Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Money Man

HEY, who said celebrity status is a bad thing?

Was it McCain?
Rick Davis?
Or Karl Rove?

What is the opposite of NOT being a celebrity? A forgotten flash in the pan!
The LA Times blogger, Dan Morain says:
Obama expects to out-raise McCain in part by seeking more money from his army of now 2 million donors. McCain has 600,000 donors, his campaign says.
Even big oil’s flamboyant spending on the “old gray-haired guy” seems like nothing but a pittance now. Nobody can deny that running for president is a money game. The RNC along with McCain are about to be officially overtaken by Democratic money. I'm wondering too, if old Murdock will slant FOX News to the liberal side of things? I mean, isn't FOX News ratings in decline as Murdock endeavors to market the ghastly Republican brand? Wall Street may even sweeten it's Karl Rove like bitter tone? Celebrity status, you either have it or you don't.

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