural charisma, I'm certain McCain wouldn't mind a little "Diva" attention too, if only he could get it. Remember that fundraising forum at the Phoenix Convention Center in Arizona? The forum had to be cancelled due to non-participation of supporters and was, consequently, an unexpected blow for McCain, who continues to have a rather hard time generating financial backing even among stalwart Republican contributors.

Tom Toles of the Washington Post, showed McCain warming up to Karl Rove campaign tactics, and Ann Telnaes shows Bush's relentless push to reward the all his oil company cronies.