Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Obama Has A New Ad

Atrios posted Obama's new ad, where at least Obama takes on the criminal aspect of today's Republican Party. This ad still isn't as sharp or hard as it should be about all the hoopla going on with the Bush Administration and the GOP that's got so many Americans upset.

It is a start in the right direction but I'm wondering if Obama will actually clean-up Washington? After Obama voted for redoing FISA and his advisor, Sunstein's unethical like lawyer behavior on Olbermann's Count Down, does anyone know know for sure?

No more trashing MoveOn, or insinuating that Wes Clark was saying McCain was somehow unpatriotic nor telling supporters if they don't like your FISA vote- they can go somewhere else.

And to make matters worse, over at Talking Points Memo, Obama is apparently doing a Tom Daschle impression - which is to beg that Bush/McCain not to call him an obstructionist/unpatrotic. That is the surest way for a Democrat to become toast in a big hurry.

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