Saturday, January 31, 2009

Broder sez: "Obama wants to be Reagan?"


The Ronald Reagan I remember would NEVER dream of bailing anyone out and would never have created a stimulus bill no matter how bad ecomonic times got.

So, Broder sure bought into the kool-aid, didn't he?

Nothing was more central to his victory last fall than his claim that he could break the partisan gridlock in Washington. He wants to be like Ronald Reagan, steering his first economic measures through a Democratic House in 1981, not Bill Clinton, passing his first budget in 1993 without a single Republican vote.

The first way leads to long-term success; the second foretells the early loss of control.

Gosh darn, it always the sex thing with the Repugs and their armchair pundits as oppose to the criminal acts of wiretapping, torture, those un-bid contacts and all the HUGE lies about an oil war in Iraq that the Broderetts of our media world are utterly indifferent too. If Bill Clinton hadn't pardon Marc Rich, Bill Clinton's mug would most likely be on the face of American currency today, that is how much Americans really valued Clinton, that he actually serve American rather that himself, unlike the way Republican politicans do it everytime they get into office. So minus the sex thing, I'm sure Obama would love to have a Clinton like legacy, even as I know such a thought would really chap Broder's hide?

The only thing Repugs want in that stimulus bill is a great big tax cut give-away to their corporate pay masters, a big tax break in exchange for big campaign money, otherwise Repugs might go out of business, go extinct as it were.

It must be unbearable to Broder that all those "foul-mouth" lefty bloggers became the huge "faceless donors" behind the Obama campaign fund, making it hard for corporate controlled Repugs to compete, especially in a slow economy. Thus is the reason for the latest Repug isolationist temper tantrum, because Repugs might go extinct if they don't get corporate funding, so they band together to try to enforce their corporate greed policies. It is a desperate survival act, the GOP is that close to demise, really. This is why Obama made the "mistake" of pointing to Rush Limbaugh as the head of the Republican Party, (a card trick, really) and as long as Obama doesn't cave to tax-cuts for the wealthy, and plays his political cards just right, Dems might not have to worry about Repugs at all by 2010, especially if the economy doesn't pick up, and with Repugs whinning and fighting the Stimulus Bill, the economy probably won't pick-up. A lesson on how to starve the GOP 101.

Now it's looking more and more like a Sarah Palin far-right radical third party type future for Repugs. I'm just wondering how well funded Sarah Palin's Neiman Marcus war chest will be in 2012? AND, I have to wonder too, what takes on the future of the GOP Mr. Broder will write about once he figures out that Barack Obama doesn't want to be the second coming of Ronald Reagan at all? I'm sure it'll read just like the funny papers, I can't wait because I could really use a good laugh, especially after what the Bush Administration did to this country, all whilst Broder harped on about those foul-mouth lefty bloggers.

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