Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Iraq: NO Oil Contracts Until 2009

The Bush Administration wasn't a total loss for big oil, as Big Oil did get Bush to lie about an oil crisis that never existed. It's true that the US gets most of its oil from overseas, as we did it during the Clinton years too, but for only $ 20 dollars a barrel or less during that time, as we are not due to really run out oil for another 40 years. There is plenty of oil in foreign countries, it's just that BP and ExxonMobil can't get control of the stuff on foreign soil due to over-greedy contracts. Big oil and Bush try to find and used ever conceivable lie they could come up with to fight this war in Iraq. The WaPo calls it our "economic security" and recently wrote an editorial on why Obama can't leave that oil in Iraq without our troops guarding it. Some security that would be if we stayed, huh?

Let the peoples of Iraq decide on Iraq's oil

On 13 October the Iraqi government, at a meeting in London with bosses of 34 international oil companies, opened an auction for 20-year contracts to develop big swathes of Iraqi oil and gas fields.

Bids will be submitted over the coming months, and the Iraqi government plans to award contracts in mid 2009. It will also open a second bidding round, on further oil and gas fields, in December 2008.

We don’t know the terms of the contracts. More to the point, neither do the peoples of Iraq.

News Flash: NO oil contracts will be awarded until long after Bush and Cheney have vacated the Office of the President of the US. No "take it or leave it" unbid oil contracts will ever be signed during Bush's reign as it stands now. The Iraqi people don't have to do anything Bush says and they know they don't have too, in fact, the whole world knows it. I not sure what Obama will do as president but it's the end of Bush's war for oil escapades and all his greedy big lies over what that war was about, which was not WMD, not al Qaeda in Iraq or democracy in Iraq. Bush never care about Iraqis, never did and never will.

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