Friday, November 7, 2008

Entitlement Programs for GM

Somebody needs to play a violin for General Motors - so sad, too bad.

GM CEO's get everything for having done absolutely nothing and for not having any vision for the future of GM, and thus, must have been over-paid. It's been nothing but a timeless hostage situation for American taxpayers whenever GM doesn't make the grade, over an over again, we see it, these CEO's expecting hard working Americans to bail them out. So Please NO MORE CORPORATE WELFARE for do nothings. Obama has certainly said as much too when he asked why American Automakers lag behind foreign technology? Indeed, why are American automakers so indifferent to new technology, never developing it on their own?

Why is it that only foreign automakers come up with fuel-cell technology and even water powered cars but American Automakers never have any initiative in the area of new science? GM doesn't have any new direction and only recently wanted to produce a plug-in car so that Americans could be shock by their electric bill as opposed to their gasoline bill - some change, just another money down the drain idea from GM. GM doesn't want to make a profit on it's own but instead use taxpayer money every time the company is about to go belly up. HEY, why not screw over big oil for once? Why not produce vehicles that consumers want for a change that LETS them pocket money that they can spend helping middle income retail business? Why not put the screws to Big Oil in the way Big Oil puts the screws to everyone else? WHY NOT PRODUCE a car that runs on WATER?

Time to tell GM, either you make it or liquidate it pal, sink or swim, if indeed, GM can remember even how to swim in the business world. I'm tired of this shit every five or ten years. If Mervyns can go out of business, if Circuit City has to down size than WTF is wrong with letting GM learning to do it too? A lot of Americans are living in tents but here we have GM wanting another bailout. I say NO F-ing way.

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