Saturday, November 8, 2008

Colin Powell's Tears

From the Judith Warner's column in today's NYT, "Tears to Remember"

Colin Powell did not dance for joy over Obama’s victory; he wept.

“Look what we did. Look what we did,” he said, puffy-faced, red-eyed, fighting back more tears on CNN. “He’s won. It’s over.”

Was Colin Powell crying over the end of racism or something a lot darker and uglier in today's corrupt political party world? I'm bet it was the later, “He’s won. It’s over.” What is over? Is it the long dark criminal night of an utterly corrupt party and it's unholy and entirely self-serving control? It wasn't that a black man won, it was that a white, gloating monster known to the world as the neo-cons lost control over their self-serving political agenda.

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