Thursday, November 13, 2008

Here We Go folks, Forever In Iraq

Obama says Hillary will be tapped for Secretary of State, which of course means that WE WILL NEVER LEAVE IRAQ if those Western oil contract get signed, because we'll need a military base to guard our economic interest.

There should be no doubt that Bill Clinton is dying to re-negotiate those oil contracts where the Bushies failed to get the contracts. You know, the Bushies ALL GREEDY and nothing else un-bid contract BS Band, which tried to play but failed too find the tune. There is NO doubt too that Iraq is eager to sign contracts with the US, as we do indeed have a oil dependency in this country and Iraq would like nothing better than to further that dependency, same as the Saudis want us always to be dependent on them.

Thus I suppose there will be no need for GM to re-tool for greater oil independence from the Mideast - we won't need re-newable energy if the Clinton's can get Iraq to comply. It was no secret that Bill Clinton was always in lockstep with the Bushies, meanwhile, men who dream of a future with NO fossil fuel dependence are being outright murdered, the kind of murders that happen not just with Bush/Cheney but also with Obama and Clinton's blessings too.

Obama's DLC leanings will indeed lead this nation into ruin. It's not Bush - it's Bush lite and it's uglier than sin and I don't think that in end it will fly, we cannot stay in Iraq. Get ready for a depression people, because we can all see the sin in what Obama is doing with Clinton as Secretary of State. He lied about leaving Iraq. Obama lied just like he did with that FISA Bill thus, will continue to LIE.

We will not leave Iraq - that is Obama's lie, that is lie, that is a LIE that the entire world can see.

UPDATE: From Glenn Greenwald's column.

A Washington Post article today on the need to restore confidence in the Justice Department quotes former high-level Clinton DOJ official Robert Litt urging the new Obama administration to avoid any investigations or prosecutions of Bush lawbreaking.

Of course not, any investigation of the Bush Administration would lead to an investigation of Bill Clinton's Administration too. Just exactly what evidence did Sandy Berger destroy during the investigation by the 9/11 Commission? The Bush Administration was not the only Administration that lied about WMD and pushed for pre-emptive war in Iraq. So, that said, all eyes are on who Obama picks as his Secretary of State. The Clinton's are very clearly involved in everything the Bush Administration did as far as all the lies concerning 9/11 and the lied about Iraq war thereafter.

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