Friday, November 7, 2008

Today’s Woeful WaPo Op-Ed Pages

The WaPo is making good on it's intend to produce Repug friendly slant as today''s news and editorials pages are completely pro-Bush and pro-Repug. Why not just call it the AEI newspaper. That is how selective the WaPo's target market has become since firing the last editor.

Michael Gerson writes in his column, Sense of Decency

I've seen George W. Bush show far more generosity than he's received

Yeah, Bush's generously didn't bother to take his August 6th, 2001 intelligence briefing seriously, so it was that over 3000 Americans died as a result of Bush's "I'm on vacation, don't bother me" policy. Bush generously gave big oil a lied about war in Iraq, whereby Bush couldn't even tell Ms. Cindy Sheehan's that the noble cause her son, Casey had to died for was so generous little Bushie could help big oil so that big oil could generously fill Bush and McCain's campaign coffers with contributions, gifts and favors.

Bush is a criminal who generously wiretapped illegally, as well as tortured even innocent Mideasterners, and God knows who else, plus junior had 30 counts of felonies pending against him that the Dems dismissed.

The WaPo is going to get very ugly, even more ugly than it is now seeing as how they started out telling us how wonderful Preznit Bushie has been as the biggest spending, lying Preznut ever. At 22% in the polls most Americans don't see it that way at all, but WaPo isn't interested in what most Americans think, nope, only what bullshit they can peddle in lockstep with FOXnews.

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