Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Tragic Death for Bill Gwatney

It was such a senseless death for the Arkansas Democratic Party chairman and such a sorrow that it happened at all. But with the way the country is so divided, thanks to the seeds of hatred sowed by Karl Rove, perhaps the Party leaders should seriously consider full-time security guards.

The LA Times reports:

The gunman who killed the chairman of the Arkansas Democratic Party Wednesday was a Target employee who hours earlier had quit the discount retailer and scrawled graffiti on its walls.

Timothy Dale Johnson, who was shot and killed by authorities after he entered the Arkansas Democratic Party headquarters in Little Rock and fatally wounded chairman Bill Gwatney, had quit his job at a Conway, Ark., Target that morning, the retailer confirmed.

Strange that a man in his prime, Timonty Johnson was not at the top of his financial game at age 50, rather than working at Target of all places. I guess Timothy was a true red blooded Karl Rove Republican. And I must say that it's strange that the media isn't mentioning anything about fanatical right-wing Republicans of the Karl Rove era? Surely ABC and FOX news wouldn't stop talking if this had been someone killing a Republican chairman instead of the other way around. No Edward R. Murrow's in todays news media to cover how Karl Rove is alot more like Joseph McCarthy than he's not. George Clooney's movie on Edward Murrow was indicative of what hate politics looks like - it looks just like Karl Rove.

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