Friday, October 24, 2008

Leaving Fossil Fuel in the Ground

Have we had enough of this yet?

World Markets Sink; OPEC Slashing Output

TOKYO, Oct. 24 -- A recession-driven wave of selling swept across Asian and European markets on Friday amid tumbling corporate profits and a poor growth report from the U.K., while major oil exporting countries agreed to slash output in another concession to the sluggish global economy.

Is there any doubt that foreign countries will find ways around Big Oil Corporations simply because they have too. The US will be left in the dust of greater technology simply because oil companies keep us from liberating ourselves from the dictates of big oil. If we don't liberate ourselves from the destructive behavior of oil companies that control everything, including our congress we'll fall behind as a nation. Its time to move beyond these jerks, indeed it is long past time to move beyond fossil fuel. And we sure as hell don't want to go in this direction.

T. Boone Picken's plan will simply put the US back into the pocket of big oil all over again - to replay the same ugly control games. With Picken's plan we would simply end up having a natural gas shortage eventually, same as the oil shortage here in the US, than have more wars in foreign countries all over again. We're done with that route people, we're done with it. We're going to need to push Barack Obama in whole new direction, not liberation from the Mideast as much as liberation from oil companies for good.

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