Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Nothing gets by Greenwald

Another WaPo run-in today - no suprises there. Really, you would think that paper was owned by Rupert Murdoch because that newspaper or tabloid or whatever we might call the WaPo now, has swiftly become a FOX News twin during the Bush Administration's reign of lies.

Greenwald: So what is Pearlstein talking about when he gushes with praise that Paulson — who Pearlstein has been defending from the start — “has moved faster, more aggressively and more deftly than any of his international counterparts in doing whatever was necessary to stabilize the financial system”? That is just false.

It's sad that we need individuals like Glenn Greenwald to muckrack the likes of the Washington Post, but we do need him in the way American citizens needed Walter Cronkite or Edward R. Murrow to give the people the truth. The Administration wants to lie time and again and the WaPo always makes sure to provide that format no matter how baseless the comments have been. Want to revise history, no problem, the WaPo exist for that very purpose when it comes to the needs of the Bush Administration to lie or for it's supporters to lie, does it not? I don't care if you're a conservative or a liberal, Greenwald is the most trusted name in news right now. Greenwald is a MUST read every single day.

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