Monday, November 17, 2008

Chevrolet Volt: The Car That Was Supposed to Fail

GM is marketing for failure! First they produce a car nobody really wants, the Chevy Volt, than, they call it a failure after the vehicle fails to sell - like we all knew it would fail right from the very beginning, than go right back to fossil fuel favoritism, right back into the pocket of big oil. GM's magical pump jack kiss act done to show the oil gods complete devotion.

This is the number one reason NOT to bail-out GM. The company intentional had NO vision for it's future or for the future of it's employees. GM's money problems have nothing to do with labor unions but everything to do with pushing intentionally bad ideas that squandered company money in order to keep big oil happy. This is a dead end myopic form of slavery.

That said, here we see that George F. Will writes this bullshit column as if on cue, blaming the Chevy Volt on the Labor Unions of all things.

Some opponents of bankruptcy say: GM must not be allowed to fail before it perfects batteries for its electric-powered Volt, which supposedly is a key to the company's resurrection. This vehicle was concocted to serve GM's prolonged attempt to ingratiate itself with the few hundred environmentally obsessed automotive engineers in Congress. They have already voted tax credits of up to $7,500 for purchasers of such cars — bribes that reveal doubts about consumer enthusiasm for them at a price that would reflect cost.

Congress could help the Detroit Three by allowing them, when meeting CAFE (corporate average fuel economy) standards imposed by Congress, to count fuel-efficient cars they import from their overseas factories. Congressional Democrats oppose that because those imports are not made by members of the United Auto Workers. Those Democrats, their rhetoric notwithstanding, really care most about the union. "Saving the planet" comes second and last comes the health of the auto companies.

Some opponents of bankruptcy stress that it might terminate health care coverage enjoyed by UAW retirees who are too young for Medicare. Think about that. If people want to retire before 65, or 35 for that matter, that is their business. But there is no public interest in protecting the luxury of retirement in the prime of life just because in palmy days a private contract between a union and a corporation established it as an entitlement for all seasons.

There was no market for a plug-in car and GM knew that fact even before Volt was nothing more than a scribbled concept drawn on piece of paper. The Chevy Volt has nothing to do with labor unions, but everything to do with GM's mis-management. The Volt was an intentional fielded bad idea that was utterly intended to fail from the start so that Big Oil could claim, "see, nobody wants a plug in car". So, Americans need a new Automaker, one that doesn't cater to big oil's desires to keep consumers dependent on fossil fuel for ever. It is intentional on GM's part to never find their way around Exxon/Mobil or BP, so that in it's self, is reason enough to let GM liquidate and go out of buisiness. And this is reason enought for taxpayers to refuse to bail-out this automaker. GM didn't have any vision on purpose and really nobody should doubt that fact, nobody.

Josh Marshall's George Will idea.

Hey, I know, lets make it to where GM doesn't have to care about employees health care, never mind that employees didn't drive GM into the ground, no, of course not, that was management's doing. AND God knows, GM's CEO will NEVER have to go without medical insurance, nope, only the stupid peeons need to do that.

Josh Marshall is either completely obtruse or he never really was a liberal but more like a TNR employee, peddling a flip-side of Repug nastiness whenever and whenever he can. I'm not like Josh, I give a damn about people, where as Josh only gives a damn about the Dem Party, but not really about people. Josh Marshall and his website are not about news and Josh is not now nor ever has he been a journalist but rather, an armchair pundit for the Dem Party. Josh Marshall is merely the flip-side of Glenn Reynolds. Josh's website exist only for party conformity and when Obama's voted for that FISA Bill, it never phased Josh in the least. Josh wants to allow GM to act like Wal-mart - fine, if that is where GM is right now, why not just let the GM file bankruptcy?

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