Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Biden in Baghdad

Hey look Ma, no shoes flying toward my face!

And this from the WaPo's Walter Pincus:

A $722 million contract to rebuild Iraq's oil and gas production facilities was marked by multiple changes, cost overruns, failure to meet schedules and lack of oversight, according to a new inspector general's report.

Oh, you don't say Mr. Pincus? A lack of oversight! Who have known that the Bush Administration has such gross lack of oversight going on.

And notice too, that Sen. Lindsey Graham was not present in this video of Joe Biden's visit in Iraq, as apparently, Lindsey had to stay in the "Ho Hum” Humvee simply because Iraqi journalist were all wearing their “shoes”. I’m sure Biden gave Lindsey some coloring books with different types of pump jacks branded with various Western oil contractor names and a pack of crayolas in black gold and money green.

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