Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Florida 2000 Redux?

Florida 2000 Redux?

Bite your tongue and don't even think it.

The Netroots are NOT loaded for bear, no siree, they are loaded for ELEPHANT and have the king size ammo to prove it and it seems they mean buisness too - so if you're are a Republican, you might want to vote early in order to avoid being be trampled by the netroots on their rush to vote for Obama/Bidden.

The advise to Sen. McCain - well I, myself would suggest:

"When you lose, don't pursue legal action bub - cause we don't want another post-Vietnam like civil war era whereby judges might actually get ousted from the bench by American civil war dissension if ever Bush vs Gore came to pass again. Go retire Sen. McCain as a senile old goat or who knows, perhaps Sen. McCain might lose the next senate election too seeing as how ugly he's gotten, whatever old dude - just go and do the world a favor for once."

I have to wonder, can John McCain go in grace, or peace? I mean, Sen. McCain certainly isn't campaigning in grace right now, honorable nothing of a person that he has so obviously converted into during the last half of this campaign cycle so maybe we need a ugly meter - some kind of indicator to show how ugly McCain is going to get before and after the November elections? We'll see!

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