Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Jeez Louise! Another Classic Karl Rove

Palin: Obama's policies would spark international crisis

(CNN) -- Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin suggested Tuesday that it would be Sen. Barack Obama's policies that would spark the international crisis that Sen. Joe Biden has said would be likely within months of Obama taking office

Caribou Barbie is taking her cues straight from the dictates of Karl Rove's playbook again.

It's what I call "the don't wait rule!" Remember Bush’s isolationist comment? Kevin Drum once wondered who the isolationist were after Bush spoke about isolationist but didn't attach the label because Democrats are not isolationist? The problem was that people were beginning to call Bush an isolationist on the grounds that Bush would never talk to foreign leaders he didn't like them or felt they were enemies. So Bush tried to bet the rap of being branded with that particular label as it were, so by calling quickly using the word to label others before they could label Bush with it, and you know it's the exact opposite. This is a Karl Rove gimmick, a sort of projectist strategy kind of gimmick. Karl Rove wanted to say that Democrats were isolationist even if it never would have made sense. Democrats prefer diplomacy, and everyone knows this too. Obama plans to talk to countries we have disagreements with, like Iran's President Ahmadinejad.

John McCain would be the only guy that could cause an international crisis if elected. It would simply be another third Bush term whereby McCain would continue to try and push those Big Oil no-bid contracts on Iraqis. That would surely incite Shia cleric Moqtada al-Sadr into more violence in Iraq and as the US doesn't have enough troops for a second surge, I have to wonder if John McCain would invoke the military draft, so fond of Vietnam is he. When it comes to McCain, victory in Iraq only means successfully forcing Iraqis to sign Bush's old no-bid contracts, and no democracy need apply same as it didn't under Bush. So we see that it isn't Obama but McCain that would spark an international crisis if he were elected.

Oh, and Obama needs to take Biden out to the woodshed. Another reason why Biden was a poor choice for VP, as Biden has a bad foot-in-mouth problem that is never going to go away.

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