Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bone Head

Okay! Fine!

Congressman Boehner represents the 8th District in Ohio, but clearly Boehner's district doesn't want any stimulus money, after all it is debt, so I say, FINE. We should leave Boehner's distinct out of the stimulus funding plan, it is as simply as that, after all, its what the people of the 8th District in Ohio want, right? Boehner won't mind, I'm so sure, since Ohio is doing so great these days anyway (not). Boehner wants to have his cake and eat it too, I say let em, as it should be interesting to see if his voters want to eat the no-stimulus cake as well. Somehow, since it's Ohio that we are talking about here, I bet Boehner's constituency would be none to happy about being left out of the stimulus package deal, but HELL, what do I know as I don't live in Ohio. If Rep. Boehner is really representing his district, than Boehner should agree NOT to partake of ANY of the stimulus money, right?

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