Wednesday, October 29, 2008

ABC and CNN will NOT run Obama's AD

Nobody should doubt that ABC is so corporate owned and controlled that it has choke off any serious news. What is left is merely a cheap crap shoot for right-wing radicals like Cokie and Rush, so no surprises there. I mean, hasn't ABC's This Week really been the George Will show? George Stephanopoulos has been the biggest nothing ever since he got hired.

And can we stop saying CNN is liberal simply because we all know that Murdock's non-news, constant Repug BS was never liberal and thus, isn't real news you can take seriously half the time? Don't we know that 75% of CNN is utter garbage - it's Britany Spears kind of hype 24/7.

UPDATE just now on Google(Thursday, 10/30, about 5:30 pm):

FOX News Poll: Obama's Edge Over McCain Narrows FOXNews

Obama lead over McCain growing, though still tight, new poll shows Kansas City Star

FOXNews lies.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

David Frum, Dipstick AEI Idiot

By David Frum speaking from da pages of the WaPo.
Sunday, October 26, 2008

There are many ways to lose a presidential election. Joh McCain is losing in a way that threatens to take the entire Republican Party down with him.

Wait, wait just a moment here, now lets see, McCain is at 43% in the poll numbers and Bush is at 23% and frankly, I don't think Republicans would want to even discuss Dick Cheney's poll numbers, do they? BUT somehow it's all John McCain's fault, yeah,. The Republican undertaker here is the Repug Godfather of the GOP, particularly the Godfather of the AEI groupies, the man most responsible for the current death sprial of today's Republican Party is Dubya. Hey David, idiot, the guy you want to blame is George W. Bush, oh and his VP, Dick Cheney, but somehow, David Frum is blaming it all on John McCain who actually WAS a maverick but wasn't allowed to be that kind of candidate during the election due to Bush and his controlling of corporate money, the only money Republican get for election season. This is typical, delusional, honor the Godfather BS ans screw the old goat, coming straight out of the a AEI. The Republican Party begins and ends with AEI anymore and nobody else matters. Why not just delete Republican as the word for the Party and call the party the "AEI Party", okay, it's honest and it's a start on the path of finding out what ails the Republicans because clearly, David Frum doesn't have a clue.

Republicans, What A Horde of Jackals

GOP Candidates Warn Voters About Perils of One-Party Rule

Da WaPo reporting in: Shailagh MurrayWashington Post Staff Writer Sunday, October 26, 2008;

On the defensive across the country and staring down an election that could see them reduced to an ineffective minority in the House and the Senate, congressional Republicans are offering a new argument to voters: the danger of single-party rule in the nation's capital.

Strange how the GOP didn't have a problem with one-party rule just two short years ago?

My biggest fear is that the ugly Republican jackals will not leave office once voted out-of-office, so ugly have they become since five Supreme Court Justices decided a US President doesn't need "no stinking" voter approval to serve in office for four years, utterly free to ignore a August 6th 2001 intelligence briefing while on vacation, if selected a president wanted to do so.

I had a terrible nightmare a few nights ago, whereby I turned on CNN and (in this dream of my), there was an African American reporter, a lady, who was talking about this terrible tragedy for the nation. I didn't know what she was talking about at first, but than it became appearent that (in my dream) Obama had beeh shot. I'm not making this story up to make a point, I really did have this awful dream. It was a terrible nightmare to say the least, as that's how frantic I am in my own mind to see that a very corrupt pack of Republican Party criminals who have all completely gone around the bend the last few days, be tossed out-of-office as soon as possible. If such an event every came to pass and something happen to Obama, (blamed on McCain/Palin's incitement campaigns, of course) I would have to wonder if Bush would implement martial law immediately as we all know that the Bush Administration is desperate to force those unbid oil contracts on the Iraqi people above all else, and of course, Nancy Pelosi would not dream of taking impeachment off the table, would she, now then? American citizens have all their eggs in Barack Obama's basket right now, and that is terrible place for democracy to hang by such a single thread, a very, very perilous place, indeed.

Meet the Press Memory Test

Poor old McCain, I feel sorry for him, cause you know, age happens to all of us if we live long enough.

Abraham Lincolin once said:

Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.

Well, John McCain removed all doubt this morning on Meet the Press. Just who is this mysterious fifth Secretary of State the endorsed John McCain? McCain can’t remember who that fifth person is, gosh darn it, even as noticeably, Tom Brokaw offered no help at reminding the elder McCain who this unknown fifth Secretary of State actually happens to be, as nobody appears to know who it is? McCain had a very senior, senior moment there and gosh darn it, don't you JUST know that when the Meet the Press transcript finally does come out, our liberal media will either delete that part completely or entirely re-write it. Our corporate media does this time and again for Republican candidates but they NEVER do it for Democrats, NOT EVER. John McCain has a serious problem but no way would Tom Brokaw, not for a single critical minute, consider it his job to inform the American public about the possibility of a serious medical question with regard to John McCain and what Republicans are seriously able to ignore, thanks to our "liberal" media. There is NO DOUBT whatsoever, that if Obama were an aged Democrat having this kind of memory problem of who and who did not actually endorsed him, our "liberal" media would be airing it 24/7, non-stop.

UPDATE: I just reviewed all the videos of Meet the Press for today, and wouldn't you know it, McCain's senior moment is not a recorded part of this mornings interview anymore. It won't be in the transcript either.

UPDATE II: Josh Marshall catches the act on Meet the Press, BUT it isn't the first time McCain's memory failed this particular test. Remember Brian Williams and Chuck Todd of MSNBC interviewed McCain right along beside Palin, and Brian mentioned the Powell endorsement of Obama during the interview, than we see Palin mentioned that McCain had four endorsements of Secretaries of State, but McCain corrected her immediately, saying it was five and proceeded to rattle off the names of only four individuals, and McCain didn't seem to realize he had, indeed, named only four individuals?

Well I guess I'm wrong as here is a transcript I found of Brian Williams interview and I did not hear McCain mention Shultz:

PALIN: And, look, let me interrupt for a second here too. I’m not going to toot my own horn. But I do I have more executive experience than Barack Obama even has, dealing with multibillion- dollar budgets and thousands of employees in positions as mayor, as manager, as a regulator of oil and gas, and then as governor.

But let’s not forget also, in this context of one endorsement, Senator -- or Colin Powell’s, that you have received the endorsement of at least four former secretaries of state and

MCCAIN: Five secretaries...

PALIN: Five.

MCCAIN: ... former secretaries of state.

PALIN: And hundreds of retired top U.S. brass and U.S. military brass that see also in John McCain the ability to win the wars and to keep our nation safe. And, of course, those who are in more economic minded also, who are endorsing John McCain because they know too that he will get our economy back on track. He will reduce taxes on our small businesses and on our families, so that we can keep more of what we produce and earn so that we can hire more people as business owners.

That’s how jobs are created. That’s how the economy gets rolling. And he’s got that in him. He’s got that in his plan, and that’s recognized. So I’m appreciative of all the endorsements that you have received. MCCAIN: Henry Kissinger, George Shultz, Jim Baker, Larry Eagleburger, and Al Hage, all of those have been strong supporters of mine, plus 200 or more retired generals and admirals. I am more proud of that.

Incidentally George Shultz was born in 1920, which means he is close to 90 years old right now, so did he really endorse McCain?

Will McCain Lose Arizona?

Wonkette makes this serious little point over at her website.

Obama Could Beat McCain In Arizona

Remember how much everybody hated Al Gore for not winning his home state of Tennessee back in 2000? How awesome would it be if John McCain lost his “home” state of Arizona?

For McCain to campaign in his own state would be rather embarrassing, would it not?

The Associated Press:

Oh, the throng of supporters will hold the usual election night party at the Biltmore Hotel in Phoenix on the evening of Nov. 4.

But the Republican presidential nominee plans to address another group of supporters and a small group of reporters on the hotel lawn; his remarks will be simultaneously piped electronically to the party inside and other reporters in a media filing center, aides said.

Aides said Thursday that the arrangement was the result of space limitations and that McCain might drop by the election watch party at some other point.

The ex-POW is planning to hide from his own election night party, sort of like how McCain tried to run away and hide from his first debate with Obama. Wonkette says:

The last state poll showed McCain with a 7-point lead in Arizona; that was three weeks ago, on September 30, and was down from a 10-percent lead in August.

It ain't looking good for Mr. McCain and his pitbull VP. All this talk about how Obama wants voters not to become complacent and to get out and vote because everyone will figure Obama has this election in the bag, but what about Republicans who think McCain has utterly lost it, that there is no need to waste time to go elect him? It is those guys that are more likely to simply stay home on election night and not vote at all. Why bother to vote since the polls show defeat for McCain? That GOP says nothing about this?

The very least Mr. proud ex-POW dude can do is show up, win or lose, it's all part of democracy right, so it's time to show "his friends" that he won't run away on election night the way he tried to do this in his first debate night with Obama.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday's Fiscally Un-Conservative Pitbull Palin

It's Friday, or, it was Friday when I started this post.

Anyways, what I wanted to say was this very pricey pitbull of a price tag amount of $ 150,000 for a clotheshorse of a VP pick should be the end of the story of Sarah Palin and her celerity status debut. But in Newsweek, I see this article and I think surely Jonathan Darman must be kidding right? I mean, half the conservative party didn't like the fact of Palin's non-experience (because of 9/11) and her latest spending spree should be the proverbial nail in the coffin. So here is my suggestion for what the conservative party needs to do. How about an old fashioned, real conservative that wouldn't dream of issuing no-bid contracts, spending taxpayer money like a drunken sailor or make up lies about needless wars, wouldn't wiretap or torture anyone? Hey, yeah, try that route Darman.

Even now she is dropping hints of unhappiness with her running mate's way of doing things—saying, if she had her way, the McCain campaign would skip the robo-calls, go after Obama's association with the Rev. Jeremiah Wright and continue to pour resources into Michigan. It's easy to imagine her amped-up post-election critique: they dressed me in their fancy clothes, they fed me to their elite media friends, they even made me bow and scrape to "Saturday Night Live," but they still couldn't change me. I'm still Sarah from Wasilla and I'm ready to take Real America back.

Democrats, having witnessed Palin's wobbly 2008 performance (31 percent of registered voters in the new NEWSWEEK poll say Palin makes them less likely to vote for McCain), will no doubt relish the prospect of Palin lingering on the national stage. They should be careful what they wish for. For all her problems now, Palin has the biography, the ideological sympathies and the charisma to be what the Republican Party lacks: a populist, far-right politician with intense celebrity appeal.

The Republicans have officially become the party of radical people. George W. Bush and Dick Cheney mixed-up and so confused today's GOP that they simply don't know what a real conservative is anymore.

UPDATE: Just when I think Republicans have completely lost it, I mean, these guys have completely gone around the bend in the last few days, they go and do something even more bizarre. Here's the "da WaPa reporting in with the guy Chris Chillizza, nitwit extraordinaire indeedy".

".....we layed out two schools of thought on this highly circulated story: one that Palin, who has attacked Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama as an elitist, may seem hypocritical to spend so much on clothing at places like Saks and Neiman-Marcus and the other that the story is titillating and great fodder for the late night talk shows but
ultimately irrelevant to the election."

I can't believe conservative pundits are even asking the question in this time of HUGE BAIL OUTS and National economic crisis, what a moron that guy Chris is, really.


Live by the radical, die by the radical!

Stange isn't that this man, Bill Gwatney is actually dead because a radical Republican supporter shot him and these youths actually wanted to kill Barack Obama and yet the news hardly mentions these facts at all, and yet, Ashley Todd is big news, at least while anyone believed that an Obama supporter attacked her, so the news, particulary CNN, couldn't say enough about her. Todd is, of course, a radical McCain supporter. The GOP never learned any lessons from McCarthyism. The lessons of "reap what you sow." John McCain is one stupid idiot, is he not, having followed in the footsteps of Bush like he does, using radicals to support his whole stupid, incitement campaign?

Leaving Fossil Fuel in the Ground

Have we had enough of this yet?

World Markets Sink; OPEC Slashing Output

TOKYO, Oct. 24 -- A recession-driven wave of selling swept across Asian and European markets on Friday amid tumbling corporate profits and a poor growth report from the U.K., while major oil exporting countries agreed to slash output in another concession to the sluggish global economy.

Is there any doubt that foreign countries will find ways around Big Oil Corporations simply because they have too. The US will be left in the dust of greater technology simply because oil companies keep us from liberating ourselves from the dictates of big oil. If we don't liberate ourselves from the destructive behavior of oil companies that control everything, including our congress we'll fall behind as a nation. Its time to move beyond these jerks, indeed it is long past time to move beyond fossil fuel. And we sure as hell don't want to go in this direction.

T. Boone Picken's plan will simply put the US back into the pocket of big oil all over again - to replay the same ugly control games. With Picken's plan we would simply end up having a natural gas shortage eventually, same as the oil shortage here in the US, than have more wars in foreign countries all over again. We're done with that route people, we're done with it. We're going to need to push Barack Obama in whole new direction, not liberation from the Mideast as much as liberation from oil companies for good.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Greenwald Muckrakes the WaPo Again.

The Washington Post has been using its editoral and op-ed pages for corrupt corporate agendas but Greenwald catches the latest fa├žade from the WaPo and makes comments on facts on issue.

Western oil contractors (Big Oil Companies) don't like Iran and they didn't like Saddam either, not because of WMD, or the lack of a democracy but because Saddam would not do business with Western Oil contractors. Well, Iran doesn't do business with Western oil contractors either and is trying to keep Iraq from making a big mistake, letting US interest own Iraqi interest and set-up permanent military bases and thus an permanent occupation.

So here we see two "has been" congressman making claims in the WaPo.

First, an Islamic Republic of Iran with nuclear weapons capability would be strategically untenable. It would threaten U.S. national security, regional peace and stability, energy security, the efficacy of multilateralism, and the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) regime. While a nuclear attack is the worst-case scenario, Iran would not need to employ a nuclear arsenal to threaten U.S. interests.

You can sum the whole Op-Ed up with, "Iran is trying to influence Iraq into NOT signing Bush’s greedy “no-bid” Western oil contracts". Big Oil wants to stop Iran from fraternizing with Iraq by using and threatening violence from US troops and the use of taxpayer money for Big Oil's own seflish, criminal adgenda". Big Oil gets our congress and former congresstional members to incite other reasons for war with Iran but the one all to obvious reason, oil control. Unfortunately the WaPo is all to happy to be of assistance. It seems to me, that Iran is merely trying to get a nuclear weapons in order to protect itself from greedy US oil corporations that lie about reasons for war. Iraq was an oil war, nothing but pure corporate greed. We, US citizens don't want an oil war with Iran, not anymore than we wanted one with Iraq. No permanent bases, no occupation in Iraq, we need to give them back their country as Obama said.

We need to find some way around fossil fuel for good, and for all time. We already have the science out there, we simply need to expand on it. If China can create a engine that runs on water, than we need tractors that run on water in our nations bread basket to produce food and ensure real security, and we trucks that can transport goods, or trains without the need for coal or fossil fuel. This is where we need to start ending big oil's ugly business in the killing fields of the Mideast for their bloody profit based all on lies about democracy and WMD.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Jeez Louise! Another Classic Karl Rove

Palin: Obama's policies would spark international crisis

(CNN) -- Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin suggested Tuesday that it would be Sen. Barack Obama's policies that would spark the international crisis that Sen. Joe Biden has said would be likely within months of Obama taking office

Caribou Barbie is taking her cues straight from the dictates of Karl Rove's playbook again.

It's what I call "the don't wait rule!" Remember Bush’s isolationist comment? Kevin Drum once wondered who the isolationist were after Bush spoke about isolationist but didn't attach the label because Democrats are not isolationist? The problem was that people were beginning to call Bush an isolationist on the grounds that Bush would never talk to foreign leaders he didn't like them or felt they were enemies. So Bush tried to bet the rap of being branded with that particular label as it were, so by calling quickly using the word to label others before they could label Bush with it, and you know it's the exact opposite. This is a Karl Rove gimmick, a sort of projectist strategy kind of gimmick. Karl Rove wanted to say that Democrats were isolationist even if it never would have made sense. Democrats prefer diplomacy, and everyone knows this too. Obama plans to talk to countries we have disagreements with, like Iran's President Ahmadinejad.

John McCain would be the only guy that could cause an international crisis if elected. It would simply be another third Bush term whereby McCain would continue to try and push those Big Oil no-bid contracts on Iraqis. That would surely incite Shia cleric Moqtada al-Sadr into more violence in Iraq and as the US doesn't have enough troops for a second surge, I have to wonder if John McCain would invoke the military draft, so fond of Vietnam is he. When it comes to McCain, victory in Iraq only means successfully forcing Iraqis to sign Bush's old no-bid contracts, and no democracy need apply same as it didn't under Bush. So we see that it isn't Obama but McCain that would spark an international crisis if he were elected.

Oh, and Obama needs to take Biden out to the woodshed. Another reason why Biden was a poor choice for VP, as Biden has a bad foot-in-mouth problem that is never going to go away.

Iraq: NO Oil Contracts Until 2009

The Bush Administration wasn't a total loss for big oil, as Big Oil did get Bush to lie about an oil crisis that never existed. It's true that the US gets most of its oil from overseas, as we did it during the Clinton years too, but for only $ 20 dollars a barrel or less during that time, as we are not due to really run out oil for another 40 years. There is plenty of oil in foreign countries, it's just that BP and ExxonMobil can't get control of the stuff on foreign soil due to over-greedy contracts. Big oil and Bush try to find and used ever conceivable lie they could come up with to fight this war in Iraq. The WaPo calls it our "economic security" and recently wrote an editorial on why Obama can't leave that oil in Iraq without our troops guarding it. Some security that would be if we stayed, huh?

Let the peoples of Iraq decide on Iraq's oil

On 13 October the Iraqi government, at a meeting in London with bosses of 34 international oil companies, opened an auction for 20-year contracts to develop big swathes of Iraqi oil and gas fields.

Bids will be submitted over the coming months, and the Iraqi government plans to award contracts in mid 2009. It will also open a second bidding round, on further oil and gas fields, in December 2008.

We don’t know the terms of the contracts. More to the point, neither do the peoples of Iraq.

News Flash: NO oil contracts will be awarded until long after Bush and Cheney have vacated the Office of the President of the US. No "take it or leave it" unbid oil contracts will ever be signed during Bush's reign as it stands now. The Iraqi people don't have to do anything Bush says and they know they don't have too, in fact, the whole world knows it. I not sure what Obama will do as president but it's the end of Bush's war for oil escapades and all his greedy big lies over what that war was about, which was not WMD, not al Qaeda in Iraq or democracy in Iraq. Bush never care about Iraqis, never did and never will.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Glenn Greenwald on Colin Powell

From today's posting at Salon:

Greenwald: The core of the Republican Party has degenerated into the unrestrained id of its worst impulses, and it was good to see Powell specifically cite (and condemn) those elements as a principal reason why he is turning away from the party he has served for so long, and instead supporting the Democratic nominee.

If for instance John McCain's poll numbers were even with Obama's poll numbers right now or, heaven forbid, even higher than Obama's poll numbers, would Colin Powell be making this Obama endorsement as it were? Somehow I rather doubt it because the Bush and Cheney's campaigns were always ugly campaigns too. I never noticed that Colin Powell had a problem with the Bush/Cheney and Karl Rove tactics the entire time he work for them. Nobody can sit here and tell me Bush and Karl Rove were nice guys and clearly John McCain got all his plays right out of Karl Rove's playbook. So now we see Colin Powell parading himself about as the Christian Republican doing the right thing, but of course, doing the right thing was something Powell should have done way back when Hans Blix couldn't find one single credible piece of evidence from Colin Powell's UN PowerPoint Show in the lead up to the War in Iraq. The righteous Christian Colin Powell just sat there and let Bush trash Hans Blix and the entire UN Assembly for not going along with the Administration's lies about WMD in Iraq.

Is it that Colin Powell doesn't know how to be a decent man, nor any other Republican until a majority of Americans tell them how to be one? If ex-Nixon Administration Counsel John Dean knew that Bush was worse than Nixon, why didn't other Republicans care about these obvious facts too? John McCain is not doing anything that the Bush Administration is not telling him to do and I am not about to sit here pretend otherwise. Is Colin Powell planning on praising Bush and Cheney's Administration after John McCain's campaign fails on November 4th? I bet Colin Powell does exactly that.

Update: Jonathan Martin's Blog at Politico:

But one prominent ally of McCain voiced what is on the minds of many GOP loyalists after watching Powell this morning. . . . . ."

". . . . . .Further, this Republican said, for all the former secretary of state's criticism of McCain and his praise of Obama, the move had less to do with the two candidates for president than the current occupant of the Oval Office. "Powell cares a lot about his reputation with Washington elites, and he thinks he was badly damaged by his relationship with the Bush administration," said the source. "So this is a way to make up for what he regarded as not being treated well by the Bush administration, not being given the due deference he thinks he deserves."

Really? What Washington elites, at least on the Republican side of elitism in DC, have not always back Bush? Why is Colin Powell suddenly playing the good Christian Republican political card here and now? Is it not to redeem little Bush and to salvage Junior's legacy that is ending down at 23% in the polls by rubbing it all off on the truly ugly McCain/Palin Campaign? Loyalist soldier Colin Powell has never, ever gone against Poppy Bush, and thus not his son either as Poppy would never hear of it, so Powell is not about to start doing it now either.

McCain: We Must Stop Democracy

Too Many Braves And Not Enough Chiefs - The problem with having to few Charles Keatings in the nation.

From TMP

McCain: Obama's Fundraising Could Lead To Scandal.
Also during his appearance on Fox News Sunday, McCain responded to Barack Obama's record monthly fundraising haul. "So what's going to happen?" McCain said. "The dam is broken. We're now going to see huge amounts of money coming into political campaigns, and we know history tells us that always leads to scandal." McCain added that we'll eventually have to pass legislation to deal with the problems created by Obama's small-donor fundraising model.?????

I have to wonder, whatever will Mr. George F. Will say next? Something like he did with Soro's 527 group? "Look what you did George Soros, you philanthropist moron, you, you infected the people of American with that dreaded democracy disease. Who do American citizens think they are, having any control over a corporate controlled nation? It's become so undemocratic of them to think they have any choice at all in what they do with their money and their votes - it's completely unpatriotic, I tell you, completely."

NOW we know why Christopher Buckley endorsed Barack Obama for president. "What!, Obama raises record $150 million-plus for campaign, did you say???" One month's taking!!! No wonder he left the party in his dust, speeding right out the door of NRO. Who knew you could make so much money in a democracy. "Who'd a thung it, baby"!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Oh Jeebus

Alaska Sen. Stevens testifies gifts appeared unsolicited, unwanted

By Matt Apuzzo and Jesse J. Holland
Associated Press
Article Launched: 10/17/2008 04:34:14 PM PDT

WASHINGTON — Some people worry, when they've been away from home, that they might return to find something missing.

Sen. Ted Stevens described a different problem. Time and again, he testified Friday, he returned home to find something new and expensive.

A new porch. A balcony. A fully stocked tool chest. A gas grill. A steel staircase. Rope lighting. A generator.

"I literally walked in and found all new furniture," Stevens testified Friday. "All of our furniture was gone."

Stevens testified that he didn't want any of those things and never asked for them. His friend, oil pipeline contractor Bill Allen, just kept giving.

And for this latest fairytale, Colin Powell threw away the last remaining shreds of his honesty and dignity.

So now Colin Powell has endorsed Obama, no surprises there. Powell was a reject of the Bush Administration and lots of conservative columnist including Anne Applebaum, who once gave Powell a scathing condemnation for not doing exactly what Bush wanted, which really was exactly what Dick Cheney wanted, since Bush was merely the Presidential face from the moment of his and Cheney's Supreme Court five indoctrination. And of course, Obama is NOT a far left Democrat as the McCain campaign has tried to paint him. Obama is a DLC Democrat and those Democrats are never far left candidates. Barack Obama is not Senator Russ Feingold or Barbara Boxer by any stretch of the imagination. And as we can see, McCain was not free to run his campaign from the dictates of the Bush Administration as the following endorsements show; "...but I'm also very pleased to have the endorsement of four former Secretaries of State – Secretaries Kissinger, Baker, Eagleburger and Haig."

Ah look, Poppy Bushie's friends all of them, of course, the controlled gang of the Big Oil people which dictated all in the Bush Administration and the loyal oil followers therein. There can be no doubt that Big Oil ran the country during the Bush Administration, utterly and completely and no input from anybody else mattered, and that included Powell's opinions, and it certainly was not the people of this country that matter one bit.

Peak Energy blog, a great blog by the way, shows us more evidence of oil control in this post, The Emperor Of Iraq.

Holy Mackerel Andy

The last time American saw crowds this big for a individual leader, it was Martin Luther King, Jr.

That is why McCain/Palin campagin's incitement of mob crowds by telling them that Obama is a terrorist or that Obama is palling around with terrorist is particularly awful. McCain and Palin should know full well that their careers would be over with utterly and completely if Obama were to come to harm.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Joe Six-Pack Plumber Kitteh

Joe Friday Cat Blogging

October 16, 2008 3:17 PM, Natalie Gewargis

“I'm probably going to call him this morning," Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz.,told Fox News Channel's Carl Cameron. "I thought he would probably be up late. I heard that his -- that his phone lines were pretty well were flooded. But I think we're going to be spending some time together.”

Maybe Joe should ask for money up front, seeing as how the GOP wants to make him an Ad for their cause.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bush Wants That OIL In Iraq

The way the Republicans operate is truly evil and wicked, is it not?

I think most of us saw that very clearly in the way McCain used "Joe, the Plumber (Joe Wurzelbacher)", and how it was just another cooked up scheme by the Republican Party that shows without a doubt that John McCain is every bit as sinister, criminal and nasty as Dick Cheney and George W. Bush ever were. McCain says he not like Bush but clearly plays the same evil, contoured games and same exact stunts that the current Administration always used. They go find a dumb Joe sixpack - parade him about as the average Joe, even as it's obvious that registered Republican Joe can't pass the smell test.

Now we see this in the news:

President Bush Asserts Right to Control Iraqi Oil

WASHINGTON, Oct 16, 2008 /PRNewswire-USNewswire via COMTEX/ -- President George Bush this week rejected a Congressional effort to bar the United States military from controlling Iraq's oil resources.

Before signing a military funding bill earlier this week, the president issued a "signing statement," barring any expenditure of funds to "To exercise United States control of the oil resources of Iraq."

The Friends Committee on National Legislation, a 65-year-old Quaker lobby, has worked with Congress for three years to pass legislation that bars the United States from building permanent military bases in Iraq or exercising control of Iraq's oil resources. "We are dismayed that the president would deny the Iraqi people and its government the basic sovereign right to control their own natural resources.

A religous organazion that knows what Bush is doing and knows that it pure greed and complete evil, so perhaps there is hope for humanity after all.

Iraq should not fear saying NO to George W. Bush and stalling for time - it should fear saying YES to him alot more. Bush can be a pretty nasty guy indeed but if Turkey can say NO to Bush, if Pakistan can say NO to Bush as well as Saudi Arabia rejecting military troops and contractors, than Iraq can do the same.

This is why we should tell T. Boone Pickens - NO WAY. I'm sick and tired of big oil's dominion, it's cause nothing but trouble. This is why we didn't vote for Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary and why there seems to be a brewing civil war against oil barons and their ilk which may be closer than we all realize to the kind of civil war we had over slavery. It is time to move beyond fossil fuel completely. We already have the technology to do it - we must do it and that time is now with this next election to take a scalpel to sections of big oil that will eventually leave them like a junked out old car in a bygone salvage yard of yester-year.

UPDATE: Protesters march against proposed U.S.-Iraq pact

BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- Thousands of people marched in central Baghdad on Saturday to protest a proposed U.S.-Iraqi security agreement that would extend the presence of U.S. troops in the country after the end of the year.

Bush and McCain don't care about democracy in Iraq, they never did - only that oil and nothing else. The Bush Admininstration is going to end up escalating violence in Iraq all over again trying to force the signing of greedy Western oil contracts upon the Iraqi government and it's people. Iraqis want us out and we don't have enough money to keep troops in Iraq any longer so now is a very good time to declare victory and get out. Nancy Pelosi should NEVER have taken impeachment off the table because Americans need to get Bush and Cheney out of that office in order to prevent a violent Iraq from remerging and to put an end to an expensive occupation there.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Political Suicide if Ayers is Mentioned

Will Barack Obama run from his palling around with Ayers if that senile old goat, John McCain dares to mention the word "Ayers"? This is why tomorrow's debate will be bit like watching a dangerous circus act. John McCain might seriously fall from his high-wire act and it is sure to be bloody.

Talking Points Memo says:

In an interview that John McCain gave to local radio in St. Louis, McCain says that he was "astonished" to hear Barack Obama say recently that he was reluctant to bring up Ayers to Obama's face, and promises that he'll raise the subject at tomorrow's debate.

Uh Oh! Well that isn't good news, at least not for McCain. Recently on the Rachel Maddow Show, Lawrence O'Donnell told Rachel that McCain would NOT bring up the Ayers connection simply because it would be political suicide to do so. I must admit that I feel sort of sorry for McCain, because I do actually believe that McCain, the man actually did try to be a real maverick to the ugliness of the Bush Administration, but Bush is a very corrupt man that welds all the money. Little Bushie demands absolute loyalty to the point of political self-ruin for his fellow Republicans and it's never made any difference to Dubya what happens after he leaves the Whitehouse. This is why so many Republicans simply retired and left the party. It was the only way to refuse the utter ruthless of George W. Bush. But John McCain sold his soul to be the Republican nominee even if the price tag will never be worth it.

John McCain should just let it go. It should be noted that when it comes down to the only way for John McCain to win the debate - is in fact to lose the debate. Let it go, for once go in grace and let Bushism slide into the dark abyss for all time, or, bring up Ayers and the face the Charles Keating music again since McCain certainly didn't pay for that association in his past. Lose big or lose small - in the end, Mr. "France is our foe" already sold everything he was to Bush's grand plan for victory in Iraq. Cowards die many times and I'm sure McCain has never moved beyond being a POW, be it under little Bushie control or as a Vietnam Prisoner of War.

UPDATE: John McCain mentioned Ayers and it was disastrous all right. Obama didn't need the Keating event to make McCain look like a desperate, mean spirited old man that complains bitterly should anyone point out how ugly he has been in this campaign. All in all, a pretty bad moment for McCain, one that should have sincerely embarrassed the old senator - "at long last, McCain, have you no shame!"

There is a reason why Karl Rove had to leave the Whitehouse. It is because Karl was a very ugly person who's ugliness finally caught up with him. McCain failed to see and acknowledge Rove's fall from grace and what that signified. Without the 9/11 attack and an ignored August 6th briefing, Americans may well have demanded that Bush vacate the Whitehouse way back in his first term. It would have saved the nation from the catastrophic economic fall-out transpiring in our nation today. With all the evidence, we know that 9/11 was a very preventable catastrophe but that single event has cost us much in human lives and national expenditure. We can lay everything at Bush and Cheney feet because they cause all the problems we now have and both men noticeably don't have any regrets. Bush is seen laughing his way out of office making jokes about how Wall Street went crazy when Bush, himself spent taxpayer money like a drunken sailor during his term. It was merely a fun eight-year ride for those two crooks. Bush and Cheney looted taxpayer money, broke US Constitutional oaths of office and lied about everything. I will never, ever vote for a Republican again as long as I live.

Too Bad, So Sad

McCain's winning in Iraq has been utterly and completely about winning oil contracts in Iraq, and nothing more. So we see that success in Iraq is really on the rocks right now with the latest WaPo's bad news just out today.

Lacking an Accord On Troops, U.S. and Iraq Seek a Plan B
By Karen DeYoung, Washington Post Staff Writer Tuesday

October 14, 2008

With time running out for the conclusion of an agreement governing American forces in Iraq, nervous negotiators have begun examining alternatives that would allow U.S. troops to stay beyond the Dec. 31 deadline, according to U.S. and Iraqi officials.

Neither side finds the options attractive. One possibility is an extension of the United Nations
mandate that expires at the end of the year. That would require a Security Council vote that both governments believe could be complicated by Russia or others opposed to the U.S.-led war. Another alternative would amount to a simple handshake agreement between Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and President Bush to leave things as they are until a new deal, under a new U.S. administration, can be negotiated.

Is this why McCain is currently claiming that he will win tomorrow's debate? I think we already know what the debate outcome will be even as David Brooks, David Broder, Pat Buchanan and the editorial pages of the WaPo will tell us that McCain won the debate just as decisively as the poll numbers afterwards will NOT. No American will quite understand why it is we can't just buy oil from a nationalised Iraq oil company instead of from ExxonMobil or BP seeing as how these corporations have made quite enough money already in our national run-up to economic ruin of late. And so once again we might find WaPo issuing yet another warning to Obama that we can't leave that oil in Iraq and that Obama needs to understand this fact, but this time the Netroots should be ready to level the charge, "why are we in Iraq, particular with our national economic problem so bad right now"? Is the war in Iraq about oil and did the WaPo consider that we US citizens were simply too stupid to "handle the truth!" What the WaPo knew all along but failed to informed the American public about - may be about to splash the pages of WaPo editorial section once again in telling black and white.

Poor Ms. Cindy Sheehan has yet to find out what noble cause Casey Sheehan had to died for over in Iraq, but the WaPo editorial board seems to know exactly why Casey had to die, and so, if once again the WaPo see fit to write one more stupid editorial on why we can't leave Iraq's oil in Iraq's sovereignty - than we should demand a congressional hearing as our WaPo journalist have some explaining to do.

Nothing gets by Greenwald

Another WaPo run-in today - no suprises there. Really, you would think that paper was owned by Rupert Murdoch because that newspaper or tabloid or whatever we might call the WaPo now, has swiftly become a FOX News twin during the Bush Administration's reign of lies.

Greenwald: So what is Pearlstein talking about when he gushes with praise that Paulson — who Pearlstein has been defending from the start — “has moved faster, more aggressively and more deftly than any of his international counterparts in doing whatever was necessary to stabilize the financial system”? That is just false.

It's sad that we need individuals like Glenn Greenwald to muckrack the likes of the Washington Post, but we do need him in the way American citizens needed Walter Cronkite or Edward R. Murrow to give the people the truth. The Administration wants to lie time and again and the WaPo always makes sure to provide that format no matter how baseless the comments have been. Want to revise history, no problem, the WaPo exist for that very purpose when it comes to the needs of the Bush Administration to lie or for it's supporters to lie, does it not? I don't care if you're a conservative or a liberal, Greenwald is the most trusted name in news right now. Greenwald is a MUST read every single day.

Oh Look, Palin "Exaggerates" Just Like Bush

From the front screen shot of Google News just a few minutes ago:

BBC News Whatever Sarah Palin says, she exaggerates New York Daily News - 6 hours ago Gov. Sarah Palin and her husband, Todd, at a rally in Virginia Beach., Va., Monday. Call it the Sarah Syndrome, a metaphorical manifestation of a rare medical condition called Palinopsia.

It isn't a rare medical condition at all since every crony in the Bush Administration, including Bush himself, had this "exaggeration" infection too. And isn't that word "exaggerate" something the media uses time and again as a substitution for the more accurate term of “liar”? The last time the media did this, the nation went to war in Iraq, not on exaggerations but on flat-out lies.

The Brainless Pundits of the WaPo

E. J. Dionne Jr., just woke up and wrote this stupid column: McCain and the Raging Right

Are we witnessing the reemergence of the far right as a power in American politics? Has John McCain, inadvertently perhaps, become the midwife of a new movement built around fear, xenophobia, racism and anger?

Jeebus, E. J. must have missed how Ann Coulter has been paraded about on national TV like she is a serious journalist during the Bush Administration. And E.J. missed the fact that Rush Limbaugh got employed by ESPN, until he made a racist comment and got fired. Just why have Republican voters been leaving the GOP in droves before McCain become the Republican nominee? Bush, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove and the neo-cons are and always have been the radical far right. Just what type of people did E. J. think John Yoo, Albert Gonzales, and Paul Wolfowitz where? McCain has been stuck playing out the Bush Administration's broken record which dictates the same radical dogma over and over again. Sarah Palin isn't McCain's VP pick, she is another one of the current administration's un-vetted oil cronies chosen for her devoted pro-ANWR oil drilling avocation alone - no other vetting required, just like with the rest of Bush's cronies.

It's the same kind of replay we had back in the Joseph McCarthy era, when McCarthy started his communist witch hunts that many fearful Americans bought into with McCarthy's Bush like fear mongering, but than these witch hunts soon become a hard sell as Americans realized it was nothing but just that, a witch hunt that eventually ruined the far-right Joe McCarthy and his rabid followers.

George W. Bush is quoted as making this ugly comment: You can fool some of the people all the time, and those are the ones you want to concentrate on," and so we see that John McCain has merely been following Bushism political doctrine to the letter.

We are NOT witnessing the reemergence of the far right as a power in American politics - nope, not at all. After eight long years, FINALLY, at long last, somebody should tell McCain, as well as George Bush and Dick Cheney, "Have you no shame?" We are witnessing the implosion of the radical right wing agenda and we can all see that the 9/11 stunned E. J. Dionne Jr., apparently has just pulled his head out of his backside, blinked a couple of times and declared the right has suddenly gone radical. Gee, it's like sometimes the WaPo pundits get paid under the table to make stupid insinuations in order to distance Bush from the damage of McCain - oh PLEASE! It's like some WaPo pundits suddenly go off and write a Joe Klein like wiretapping propaganda piece just for the pleasure of their corporate masters who own the publication. Nobody should be aloud to smear Godfather right-wing radical, George W. Bush and friends least they end up not working for the WaPo, Time, or whatever anymore.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Tom "Broken" Brokaw

JUST Another example of a non-journalist hard at work doing NOTHING on Meet the Press today.

MR. BROKAW: Congressman Portman, has this gone too far in terms of the attacks on Senator Obama and his association with Bill Ayers in Chicago? Governor Palin has gone so far as to say he's palling around with a terrorist. Is that a really fair characterization in your

FMR. REP. PORTMAN: Well, I think what they've focused on is two things, one is Senator Obama's judgment and second is his truthfulness. I, I saw yesterday there had been nine
different explanations about his relationship with Bill Ayers and, and when he met him and who he thought he was and so on. And so that's the issue, is his judgment and his truthfulness. In terms of this campaign, as we get toward, you know, the last few weeks here, it's heated up, there's no question, on both sides. And Senator Obama's rallies are, you know, he also inspires the crowd, and they can get pretty rowdy as well. Having viewed a few of those, those, those rallies, and been at some of the McCain rallies, they are inspiring people, you know, to support their policies and their approach. That's what rallies are all about. They cannot control every single individual in that, in that rally and what that person might say. But no, I, I think if you look at these campaigns.

This comment of course amounts to the assertion that McCain and Palin cannot be blamed for people believing that Obama is a terrorist, or might be a terrorist if in fact McCain and Palin were indeed (and they were) implying that Obama might be a terrorist - that their supporters might not know anything about the real terrorist activities of Barack Obama.

So if by chance Obama were shot and injured/killed by a Bush or Palin supporter, such reasoning based on "how were McCain and Palin to know that their supporters would take their campaign rhetoric seriously" and that such rhetoric would somehow not be McCain/Palin's fault is preposterous in the extreme. If indeed harm were to occur to Barack Obama than I would fully expect McCain and Palin to spend some time in a federal penitentiary and I'm certain that all African Americans would demand nothing less.

When Dan Balz admitted, finally, that McCain/Palin had crossed-the-line, AND that line, we should note, is a legal differentiated line - that McCain/Palin, with intend to do so, incited a mob to believe that Obama was a terrorist and that is the FACT in issue that we would be dealing with should any harm came to Barack Obama.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Radical Right-Wing Exterminator Kitteh

It's been a horrible week of "cross-the-line" politics. The GOP mob wants to eradicate Barack Obama so this week's Cat Blogging is a Radical Right-Wing Mob Kitteh out to try and exterminate Barack Obama - Tom DeLay style.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

McCain and Palin Incite Mob to Kill Obama

Glenn Greenwald talks about the latest frenzy from McCain's and Palin and their campaign to incite the audience into mob like behavior. Free Speech does in fact have limitations in that no American is allowed to incite mob behavior that will harm another person. McCain and Palin have clearly crossed that line.

Already there have been two separate attempts on
Obama's life that were stopped, so it seems McCain and Palin won't be happy until we have another Martin Luther King, Jr like assassination in this country.

And what about the recent killing of Arkansas Democratic Party Chairman,
Bill Gwatney? Apparently the GOP has already incited voters to kill Democrats. Bill Gwatney's recent death by gun shot shows something terribly wrong with Republicans - they have incited their followers to kill fellow Americans by a Karl Rove/George W. Bush hate world that is continuing with John McCain/Sarah Palin's campaign.

UPDATE: McCain supporters want McCain to "take it to him" (the Bill Ayers association to Obama) in the next and last debate which will be the 15th of this month. McCain's supporters didn't understand why McCain didn't bring up Ayers in Thursday's debate.

A local African-American conservative talk radio host named James T. Harris also brought up what he called Obama’s “soft spot,” which he said included “ACORN,” “the good Rev.Wright,” and other “shady characters that have surrounded him.”

“I am begging you, sir," Harris said. "I am begging you. Take it to him.”

Earlier in the event, several attendees in the balcony of the local sports complex were yelling “ACORN” so loudly that McCain was compelled to address it.

So of course this will put McCain in a bind as he suddenly must walk his talk on national TV. Suddenly the insanity of what McCain and Palin are doing in this radical rallies that they are holding are about to be nationalized propaganda. McCain is operating outside of US Constitutional laws in this regard. It is not okay for McCain and Palin to incite hatred in a mob crowd than for any other US citizen to do this either. If any other US citizen was doing what McCain and Palin are doing they would be arrested by authorities. The WaPo has more chilling news on radical mob situation.

"I'm mad! I'm really mad!" another man said, taking the microphone and
refusing to surrender it easily, even when McCain tried to agree with him.

"I'm not done. Lemme finish, please," he said after a standing ovation. "When you have Obama, [House Speaker Nancy] Pelosi and the rest of the hooligans up there going to run the country, we have to have our head examined.

And it gets even worse than that.

There were boos, middle fingers turned up and thumbs turned down as a media caravan moved through the crowd Thursday for a midday town hall gathering featuring John McCain and Sarah Palin.

McCain and Palin, like Bush and Cheney are operating outside US laws.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Olbermann: Palin and her Terrorist Speeches

Sarah Palin really is getting out of hand with her "hate" speeches, claiming Obama is a terrorist. She is every bit the radical that Ann Coulter is, with the same radicalism that got Coulter fired from one of her jobs.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Tomorrow's Debate???

It'll make for good Friday fright-night kitteh blogging on the 11th.

McCain tried to RUN-AWAY from the first debate so we can only speculate what kind of comedy we'll see tomorrow. Whatever happens, it should be good. Get the popcorn ready.

McCain to SunCity, "Screw You"

Latest attack on the elderly from Sen. McCain:

John McCain would pay for his health plan with major reductions to Medicare and Medicaid, a top aide said, in a move that independent analysts estimate could result in cuts of $1.3 trillion over 10 years to the government programs.

Arizona might end up being Obama country, particularly SunCity, Arizona, which is generally considered to be "conservative" or was, until McCain cut their retirement health care money.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Bush Holds Iraq Hostage Over OIL Money

At this point does anyone still doubt that the war in Iraq was about oil?

It was NOT about WMD or freedom or democracy, at least not for Iraqis. Funny how our news people, our journalist haven't really mention a word of Bush's lastest threat to the people of Iraq. This must have been why Obama said something along the lines of giving Iraqis back their country in the last debate, because Bush has become a Mideast terrorist to the people of the Iraq, forced to do business with US Oil Companies or else, Bush just takes their money.

US threatens to steal Iraq oil money

Washington has threatened to seize Iraqi assets and oil money if Baghdad rejects a controversial US-proposed security pact, Iraq says.

Upon arrival in Iraq from Washington, President Jalal Talabani told reporters that he is concerned over Washington threats.

"Washington threatened to use any means to seize Iraqi assets if we do not support the security pact," Marsadiraq quoted Talabani as saying.

Washington currently seeks to sign a Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) with Baghdad to give legal basis to its military and political presence in oil-rich Iraq after a UN mandate defining its status expires on December 31.

Bush's talk about democracy in Iraq was complete BS, an utterly and totally fabricated lie so that even as Americans want OUT of this war, Bush's is trying to stay in Iraq forever or at as long as there is oil resources to be had in that country. Our corporate owned media isn't saying a word on this issue, but something is going on and US journalist are not even asking questions. Iraq is going have to start making deals with Russia, in order to get the US to back off, offer contracts to Germany and France again, but the not the US, same as Saddam did it, talk up freedom in Iraq to the UN against the US for political leverage.

Post VP Debate Ratings

I was watching MSNBC during the post-review of the Vice Presidental Debate with Rachel Maddow and Pat Buchanan on Thursday night. It was quite the comedy route as Pat Bushchanan declared furiously to Maddow that Sarah Palin had won the debate and yells at Maddow, "she won the debate and you know it".

Funny thing though, is how this high ranking VP debate has sparked even higher poll numbers for the Obama/Bidden campaign in the wake of it's debut. So "just call me Joe", done pretty darn well and poor old Pat Buchanan would have a hard time denying the numbers. I believe that just like Rich Lowry of NRO and the WaPo's Chris Cillizza, Pat Buchanan caught the dreaded wink-ites syndrome too.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Vile Corporate Kitteh

Its October and on Thursday night we all realized the horror of John McCain's Health Care Plan, thanks to Joe Bidden's informed debate response. McCain's Health Care Plan is truly an anti-Christian nightmare that should terrify every single American out there.

Vile Corporate Kitteh wants to take away your company insurance policy and make you, the individual pay for you and your families medical insurance seperately, on your own. NO more company sponsored medical insurance. Company medical insurance will be a foregone conclusion if McCain becomes President, as the company health plan will go bye-bye, which of course is an anti-health care plan in the end.

Big Corporations that support McCain, DO NOT like the Christian concept of “caring’ about employees, so Big Corporations want to abolish and penalize companies that still want to keep their employees healthy and happy by offering health insurance benefits. That is the cold hard, ugly, horrible truth about McCain’s nasty health care plan, as Joe Bidden so thoughtfully pointed out in last Thursday’s debate:

BIDEN: Now, with regard to the -- to the health care plan, you know, it's with one hand you giveth, the other you take it. You know how Barack Obama -- excuse me, do you know how John McCain pays for his $5,000 tax credit you're going to get, a family will get?

He taxes as income every one of you out there, every one of you listening who has a health care plan through your employer. That's how he raises $3.6 trillion, on your -- taxing your health care benefit to give you a $5,000 plan, which his Web site points out will go straight to the insurance company.

And then you're going to have to replace a $12,000 -- that's the average cost of the plan you get through your employer -- it costs $12,000. You're going to have to pay -- replace a $12,000 plan, because 20 million of you are going to be dropped. Twenty million of you will be dropped.

So you're going to have to place -- replace a $12,000 plan with a $5,000
check you just give to the insurance company. I call that the "Ultimate Bridge to Nowhere."

With McCain's plan, you have to spend in excess of $ 5,000 to even get the tax credit so that should make you feel like screaming loudly into the cool October night at the sight of Vile Corporate Kitteh, come to suck the life out of your company medical insurance benefit for good.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Pitbull with Combat Boots

Sarah Palin totally scares the holy be-jeebus out ot me.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Florida 2000 Redux?

Florida 2000 Redux?

Bite your tongue and don't even think it.

The Netroots are NOT loaded for bear, no siree, they are loaded for ELEPHANT and have the king size ammo to prove it and it seems they mean buisness too - so if you're are a Republican, you might want to vote early in order to avoid being be trampled by the netroots on their rush to vote for Obama/Bidden.

The advise to Sen. McCain - well I, myself would suggest:

"When you lose, don't pursue legal action bub - cause we don't want another post-Vietnam like civil war era whereby judges might actually get ousted from the bench by American civil war dissension if ever Bush vs Gore came to pass again. Go retire Sen. McCain as a senile old goat or who knows, perhaps Sen. McCain might lose the next senate election too seeing as how ugly he's gotten, whatever old dude - just go and do the world a favor for once."

I have to wonder, can John McCain go in grace, or peace? I mean, Sen. McCain certainly isn't campaigning in grace right now, honorable nothing of a person that he has so obviously converted into during the last half of this campaign cycle so maybe we need a ugly meter - some kind of indicator to show how ugly McCain is going to get before and after the November elections? We'll see!