Sunday, October 26, 2008

Republicans, What A Horde of Jackals

GOP Candidates Warn Voters About Perils of One-Party Rule

Da WaPo reporting in: Shailagh MurrayWashington Post Staff Writer Sunday, October 26, 2008;

On the defensive across the country and staring down an election that could see them reduced to an ineffective minority in the House and the Senate, congressional Republicans are offering a new argument to voters: the danger of single-party rule in the nation's capital.

Strange how the GOP didn't have a problem with one-party rule just two short years ago?

My biggest fear is that the ugly Republican jackals will not leave office once voted out-of-office, so ugly have they become since five Supreme Court Justices decided a US President doesn't need "no stinking" voter approval to serve in office for four years, utterly free to ignore a August 6th 2001 intelligence briefing while on vacation, if selected a president wanted to do so.

I had a terrible nightmare a few nights ago, whereby I turned on CNN and (in this dream of my), there was an African American reporter, a lady, who was talking about this terrible tragedy for the nation. I didn't know what she was talking about at first, but than it became appearent that (in my dream) Obama had beeh shot. I'm not making this story up to make a point, I really did have this awful dream. It was a terrible nightmare to say the least, as that's how frantic I am in my own mind to see that a very corrupt pack of Republican Party criminals who have all completely gone around the bend the last few days, be tossed out-of-office as soon as possible. If such an event every came to pass and something happen to Obama, (blamed on McCain/Palin's incitement campaigns, of course) I would have to wonder if Bush would implement martial law immediately as we all know that the Bush Administration is desperate to force those unbid oil contracts on the Iraqi people above all else, and of course, Nancy Pelosi would not dream of taking impeachment off the table, would she, now then? American citizens have all their eggs in Barack Obama's basket right now, and that is terrible place for democracy to hang by such a single thread, a very, very perilous place, indeed.

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