Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Netroot's Disease

It's all good, even when Dem Reps are telling you - "nobody cares about the US Constitution."

Matt Stroller, over at Open Left.

I interviewed Jerry Nadler, who told me that whether Obama prosecutes the crimes of this past administration is an early test case for what his administration will be like. I also asked him about Glenn Greenwald and what is missing from this convention, namely a focus on habeas, torture, etc. Nadler is terrific, and his best guess is that those issues don't move voters.

It all goes back to Sen. Chuck Schumer and his comment, "the Constitution doesn't poll very well."

Yeah, people don't really like living in a true democracy - so just give em a bunch of celebrity status government officicals who think NOTHING of breaking that silly oath of office.

I seems like when you hear it from Matt, voters are indifferent to wiretapping and the congressional oath of office that elected government official say upon taking office but don't practice once in office. I'm with Glenn Greenwald on the issue. THIS is why Obama isn't "change you can believe in", Obama isn't change at all. I hope the netroots are not expecting the independent voters to turn out for Obama.

Update: "Whatever else one might want to say about it -- and, as speech-giving goes, I think it was superb -- Obama's speech was, by far, the most sharply critical of both Bush and McCain and was extremely effective in those criticisms."

Obama gives wonderful speeches but the overall silence on our rule of law, it's like somehow our US Constitution is none of our business anymore. Nice fireworks too! Did AT&T and Verizon pay for those special effects?

Oh yes, we're going to invest in fossil fuel with "clean coal" as well and whatever else this DLC leader wants to encompass as Obama appears never to leave a corporate sponsor out of his loop as he uses the Whithouse as clearying house too. Everything is for sale exactly like it was under the Bush Administration.

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