Saturday, August 23, 2008

Vying for the Corporate Vote

Picking Senate Joe Biden as VP was simply done to appease corporate American. So this op-ed that Bob Herbert wrote today sounds rather desperate, a sort of desperation for the kind of politician that Obama clearly is not going to be. Talk populist opinion all you want too, it'll be nothing but meaningless diatribe.

Joe Biden wanted to be more like Republicans but I doubt he could get Jack Abramoff’s attention due to the fact that poor Joe Biden simply wore the wrong Party label, the very label that was out-of-power when Abramoff came peddling his wares. Sen. Biden isn’t about change but rather more of the same ugly corporate favoritism that VP Dick Cheney so zealously represented behind his mouthpiece, George W. Bush. This is why Sen. Joe Biden’s candidacy went absolutely nowhere when he ran for President. Biden is another DLC Democrat that shares no wish for change toward honest government that Americans are frantic for in Washington these days. And this is why nobody wanted the Clintons back in the Whitehouse either, due to their DLC corporate favoritism schemes. We've seen these
corporate favortism schemes in action recently with the FISA Bill and it’s loving devotion toward AT&T and Verizon. So with Joe Biden as Obama's new sidekick, Obama is guaranteed to apply the same loving DLC style to the nation's banks with a continuation of unregulated loans and escalating credit card interest rates.

This is all exactly the same approach Dick Cheney gives with heartfelt devotion to his many big oil buddies, so the only variance we have here is a different type of corporation - big banks instead of big oil. This is NOT change we can’t believe in but the same ole, same oil snake salesman simply bearing a different product that is plied with same kind of dishonest schemes.

Conservatives don’t have any control over their Party, so Republicans were as corrupt as they wanted to be irregardless of their voters immense disappointment in the utter lack of morality. It's why the Republican brand name has become so radioactive. Yet in the same awful way, the netroots, as partisan as they are, particularly in an election cycle, have the same awful problem with their own Party and the candidates now running for office. Liberals have no control over the party apparatus and isn't how is suppose to be. In fact, liberals are steadfastly refusing to impart control due to the massive fear that some how Barack Obama might lose if they don't simply allow him to lie unconditionally in the vain hope nobody will notice. It ends with the same desperate, directionless, defective illusion that a majority of voters won't see the obvious. Nancy Pelosi and Obama helped Bush and Dick Cheney hide 30 counts of felonies with a horrifying kind of glee, showed an utter contempt for their oath of office and a chilling indifference to America rule of law.

We all know this!

This is why it is sad to see Bob Herbert seeking to dress-up the disease status quo with cheap talk on populist issues void of what we know will be any real substance. I mean, how can there be any real substance if corporate American is the only constituency Obama has any interest in pleasing? Picking Joe Biden as VP is an unabashed corporate American reward? Herbert has succumbed to these petty liberal party woes. The “what else can we poor liberals do but wail into the night with our panicking lack of control over our elected officials and their lost ambitions to represent the will of the American people" - a creed of woe, indeed.

So now here we are, down to trashing Republicans with the same attack ads the GOP uses against Democrats. Obama is exhibiting the same Marc Rich style of help yourself politics that we had with the Clintons, that Bush happily continue in the tradition of, and now Obama greedily wants to rewards himself with, as he reaffirms by his corporate loyalty loving picking of Sen. Joe Biden for VP. The only thing we Americans get is promises that the same ugly corruption of the Bush administration will continue unabated.

Bob Herbert: "He’s got 10 weeks to show if he’s got the right stuff."

We already know that Obama doesn’t have the right stuff, so I guess we have 10 weeks to see if Obama can lie his way into the Office of the President of United States – in the same nasty way George W. Bush got there! Obama wants us to know that we can either pick McCain’s corrupt style or his own DLC Dem style of corruption, and if that's deal breaker for us, that's okay with him - he understands, so it hardly matters who we pick, right! Not much of a choice there, and it's precisely why Obama's poll numbers are identical to John McCain's polls numbers - because there isn't a dime's worth of difference in either or our dishonest candidates.

It's a toss-up folks, shall we flip a coin.

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