Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Broder Likes Stupid Presidents

Broder spills the beans and clues all of us half-way intelligent people into what we have long suspected about conservative pundits and the heartland constituency of the Republican Party. Voters of Republicans politicans only come in two flavors, corrupt, rich crooks who don't mind lying one bit to the general public, or, very stupid blue-collar Americans living in the heartland where the "no child left behind" act is particularly straped for cash, thus they love stupid people for Presidents. Broder, being half-way intelligent (if not by much), knows beyond a shadow of a doubt, we're in so much trouble here in the US, that it's not a good time for another stupid President.

Lyndon Johnson and Ronald Reagan certainly not intellectuals, but they understood the power of the presidency and they knew how to impose their agendas on their political partners and rivals.

By contrast, Jimmy Carter was a whiz at policy analysis and Bill Clinton grasped the connections among issues almost intuitively. Yet neither of them left the White House with a record of great achievements.

Carter said he would never lie to the American people and he never did lie to US citizens, but as we all know, honesty isn't well respected in the halls of Washington D.C. With Bill Clinton there is absolutely no way that Broder can say President Clinton had no record of achievements, when the only thing that really kept Clinton from being one of the most honor Presidents in recent history was his Marc Rich pardon at the end of last term in office. That said, I think David Broder and David Brooks are the quite the pair. Anymore, one would has to be a truly ugly person to even want to consider them self a member of the Republican Party, because if there were any decency in the Republican Party that exist today, than Republicans would have impeached Bush and Cheney themselves without waiting to see if Democrats would act.

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