Thursday, October 23, 2008

Greenwald Muckrakes the WaPo Again.

The Washington Post has been using its editoral and op-ed pages for corrupt corporate agendas but Greenwald catches the latest façade from the WaPo and makes comments on facts on issue.

Western oil contractors (Big Oil Companies) don't like Iran and they didn't like Saddam either, not because of WMD, or the lack of a democracy but because Saddam would not do business with Western Oil contractors. Well, Iran doesn't do business with Western oil contractors either and is trying to keep Iraq from making a big mistake, letting US interest own Iraqi interest and set-up permanent military bases and thus an permanent occupation.

So here we see two "has been" congressman making claims in the WaPo.

First, an Islamic Republic of Iran with nuclear weapons capability would be strategically untenable. It would threaten U.S. national security, regional peace and stability, energy security, the efficacy of multilateralism, and the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) regime. While a nuclear attack is the worst-case scenario, Iran would not need to employ a nuclear arsenal to threaten U.S. interests.

You can sum the whole Op-Ed up with, "Iran is trying to influence Iraq into NOT signing Bush’s greedy “no-bid” Western oil contracts". Big Oil wants to stop Iran from fraternizing with Iraq by using and threatening violence from US troops and the use of taxpayer money for Big Oil's own seflish, criminal adgenda". Big Oil gets our congress and former congresstional members to incite other reasons for war with Iran but the one all to obvious reason, oil control. Unfortunately the WaPo is all to happy to be of assistance. It seems to me, that Iran is merely trying to get a nuclear weapons in order to protect itself from greedy US oil corporations that lie about reasons for war. Iraq was an oil war, nothing but pure corporate greed. We, US citizens don't want an oil war with Iran, not anymore than we wanted one with Iraq. No permanent bases, no occupation in Iraq, we need to give them back their country as Obama said.

We need to find some way around fossil fuel for good, and for all time. We already have the science out there, we simply need to expand on it. If China can create a engine that runs on water, than we need tractors that run on water in our nations bread basket to produce food and ensure real security, and we trucks that can transport goods, or trains without the need for coal or fossil fuel. This is where we need to start ending big oil's ugly business in the killing fields of the Mideast for their bloody profit based all on lies about democracy and WMD.

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