Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Peter Nicholas's OPINION at the LATIMES

Sometimes, I just want to scream into the void, particularly if I hear one more word about those "massive entitlement programs covering Social Security and healthcare."

This from the LATimes in the political section BUT NOT the opinion pages where this horrible, nasty little article truly belongs:

But for Obama and Orszag to achieve any substantial savings, they will need to squarely confront the whopping chunk of the budget that got little attention in the news conference: massive entitlement programs covering Social Security and healthcare.

And this paragraph too.

Yet for Obama to contain costs in a period of swelling deficits, he'll need to make his review as expansive as possible, experts said. That means targeting not just scattershot discretionary programs, but the entitlement spending that accounts for about 54% of the $3-trillion federal budget. Curbing the cost of popular entitlements like Social Security is a risky political step. And Obama made no specific mention of Social Security or other such programs at his news conference.

This article is NOT news but rather, it's merely Peter Nicholas's down right dumb opinion that is being push like it's news instead of the completely slanted opinion of a right-wing op-ed columnist. Nicholas really can't even make this shit look like news, so off he goes in an obtuse opinion only crapshoot, being thus, another mega example of how our printed news media is corrupted beyond measure, being utterly controlled by the corporate ownership, who now decides what the news is since the news itself isn't news anymore less it's driven by corporate favortism.

So speaking of massive entitlement programs, why is there NO mention about how mega oil corporations changed whatever price they wanted too for the last eight f**king years, being as volatile in the market place as they wanted to be, driving Mervyns’s Department Stores out of business and causing many Circuit City Stores to have to liquidate half their retail outlets, simply because consumers were paying SO MUCH of their disposable income at the pump and on their utility bills, that there simply was no money for anything else?

Mr. fake journalist Nicholas fails to mention Bush’s massive entitlement programs to all his unbid corporate contractor friends in Iraq, not to mention a trillion dollar lied about war.

No mention of billions of tax dollars being used to bail out the big three automakers that never have to be innovative, and turn a profit, thanks to corporate welfare and therefore have become utterly dependent on taxpayer bailouts, as well as big name banks that gambled huge sums of money on deregulated, risky loans that need the same "protectionism" that Bush lies about so much.

The real "massive entitlement programs" are the corporations in American, whereby huge corporations are being saved by the GOP's corporate only world, but NOT the social security and health care benefits of the little people. Mr. Peter Nicholas and the LATimes wants the sick and elder American citizens to do without, having the gall to peddle their utterly corrupt opinion like it's news instead of the ugly, right-wing corrupt agenda that it really is.

Whatever is left of the GOP, having no netroots of their own, is pure corporate funded interest. There is no representation of the people by today's GOP, as it has become merely a corporate own sponsorship party that makes up any lies it feels necessary for whatever corporate interest wants, and thus, whatever lies the GOP makes up about massive entitlement programs is in the pure interest of shiftng the money out people's pockets into massive entitlement programs of corporations.

If there were any real decency left at the LATimes, any journlistic standards at all, Mr. Peter Nicholas would be so history right now.

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