Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Iraq’s Referendum & Big Oil's Worse Nightmare

After the Bushies lied about WMD in Iraq, the next big lie was fighting for democracy in Iraq, and hence we have Big Oil's big dead and smelly Albatross that hangs around the HUGE lie over the manufactured war in Iraq.

Iraq has decided to put oil control to a national referendum in the form of "further US occupation" - be it okay or not okay? We already know how overwhelming that vote will be, right? God knows big oil ain't going to like that kind of vote, THUS, we see the problem with lied about wars. If it's democracy in Iraq, then the King of all Preznut Liars, Mr. Bushie can't say much about it, now than can he?

Iraq's parliament will vote soon on a proposed pact with the US that would free the country of foreign occupation within three years. The vote itself is a sign of Iraq's slow progress toward peace, unity, and, most of all, democracy – a rare sight in the Middle East. If ratified, the pact will ease one more burden for the incoming Obama presidency.

Poor little Bushie and his Godfather Dick Cheney, but alas, Halliburton sure got to make a hell of a killing off taxpayer money for a little while during this lied about war in Iraq. Surely too, I don't know why there are not more than a few corporations out there that haven't
wanted to take it out of George and trickie Dickie's hide, but then, GOP contributions are always a gamble, aren't they? Maybe ExxonMobil and BP understood that fact before all the big contributions and that glitzy hyped up energy task force meeting stuff, right? Anyway, those guys all had a hell of ride the last 8 years that the Bushies have been in office, lying about peak oil, - ain't that right?

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