Thursday, November 6, 2008

Glenn Greenwald and the Netroot Misplaced Reverence for the Clintons

Even as we see that Ted Stevens was given brand new furniture for his house from favortism, Glenn conveniently forgets that the Clintons got a house full of brand new furniture too, plus lots of donated money for Clinton’s law library, but exactly WHERE did Clinton get these favors from? FROM one Marc Rich and his wife, an extraordinary oilman who needed a legal pardon for not paying his taxes, in fact Rich was a 10 most wanted man on the national FBI list, but Clintons didn't see a problem with this political buy off, a favor to themselves as they left office.

Glenn is such a partisan in this regard.

Obama was NOT palling around with Ayers in the way the Clintons were palled around with Bushie Senior the entrie last eight years, or, how Bill Clinton lied just like Bush did about WMD in Iraq and pushed pre-emptive war in Iraq too. In fact, I would absolutely say that John Kerry lost the election due to the influence of the oil friendly Clintons, who told Kerry to support the war AFTER Kerry was against the war in Iraq that won him the Dem nomination . It took the wind out of John Kerry’s happy political sails in 2004 as Repugs attacked him for flip-flopping. Kerry didn’t know how to stand up to the nasty Clintons.

Frankly, I'm not sure Obama knows how to be any different then the Clintons with his DLC inclinations? BUT we will all find out soon enough if Obama is any different than the Clintons. After selling out on FISA Bill, how much more is Obama going to back peddle on all his campaign promises or lies?

These things are not equal. They're not even comparable. But in her desperation to establish false equivalencies -- the central article of faith in the modern journalist's religion -- Dowd argues that Clinton dirtied the White House by having oral sex and liking hot tubs and, likewise, George Bush also dirtied it by destroying the Constitution, torturing people, invading and destroying another country based on false pretenses and spying on American citizens (and, just by the way, Bush and Cheney weren't "making torture and domestic spying legal"; they were doing those things in violation of the law).

There is a very BIG reason why nobody wanted Hillary for President but Glenn is so partisan in this regard that I'm sure he will never know why people didn't want Hillary for President. It was all because she had NO intention of getting out of Iraq, not anymore than Bush/McCain would ever have gotten us out of Iraq, so incidentally, this is where Barack Obama better NOT fuck up too. Obama had a 15 point lead once upon a time, over McCain before his fateful corporate only decision to back the FISA Bill and how the same behind the scenes bill started subtracted numbers from Obama's polls. Obama would have lost the election except for the recent crash of our financial system and the bailout. Obama owes his election to hype, nothing more, as independents were about to send Obama back to the Dems, thus telling Dems to try again, see if they can actually find someone honest because Barack Obama isn't it, not after that nasty FISA bill lie that Obama didn't have single problem with, and of course, when Obama takes his new oath of office, it still be a lie, because Obama already broke his oath of office. It should be a very awful moment, in which we all see Barack Obama LIE to everyone including congress.

Here we see the netroots acting like Glenn Reynolds and we know that it's already getting ugly when we see that Dems, who hated Bush for doing the same things Clinton wanted to do, thus pretending like the Clinton's are innocent, because they are not and its WHY nobody wanted Hillary, or at least enough Americans didn't want her in Whitehouse.

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