Thursday, November 20, 2008

Harry Reid Has it RIGHT for a Change.

Washington (AP) Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says it's now up to the Bush administration to come up with a solution for the fast-failing U.S. auto industry. He's scrapped plans for a vote on a $25-billion bailout package.

Whatever would Big Oil do if the big 3 went bankrupt? American is far to technically advanced too go back a the horse and buggy era - and don't we all know it. Nope, that wouldn't happen at all, would it? We would have a depression, yes, but what emerge wouldn't use gasoline at all and would be develop from so many small corners of the US in private garages across the nation that big oil couldn't do anything about it? It would bring an end to big oil and fossil fuel dependence as we know it? Incidentally, wouldn't that also save the planet?

So you know, there is no way in HELL Bush would NOT bailout the big 3, because without them, big oil would go bankrupt for good and it would be the death of fossil fuel.

And that Sci-Fi movie, Mad Max really was nothing but pulp fiction.

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