Monday, November 10, 2008

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger

From the LATimes: Schwarzenegger urges GOP to move beyond ideology

Reporting from Sacramento -- In the wake of crushing defeats for Republicans in last week's national elections, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said Sunday that his party should regroup by moving away from some of its core conservative principles and embracing spending on programs that Americans want.

"I think the important thing for the Republican Party is now to also look at other issues that are very important for this country and not to get stuck in ideology," the governor said in an interview broadcast on CNN. "Let's go and talk about healthcare reform. Let's go and . . . fund programs if they're necessary programs and not get stuck just on the fiscal responsibility."

Gosh, because we all know that Bush was the President of "fiscal responsibility" - right! Even as Bush gave away lots of unbid contracts to businesses that gave tons of money to the GOP. Arnie should just pull a Chris Buckley, make like a tree and leave the GOP. But wait, isn't Obama in the "girlie-boy" party? Poor Arnie, he is so confused about the Republican Party and the gross criminality for which it stands - it's not the party of fiscal responsiblity, it's the party of radical incitement, criminal behavior and taxpayer looting.

I have no problem letting the GOP stay that way and letting the GOP stay out of power. The Repug Party has gotten so ugly, so nasty, reducing it to a third party status should be "no problem-o", so perhaps Arnie should stop trying to find common ground for the party of organized criminal behavior.

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