Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What if Obama picks Evan Bayh as his VP?

If Obama picks Evan Bayh as his Vice President, than surely it will cause Obama's poll numbers to fall even farther.

Obama has already gone too far into Bush territory, first with that FISA vote and then with his adviser, the unethical looking attorney, Mr. Sunstein making his appearance on the Keith Olbermann show. Before Obama's FISA vote, Obama showed a 15 point lead over McCain. Obama is demonstrating real reluctance to speak of cleaning-up the corruption of the Bush administration, which I believe has trigger the latest waning of Obama's poll numbers. Voters seriously assumed that Obama would mend Washington after the many GOP indictments that we have all witnessed during Bush's last term of office but I get the impression that Obama is truly indifferent to Bush’s many illegal activities, despite Barack's Harvard US Constitution expertise. Obama hasn't EVEN mentioned his position on Bush's torture policies.

I think it is a very big mistake to believe Americans approve of Bush's torture policies, anymore that Americans approve of Bush's illegal wiretapping or Bush having cooked the evidence for war in Iraq. We can only hope Obama shows a little more common sense than to choose Byah as his VP, however, Obama hasn't exactly been batting a very good average in the "think" department. And, obviously, Obama is already deficient in his ethics responsibilities as well.


Vadim said...

The FISA support was the last straw for me. I remember Obama as being a vaguely progressive politician when he lived in Chicago but now he's moving too close to the centrist camp for my comfort.

Since I'm in Illinois I think I'll vote third party unless Obama revokes his support for FISA:

My state is going to go Blue so it doesn't matter. I might as well vote for my interests.

I pray that Obama does not pick Bayh though, as he's probably the most right-leaning of his perspective VP nominations. At the rate he's going though I wouldn't be surprised.

Independent Perspective said...

Thank for leaving a comment.

I don't who Obama will pick, I just hope he is smart enough not to pick Evan Bayh.

Independent Perspective said...

er that should be:

I don't know who Obama will pick.