Thursday, August 28, 2008


Democrats shouldn't try to hard to play into McCain's terms of celebrity status.

Here's the whole rotten gang.

NOW that it's time for Barack Obama to speak - if I could give Barack any advise at all - take a tip from Kevin Drum's post about Bill Clinton. Obama better make a convincing speech that this election is in service to the American people, and not to himself.

Doesn’t matter what Europe thinks – it only matters what US citizens think since we are the only ones voting. Does Obama respect that point, I mean, with his ATT & Verizon boilerplate monograms everywhere?

New York Times writes this editorial, Clinton Soap Opera, R.I.P.

It was also a strikingly unegotistical speech. Mr. Clinton has been criticized for using this campaign to dwell on his own accomplishments as President. He did not lapse into self-congratulation or try to re-fight old battles. It was a speech about why the Republicans’ hold on the White House has to come to an end — and why Mr. Obama is the right man to take their place.

Bill Clinton didn’t win two election terms by focusing on himself. Clinton knew exactly how to throw the ball back into the other players court and take the heat off himself. Bill Clinton knew how NOT to make it about him. So all meme’s aside, this “egotistical” talk of Bill Clinton self love was something the GOP started. Obama should take note, as already pundits are saying that Obama campaign slogan of “Change You Can Believe In” is a dead cliché that has lost all it’s meaning. For all of Obama’s coolness and natural charisma – it isn’t about Obama, so if Obama can't convey that sentiment with his upcoming speech, this convention could be Obama last big hurrah.

Can Obama really make it about someone other then himself? Obama has a real problem with his own strikingly egotistical speeches that the GOP loves to pin on past President Bill Clinton, and now Obama. And I'm not so sure the GOP is wrong when it comes to Obama. It's been getting steadily harder to see the “us” in this equation of Obama for President.

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