Sunday, November 16, 2008

T. Boone Pickens - Putting the US Back into the Pocket of Fossil Fuel

T. Boone Pickens says that trucks will only operate on natural gas, diesel or gasoline but that simply isn't true. T. Boone was on Meet the Press and very noticeable, no other opinion was allowed (so thanks to Tom "broken" Brokaw for all the nothing in journalism standards that jerk continues to do for US citizens) - the forced opinion that it's fossil fuel or nothing else BULLSHIT.

We simply need a combustible source like SALT WATER with a technology that releases oxygen and hydrogen like this video shows - that is all we need to run a combustible engine, and if heavy trains can run on steam engines, (yes, powered by coal burning but still steam powered,) than, why can't we engineer commercial trucks to be powered by other technology? Pickens simply wants to force people into continued fossil fuel dependency. The surcharges from fossil fuel cost, the unpredictable, volatile, unstable cost from price fixing/price gouging by the big oil companies made profit margins impossible for anyone but big oil corporations - so we need either very cheap or even free energy in order to spur real economic growth in this country.

Right before the senior Bush was to lose office, gasoline hit the 1986 all time low of 0.65 cents a gallon - and it was THAT cheap commodity that spurred the amazing economic growth that gave the Clinton Administration his economy boom. Right after 9/11 gasoline fell to $ 1.00 a gallon, once again, American markets showed signs of fast pace growth that saved our economy right after the 9/11 attacks. If we want to jump start the economy, than we need either very inexpensive fuel or FREE energy. Our only path out of the coming depression will be to bury fossil fuel forever. Clinton didn't really promote the economy in the way inexpensive fuel did it for him. SO BEFORE we sign any loans to the big 3 automakers, it's time to force a move-away from big oil tyranny, indeed it is long past time to leave fossil fuel in the ground instead of in our air.

BTW, George F. Will says that the plug in car wasn't marketable and I certainly didn't want a plug in car either so Mr. Will has a point here. George Will said that our government had to offer a rebate program to try and entice consumers to even purchase this undesirable vehicle. GM doesn't care, doesn't seem to be even trying to anticipate the market and still shows no signs of wanting to anticipate the market today, even as GM is on the brink of it's own bankruptcy. Nobody wanted the plug-in Volt, so why was GM trying to promote such a loser idea, spending funds on such a dog of vehicle? Was it because big oil wanted a failed plug-in program to point too, and GM wanted to comply even if they lost money? I mean WTF is going on? There has never been a better time in our history to move away from fossil fuel that right now. If we don't move ahead now, we all fall into depression, a deep and ugly depression and there is no reason to move GM out of bankruptcy status if there is no type of restructuring based on eventual liberation from fossil fuel control.

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