Thursday, November 6, 2008

Who Actually Picked Palin?

TMP says they couldn't have known - but of course they (the GOP campaign contributors) did know who picked McCain's VP.

John McCain is too far gone in his mentality down the road of senile old goatdom to know whom he needed for VP, so can we stop blaming McCain already-okay?

HOWEVER, McCain's campaign contributors knew exactly what old Johnny on the spot needed, the senile old, didn't they? Big Oil’s two-cents worth is the only reason Sarah ANWR Palin made the VP pick. Palin was to make up for McCain's lack of oil loyalism so the campaign money would flow. Palin was worth a big hurrah at Nieman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue for her loyal support of corporate only big oil needs – don’t we all know it. I know why Palin didn't like McCain, because the bitter, forgetful old dodder could remember anything, not even when "Joe the Plummer- was supposed to show up at at certain campaigns.

Sarah Palin was Big Oil's drill, baby, drill cheerleader.

And as for old McCain, well, McCain simply wanted to rest his senile old butt in the oval office chair and retire for the next four years. As we all noticed, McCain didn't bother to produce any new plans for office.

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