Monday, November 10, 2008

Obama doesn't like Howard Dean

Obama ONLY won the election due only to the economic downturn even when he had so much more money that McCain.

Obama is beginning to show every sign of being every bit as nasty as the Bushies were, so we maybe in for more corrupt, unethical government. Rahm Emanual is just another Karl Rove that Obama wants in the Whitehouse in order to run the same politicizing game from the presidential office, same as the last administration did. Rahm Emanual is a jerk. If there wasn't room for an honest guy like Howard Dean, that doesn't say anything good about Obama and his DLC Cohorts.

The fact that Obama LIED about FISA and now we see that jerk has no room for an honest guy like Howard Dean, so I'm betting it's going to get worse, with even more unethical appointments. I'm getting mad and it looks like we've been played by the Obama gang and he hasn't even taken office yet

And with Larry Summers, I have to wonder how many more stupid political appointments Obama will make that are supposed to be about change, but are stacking up to look exactly like the same corrupt Bush apparatus?

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