Thursday, August 21, 2008

McCain Can't Remember How Many Houses He Owns?

I don't know why Obama just doesn't cut to the chase.

How about asking McCain for a psychological exam - I mean, I'm sorry but McCain appears to have Alzheimer’s disease and that is NO laughing matter.

Either McCain didn't wish to remember how many houses he owns or he actually can't remember. Which is it?

Is McCain just pretending to have Alzheimer????? If so, was McCain feigning Dementia, using his age as a reason not to tell the media/viewing public how many homes he has? If that is so, why is the press and media giving McCain a free pass on his pretend senile condition?

It looks to me, more and more like McCain has a serious memory problem since McCain can't remember where he is, what he is doing from moment to moment or what is actually going on in the world round him. We needs a president with all his faculties in a post 9/11 world. McCain isn't qualified to be Commander and Chief if McCain has Alzheimer's.

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