Monday, August 4, 2008

An Age Old Problem

Or an Old Age Problem?

Last week the national political cartoon consensus was center around McCain’s attempt to recast Obama as a mindless diva. McCain's campaign strategist, Rick Davis produced a TV ad showcasing Obama as a Hollywood celebrity rather than as a presidential figure. What we saw last week was classic Karl Rove's projectionist campaign tricks that Rick Davis has eagerly employed right out of Rove's old political playbook.

Since I believe that McCain is somewhat envious of Obama’s youthful energy and natural charisma, I'm certain McCain wouldn't mind a little "Diva" attention too, if only he could get it. Remember that fundraising forum at the Phoenix Convention Center in Arizona? The forum had to be cancelled due to non-participation of supporters and was, consequently, an unexpected blow for McCain, who continues to have a rather hard time generating financial backing even among stalwart Republican contributors.

Tom Toles of the Washington Post, showed McCain warming up to Karl Rove campaign tactics, and Ann Telnaes shows Bush's relentless push to reward the all his oil company cronies.

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