Saturday, October 18, 2008

Oh Jeebus

Alaska Sen. Stevens testifies gifts appeared unsolicited, unwanted

By Matt Apuzzo and Jesse J. Holland
Associated Press
Article Launched: 10/17/2008 04:34:14 PM PDT

WASHINGTON — Some people worry, when they've been away from home, that they might return to find something missing.

Sen. Ted Stevens described a different problem. Time and again, he testified Friday, he returned home to find something new and expensive.

A new porch. A balcony. A fully stocked tool chest. A gas grill. A steel staircase. Rope lighting. A generator.

"I literally walked in and found all new furniture," Stevens testified Friday. "All of our furniture was gone."

Stevens testified that he didn't want any of those things and never asked for them. His friend, oil pipeline contractor Bill Allen, just kept giving.

And for this latest fairytale, Colin Powell threw away the last remaining shreds of his honesty and dignity.

So now Colin Powell has endorsed Obama, no surprises there. Powell was a reject of the Bush Administration and lots of conservative columnist including Anne Applebaum, who once gave Powell a scathing condemnation for not doing exactly what Bush wanted, which really was exactly what Dick Cheney wanted, since Bush was merely the Presidential face from the moment of his and Cheney's Supreme Court five indoctrination. And of course, Obama is NOT a far left Democrat as the McCain campaign has tried to paint him. Obama is a DLC Democrat and those Democrats are never far left candidates. Barack Obama is not Senator Russ Feingold or Barbara Boxer by any stretch of the imagination. And as we can see, McCain was not free to run his campaign from the dictates of the Bush Administration as the following endorsements show; "...but I'm also very pleased to have the endorsement of four former Secretaries of State – Secretaries Kissinger, Baker, Eagleburger and Haig."

Ah look, Poppy Bushie's friends all of them, of course, the controlled gang of the Big Oil people which dictated all in the Bush Administration and the loyal oil followers therein. There can be no doubt that Big Oil ran the country during the Bush Administration, utterly and completely and no input from anybody else mattered, and that included Powell's opinions, and it certainly was not the people of this country that matter one bit.

Peak Energy blog, a great blog by the way, shows us more evidence of oil control in this post, The Emperor Of Iraq.

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