Sunday, October 19, 2008

McCain: We Must Stop Democracy

Too Many Braves And Not Enough Chiefs - The problem with having to few Charles Keatings in the nation.

From TMP

McCain: Obama's Fundraising Could Lead To Scandal.
Also during his appearance on Fox News Sunday, McCain responded to Barack Obama's record monthly fundraising haul. "So what's going to happen?" McCain said. "The dam is broken. We're now going to see huge amounts of money coming into political campaigns, and we know history tells us that always leads to scandal." McCain added that we'll eventually have to pass legislation to deal with the problems created by Obama's small-donor fundraising model.?????

I have to wonder, whatever will Mr. George F. Will say next? Something like he did with Soro's 527 group? "Look what you did George Soros, you philanthropist moron, you, you infected the people of American with that dreaded democracy disease. Who do American citizens think they are, having any control over a corporate controlled nation? It's become so undemocratic of them to think they have any choice at all in what they do with their money and their votes - it's completely unpatriotic, I tell you, completely."

NOW we know why Christopher Buckley endorsed Barack Obama for president. "What!, Obama raises record $150 million-plus for campaign, did you say???" One month's taking!!! No wonder he left the party in his dust, speeding right out the door of NRO. Who knew you could make so much money in a democracy. "Who'd a thung it, baby"!

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