Monday, August 18, 2008

Josh Marshall likes Sen. Biden - I don't

Talking Points Memo:

On the other hand, wholly separate from the cosmetics and electioneering calculus, I think he'd be a good choice. On substance, maybe a really good choice.

Senator Biden is actually a bad choice because Biden puts credit card companies first and votes for unregualted bank loans and charges. It's like NYT columnist Bob Herbert said on the Bill Moyers journal on how Obama was too close to the money guys that get rich off of the American poor.

BOB HERBERT: Well, you know, it's easy to underestimate Barack Obama. And I've underestimated him — for a while. He put together a brilliant primary strategy. But, you know, I frankly wish he was taking a more populist tack on the economy, talking much more about jobs, talking much more about how recent policies that some of them are not so recent any more, have really harmed the interests, the economic interests of the middle class, and working people. And sort of hammered that home, so that you would get a response to guys like Gingrich coming on television and talking nonsense, and that sort of thing. But that, so far, has not been Obama's way. So I don't know whether we're going to see that or not.

Over at Open Left Blog, Matt Stoller shows how Obama poll numbers have been sliding ever since FISA and the NAFT reversal. So I guess the US Constitution does poll well, to bad Obama doesn't care and hasn't noticed.

Obama would be better off picking Hillary Clinton for VP or even Wes Clark but NOT Senator Joe Biden.

I know that Wes Clark talked about how being a POW doesn't qualify anyone for President but Obama over-reacted to that statement. Wes Clark showed backbone whereas Obama hasn't shown any sign of courage at all. If Obama picks Joe Biden than he's sunk. Such a pick for VP will absolutely flat-line Obama’s poll numbers because most Americans actually thought that ”Change You Can Believe In” was a statement about cleaning up Washington after Bush’s brash dishonesty and single minded corporate favoritism. Barack Obama does not appear to be a principled African American and unfortunately Americans suffered from the illusion that Obama was a principled man when he is not. In fact Obama is looking more and more like a hood from the bad side of Chicago and he now has a short window of opportunity straighten it up and fly right.

Update: Well it seems Glenn Greenwald isn't to too fond of Sen. Joe Biden either, for different reasons than I do.

As I remember, Sen. Biden once said that the evidence for war in Iraq read like the goat entrails. While at the same time, some Republicans like Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla) and Sen. John McCain, after viewing Cheney's personal secret evidence for war, said that the evidence for war with Iraq was insufficient. Democratic Senator Chris Dodd agreed.

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