Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hillary is all Smiles

At this point in time, is there any doubt that Hillary Clinton will be extremely pissed-off again if Obama doesn't give her the Secretary of State position?

Under the Bush Administration as well as the Clinton Administration, we live in a republic type of government rather than a democracy. A government were the few decide for the many. During the Bush Administration, the Clinton's HELP Bush lied to every single American citizen in the US, as the Clinton's routinely sided with Bush in making decisions that merely benefited the few, mostly themselves and their corporate campaign buddies which, has been devoid of any human decency at all. So is there any wonder why AEI President Norm Ornstein is pushing for Hillary Secretary of State? Iraq is a war over oil resources, therefore, we don't need to be there in that country guarding the right of a few to make immense wealth at the cost of the many. We are not in Iraq for WMD, and not even for democracy for Iraqis because Bush wants control of Iraq's oil resources, something MOST Iraqis don't want to be forced into giving up for the benefit of rich American corporations. Fighting in Iraq is a fight not for a renewable energy future but for a fossil fuel future and for the wealth of a select few Americans.

Hillary for Secretary of State is not a move ahead, it's move backwards, right into line with Bush Administration.

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