Wednesday, October 29, 2008

ABC and CNN will NOT run Obama's AD

Nobody should doubt that ABC is so corporate owned and controlled that it has choke off any serious news. What is left is merely a cheap crap shoot for right-wing radicals like Cokie and Rush, so no surprises there. I mean, hasn't ABC's This Week really been the George Will show? George Stephanopoulos has been the biggest nothing ever since he got hired.

And can we stop saying CNN is liberal simply because we all know that Murdock's non-news, constant Repug BS was never liberal and thus, isn't real news you can take seriously half the time? Don't we know that 75% of CNN is utter garbage - it's Britany Spears kind of hype 24/7.

UPDATE just now on Google(Thursday, 10/30, about 5:30 pm):

FOX News Poll: Obama's Edge Over McCain Narrows FOXNews

Obama lead over McCain growing, though still tight, new poll shows Kansas City Star

FOXNews lies.

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