Sunday, August 24, 2008

Once Again Frank Rich is the Go To Guy

Op-ed columnist Frank Rich writes:

AS the real campaign at last begins in Denver this week, this much is certain: It’s time for Barack Obama to dispatch “Change We Can Believe In” to a dignified death.
There is certain finality about the death of "Change We Can Believe In". As with the pick of consummate beltway insider Joe Biden as VP, Frank Rich finds himself down to delaring the awful truth, that McCain is the answer only to a stalemate or a stagnated blend of Bush policies, which is an especially valid point for voting for Obama/Biden.

Frank Rich, as always, is
a must read for the pulse of politics. That said nobody can miss the desperation and tone of the column, the dire need for this country to force a slight change, however slight, in the direction of our US politics. Rich drives his point home hard particularly with his very last paragraph. It may not be change anyone can believe it, but it is some kind of change nonetheless.

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