Monday, November 17, 2008

Change You Can’t Possibly Believe In

It’s a continuation of Marc Rich American. As we can see with Hillary’s Secretary of State coronation along with the very noticeable giddiness of the Republicans for her coronation, it is obvious that Obama is very warm hearted toward the West Texas Mafia aficionados as Obama welcomes big oil right back into the Whitehouse. No change here folks. It shows us what a fraud Al Gore is, really, I mean, Party over global warming - Al Gore would never put science before lies????

So shut the hell up Al Gore, I don't want to hear any more of your BS about global warming anymore, Gore is a welcome in the new Whitehouse as cold bucket of spit. At this point, I seriously doubt Al Gore really cares about global warming anyway. Al Gore's spill is just a hot button issue for stupid liberals the way flag burning is hot button issue for stupid conservatives. This is why there never was going to be any future for Howard Dean in the Democratic Party anyway. Howard Dean should have gone with the people and NOT with the Party, as the Party is what doesn't matter.

It's going to be the nasty FISA Bill lie over and over and over again with this new incoming administration. Obama will saying one thing and do another time and again, just like how Bush said he was a "uniter and not a divider". What a crap shoot! Under this flag of corporate control, we should just let GM go now, we're all headed for hell anyway, we can't save this ship and I don't even want to try and put a patch on the ugliness of the incoming Whitehouse and it's all corporate first agenda.

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