Sunday, October 5, 2008

Bush Holds Iraq Hostage Over OIL Money

At this point does anyone still doubt that the war in Iraq was about oil?

It was NOT about WMD or freedom or democracy, at least not for Iraqis. Funny how our news people, our journalist haven't really mention a word of Bush's lastest threat to the people of Iraq. This must have been why Obama said something along the lines of giving Iraqis back their country in the last debate, because Bush has become a Mideast terrorist to the people of the Iraq, forced to do business with US Oil Companies or else, Bush just takes their money.

US threatens to steal Iraq oil money

Washington has threatened to seize Iraqi assets and oil money if Baghdad rejects a controversial US-proposed security pact, Iraq says.

Upon arrival in Iraq from Washington, President Jalal Talabani told reporters that he is concerned over Washington threats.

"Washington threatened to use any means to seize Iraqi assets if we do not support the security pact," Marsadiraq quoted Talabani as saying.

Washington currently seeks to sign a Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) with Baghdad to give legal basis to its military and political presence in oil-rich Iraq after a UN mandate defining its status expires on December 31.

Bush's talk about democracy in Iraq was complete BS, an utterly and totally fabricated lie so that even as Americans want OUT of this war, Bush's is trying to stay in Iraq forever or at as long as there is oil resources to be had in that country. Our corporate owned media isn't saying a word on this issue, but something is going on and US journalist are not even asking questions. Iraq is going have to start making deals with Russia, in order to get the US to back off, offer contracts to Germany and France again, but the not the US, same as Saddam did it, talk up freedom in Iraq to the UN against the US for political leverage.

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