Sunday, August 10, 2008

Bush’s Kangaroo Court

The best political cartoon of the week goes to cartoonist, Mr. Mike Luckovich who sums up Bush’s tribunals pretty darn well for this week. It is a very funny illustration that absolutely captures the whole stupidity of the trial of Osama's driver, Salim Hamdan.

It also happens that George Clooney wants to do a movie on the real story of Hamdan's tribunal. This is great news since Clooney has accomplish some superb work in the past with many news worthy documentaries. Anymore, I suppose we need these documentaries since our unresponsive media/press consistently fails to deliver the news with any meanful significance these days.

You can read of George Clooney plans to film the story of Bin Laden's driver in the Observer section of The Guardian.

Update: New York Times had a good news analysis, War Crimes System Is Still on Trial in yesterdays edition of the newspaper.

It was quintessential Guantánamo, where things are rarely what they seem. The Pentagon’s spokesmen, for example, repeat like a mantra that the detention camp delivers “safe and humane” care. But military investigators have documented a history that includes treatment of one detainee who was isolated, deprived of sleep and forced to perform dog tricks.

Another military mantra is that the tribunal is open and transparent. But no one can go to this remote naval station to attend the sessions without military orders. At the tribunal itself, where many seats are empty, journalists are accompanied at all times by military escorts, who stand guard even outside the latrine.

Apparently there are some events that journalist are not supposed to see in Guantanamo!

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