Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday's Fiscally Un-Conservative Pitbull Palin

It's Friday, or, it was Friday when I started this post.

Anyways, what I wanted to say was this very pricey pitbull of a price tag amount of $ 150,000 for a clotheshorse of a VP pick should be the end of the story of Sarah Palin and her celerity status debut. But in Newsweek, I see this article and I think surely Jonathan Darman must be kidding right? I mean, half the conservative party didn't like the fact of Palin's non-experience (because of 9/11) and her latest spending spree should be the proverbial nail in the coffin. So here is my suggestion for what the conservative party needs to do. How about an old fashioned, real conservative that wouldn't dream of issuing no-bid contracts, spending taxpayer money like a drunken sailor or make up lies about needless wars, wouldn't wiretap or torture anyone? Hey, yeah, try that route Darman.

Even now she is dropping hints of unhappiness with her running mate's way of doing things—saying, if she had her way, the McCain campaign would skip the robo-calls, go after Obama's association with the Rev. Jeremiah Wright and continue to pour resources into Michigan. It's easy to imagine her amped-up post-election critique: they dressed me in their fancy clothes, they fed me to their elite media friends, they even made me bow and scrape to "Saturday Night Live," but they still couldn't change me. I'm still Sarah from Wasilla and I'm ready to take Real America back.

Democrats, having witnessed Palin's wobbly 2008 performance (31 percent of registered voters in the new NEWSWEEK poll say Palin makes them less likely to vote for McCain), will no doubt relish the prospect of Palin lingering on the national stage. They should be careful what they wish for. For all her problems now, Palin has the biography, the ideological sympathies and the charisma to be what the Republican Party lacks: a populist, far-right politician with intense celebrity appeal.

The Republicans have officially become the party of radical people. George W. Bush and Dick Cheney mixed-up and so confused today's GOP that they simply don't know what a real conservative is anymore.

UPDATE: Just when I think Republicans have completely lost it, I mean, these guys have completely gone around the bend in the last few days, they go and do something even more bizarre. Here's the "da WaPa reporting in with the guy Chris Chillizza, nitwit extraordinaire indeedy".

".....we layed out two schools of thought on this highly circulated story: one that Palin, who has attacked Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama as an elitist, may seem hypocritical to spend so much on clothing at places like Saks and Neiman-Marcus and the other that the story is titillating and great fodder for the late night talk shows but
ultimately irrelevant to the election."

I can't believe conservative pundits are even asking the question in this time of HUGE BAIL OUTS and National economic crisis, what a moron that guy Chris is, really.

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